The leftist ignoramuses on Facebook always counter our argument that the Nation is under threat by referring to mass immigration of Vikings, Normans and British and their addition to the Nation’s bloodstock.

They blissfully ignore that Vikings, Normans and English were all white northern Europeans and that we are referring to the massive immigration into Ireland over the past twenty years of people from the continent of Africa – even the Asians are somewhat assimilable , especially the high IQ Chinese but admixture with Africa would eventually wipe out the white Irish in Ireland.

This is not “racist” to say, it’s a warning of the looming extinction of our very own Nation.  And this at the behest of the EU who it’s now said are following the Coudenhove- Kalergi plan to wipe out the white nations of Europe, indeed to eventually dismantle its own population and merge it, mostly with neighbouring Africa. That’s what this Coudenhove-Kalergi fellow stood for and lived his life for, as an admixture of European and Japanese himself.  He was very wealthy and networked extensively with fellow millionaires ,and even proposed the present EU Anthem.

His plan is so successful to racial admix entire populations in Europe including the Irish that our very own government and all the Dail parties are busy in its implementation today.

But it’s not only our politicians or journalists that are pushing this monstrous plan to wipe out the Irish from Ireland and from the face of the Earth – teachers and schools throughout the land are tools of this evil plan as well. While local authorities too are involved ensuring that the immigrants/refugees/asylum seekers are housed here right across the land and installed here forever – while at the same time , of course, the Irish are rendered homeless to be driven out.

Abortion of the Irish was also brought into play in the last year with 800 Irish babies a month aborted. It all adds up, according to this evil Coudenhove-  Kalergi plan that drives the EU. The EU itself was never just an European peace project between France and Germany , it is more significantly a project of population replacement.

Meanwhile all opposition to this monstrous plan is to be castigated as “racist” and driven under by spurious “hate” legislation designed to incriminate and imprison the more patriotic of the native Irish population – such as Gemma O’Doherty, Justin Barrett,  James Reynolds , Torino, Peter O’Loughlin ,  Hermann Kelly , Cllr. Seamus Traynor, former councillor Melissa O’Neill of Kilkenny, and Yours Truly here to mention but a few of the leading rebels against extinction of the Irish Nation.

Proliferation of this most evil of schemes  never ceases with the likes of  massively paid hirelings like Ryan Tubridy, Ray D’Arcy and  Joe Duffy backing up this planned extermination of the Irish Nation with their soft sentimental slobbery over the national airwaves continuously all day every day, while resistance figures such as Gemma O’Doherty and Paddy Manning are banned off Youtube and Twitter  and I’m sent to facebook jail about ten times already for 30 days at a time.

At least WordPress does not have this diabolical policy, WordPress here is one of the few Internet social media still open to all where you have genuine 100% free speech and not the bits and pieces  of such liberties , the scraps we are thrown by those functionaries of politicians ( most of them) that are involved in administering  this Coudenhove – Kalergi project in Ireland.

That’s why everybody should sign up for WordPress- there’s a free version for everybody to read some of the best and most independent news articles on the planet, so do please come and join me on The Kilkenny Journal on And I’m far from the only one here. The “On This Day” history feature is one of the most brilliant features you’ll read anywhere on the net, and by far the most interesting and informative, for instance.

Thanks for reading, spread the word, see you all here on that’s completely free and with no obligations whatsoever. I just pay for the myself,  you pay nada unless you want a smashing WordPress website yourselves as well and I highly recommend that too.Coud5


noonanThey are alive and well and back in Ireland again stronger than ever, the gombeen, the shoneen, the traitor.

They even have their own parties established now, thus you have parties of traitors such as the Greens, the PBP and the so-called “Social Democrats” who thank God are not in Kilkenny!

For instance in Kilkenny, Councillor Malcolm Noonan backed the mosque to be built over there by O’Loughlin Road/Assumption Place with nary a thought for the neighbours he was betraying like Judas.  He also boasted to me that such stupendous amounts of immigrants were being brought to this city as would stagger me! Of course he smeared all the good people of St. John’s parish as “Racists & Haters” – incredibly some of them even thanked him for that by voting for him in the locals in May!

But Councillor Noonan is far from being the only one. As I canvassed for houses for our local Irish on the Council housing list back in May this year in Stoneyford, I was abused by two women residents of  the Lawcus estate there who insisted those houses go to refugees first.

Then I was abused similarly by a women in Dangan Terrace, Thomastown – who ironically made out that she was employed working for the homeless! People have such strange notions and stories!  To make matters even more painful for me, she was living in a house there once the lovely home of that fabulous Thomastown family, the Caulfields, great friends of mine – I ate the best of country butter in that house back in the day.

Over on Ladywell I met a barrage of abuse from a coarse fella I knew to be a Shinner – yes, they’re still around. It was always said that Kilkenny was the Home of the Stranger and now I know this to be a fact from some of my own hurtful experiences.

The latest concern are the new houses and apartments being built in Kilkenny city. Noonan ran away on the people of Walkin Street a couple of years ago and stood up and betrayed them at the Council table when they were campaigning against the high rise there, now almost built.  They put their trust in Noonan and Funchion – but even  Deputy John and Andrew McGuinness let them down in the end.
The other politicians ran away , but Noonan actually stood up and agreed with the Council Executive and betrayed the people of that entire area. In fact he transferred himself to a lovely house in Loughboy from Francis Terrace around the corner from Walkin Street, so in fact as well as in Council, he ran away and betrayed the people of that lovely old stretch of St. Mary’s parish.

And now we’re left guessing as to who gets these apartments at Walkin Street, as well as who gets the  new houses over at Ballybought Street, as well, of course, as the apartments in the Brogue Maker on the Comer Road.  Sorry, but the word on the street is that all will be going to immigrants mostly with those left on the Council housing list left to their own devices once again.

And I’m not a hardened racist myself. In fact I have helped a good decent Moroccan fellow who was under the threat of deportation though he was one of the hardest working kitchen porters in town. And that’s the nub of it – those who are set up on the Dole and a “free house”  for life are left alone while Aziz is threatened with deportation! There’s bureaucracy for you.

I’ve also helped gay friends in my day, even putting them up in my own house , feeding and giving them a few bob to help them along the way – but the gay community in Kilkenny can still abuse one!

And that’s because it’s all political today. The Irish are now facing a horrific time because of their own Backstop, but it’s political too.

And if you fancy a shapely female leg encased in nylon rather than in raggy torn jeans, then you’re a feckin misogynist to boot,  or there’s something  seriously unspecified wrong with you.

Ah well, there’s always the opening of the soccer season today cross channel, and at least over there they kicked up over forced mass immigration and voted for Brexit. It’s going to take the shock of that to wake some of the gombeens and shoneens here.

PHOTO: Councillor Malcolm Noonan, Kilkenny, Green Party – in his favourite  Leon Trotsky pose.


Late, after midnight on Saturday night, into Sunday morning, three girls were attacked by three oriental gentlemen in the lovely seaside resort of Courtown, Wexford. The girls are Irish from Dublin.
One of the girls was actually raped while the other two were sexually assaulted by the three foreign juveniles.
Yesterday the Garda investigation into the brutal incident switched to Kilkenny where police were interviewing suspects at their Dominic Street station.

What is going on in this country where groups of young men now attack Irish girls, this was never known until recent years.

Let’s ask An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar personally when he visits Kilkenny city tomorrow morning as to why all the unchecked mass immigration is being allowed without question – we don’t know the hordes of people that are pouring in here now from outside the E.U., unchecked and unhindered, and in fact accommodated, fed, clothed and sheltered for free with weekly payments made to them as well.

How on Earth are our girls to be safe with all this criminal assault and rape allowed to go unchecked by Varadkar, yes, let’s protest against him and ask him about this Courtowndown at the Brewery tomorrow morning, protest commences at 10.00 AM, assemble at Rothe House.

Let’s tell Varadkar loud and clear that we won’t have any more of our girls gangbanged by men of a different culture who actually think they are entitled to do it, so why is he letting all these into the country willy nilly without any checks or clearances at our airports?

Gardaí spoke to a number of foreign teenagers in Kilkenny yesterday in connection with alleged sex attacks in Courtown in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It is understood that the young men, all of whom are juveniles, were in the Courtown area at the time of the alleged attacks.

No arrests were made. It is understood that investigating gardaí from Wexford are canvassing witnesses and are speaking to all parties who were present in the area at the time.

Enquiries are ongoing. meanwhile it’s understood that the youths concerned have been moved for their own safety out of Kilkenny to Direct provision centres elsewhere in the country.

report- Michael McGrath, Kilkenny.

Sadiq Khan is a terrible Mayor — My Opinions

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via Sadiq Khan is a terrible Mayor — My Opinions


by Michael McGrath.

Travellers camping at the Wetlands halting site were up early this morning. They were woken up abruptly by raiding Gardai. We feel that this is part of a campaign of harassment by the Gardai, as seven o’clock of a weekday’s morning is far too early to get anybody up out of their bed.

We have nothing against the Gardai doing their duty but surely they could have waited to raid at a more decent hour. Why couldn’t they have waited and raided at around midday or so? In fact we think that such Police raids are far too early. Do the Police not see that hardworking men need their rest? Speaking for myself, it’s hard to get back to sleep again when awoken so abruptly like that.

Kilkenny Gardai may be great people, but at times like this they come across as most unfeeling and even hard hearted. In fact the campers concerned should sue the Gardai for sleep interruption and deprivation. This is neither fair nor right. How would the Gardai themselves like to be so rudely awakened? It’s unforgivable, it’s just not on in modern-day Ireland where we are so compassionate and care so much.

I am certain the whole of Kilkenny agrees. When the gardai raid at such an unearthly hour they should cease from blaring their sirens. In fact they should park at least a hundred yards away and proceed quietly on foot, tap on the trailer doors gently and talk softly to the inhabitants, maybe even make them a cup of tea. Better still a glass of whiskey for those with a hangover.

If you must waken people at all, waken them properly just as you would the gentry. We’re all the one now.

BREAKING: Gardaí arrest three in morning raid at Wetlands halting site in Kilkenny


Mary Cody & Sam Matthews

BREAKING: Gardaí arrest four in morning raid at Wetlands halting site in Kilkenny

30 gardaí involved in raid

Three people have been arrested as part of an early-morning raid by gardaí at a halting site in Kilkenny City this morning.

Up to 30 gardaí were involved in the operation, which commenced shortly after 7am today. Six search warrants were executed.

Uniformed gardaí and plainclothes detectives raided the Wetlands Halting Site, to the west of the city, as part of ongoing investigations into criminal activity.  Two people were arrested on suspicion of trespassing and are being detained at Kilkenny Garda Station while the third person was arrested following the execution of a warrant.

Further searches and arrested are anticipated throughout the morning in other locations.


“Taoiseach didn’t know how many ships we have!” – Senator Craughwell. by Michael McGrath

shipThe Taoiseach of Ireland didn’t know how many ships the Irish naval Service has, according to Senator Gerald Craughwell, who himself was a Sergeant in the Irish Army.

Leo Varadkar thought the navy had seven ships instead of nine, the Independent senator claimed today over the RTE radio Drivetime programme.

Of the seven ships the senator claimed that only three are in full service, two are unable to carry out nighttime duties, two are being serviced  while the remaining two are permanently laid up due to shortage of naval staff to run them.

There’s no reply from prime minister Varadkar.


Sian Moloughney, a local Kilkenny People reporter, sings the praises of yet another Afro beauty queen  put forward to represent us. We’re not told who chose her to represent our city and county. It’s like as if there’s no beautiful Irish women in this country anymore , though we see Irish stunners every day of the week in Kilkenny. I suppose it will be a “hate crime” to say that soon enough!

With all the resultant bad controversy that hit Kilkenny over the past year as a result of the Rose of Tralee landing all hours of the morning over in a John Street chipper,  you’d think our media would have had enough – after an episode when the national media rushed to condemn Kilkenny unfairly and the mayor pulled a local media personality “for telling a lie over the phone” to promote the incident!

Then there was the supposed garda”investigation” into that Blue Door chipper incident that was announced by the media ( not by the gardai) and never happened, all created to bring Kilkenny down, and all because there were thousands of people objecting to the mosque at the time – when it comes to Kilkenny the media want blood these days.

Thus I think the further away Kilkenny is kept from these beauty contests the better. I never favoured them anyway as they demean women.   So now, after all that, we have this “Miss Universe” contest in which we are told that our city/county is represented in the Mansion House in August by some young woman called “Peace Olaniyi”, hopefully not creating another powder keg for the media to blow more evil propaganda upon our fair city.

We can only hope that it doesn’t and now that it was the professionals of An Bord Pleanala who rejected the mosque that Kilkenny people won’t be blackened anymore by the Lefties and their media in political vengeance for that.

Sian assures us that “Diversity will be celebrated”, now isn’t that an awesome relief after all this city has been put through by the Jackeen Media.

Here’s the genuinely deserving Miss Universe as far as the Kilkenny Journal is concerned –  Gemma would get more real votes in Kilkenny than this Miss Olaniyi being forced on us , whoever she is, any day of the week!GEMMA


Before you say anything, I helped more gay friends in off the road in my time than you’ll ever do. I have given them a bed, food and drink and even some money, so don’t start prejudging and sentencing me. And I don’t believe in gay marriage, I don’t believe in any form of State-certified marriage. As my late friend Sid Rawle, the former King of the Hippies used to preach, marriage gives the kids names and identifies them to the State for tax and other evil purposes.

And I pulled up that friar here in Kilkenny over obliquely telling people to shoot gays in the head the other week from his pulpit.

But gay is become boring, awfully dreadfully boring. It’s plastered everywhere as if sex is the biggest thing in the life of this country. Well maybe it is, but sex of any sort should not seem to be an obsession in the public life of any country. The Irish are  more sexual than than most, and it’s no harm to flaunt it.

But we shouldn’t make it look like Dr. Goebbels was brought back to glorify anal sex. The country is not normal right now as we approach the big gay weekend.  The parade is usually fine and interesting – but does the stripey flag belong over Ireland’s sacred GPO? No, it does not. No other flag belongs there, not even the EU flag, and it doesn’t matter a damn whether An Piarseach was gay or not.

And he wasn’t, I hold, I believe he was asexual. So was the late Seamus Pattison TD , so what? They prove the essential point that it’s perfectly normal and possible to be alive and to be human  and not into sex.

In fact they showed that there’s always another class of people in Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter. The Asexuals. And just because this class is a lovely quiet well-behaved type of person, they don’t insist that  their flag is up over the GPO  and everywhere else.

No flag belongs over the GPO only the tricolour , and of course it’s own old green and gold IRISH FREEDOM flag. And as well the Gay Pride movement is American – born and not Irish.

As regards the Garda they should be on duty protecting us and not driving pink-based multi-coloured squad cars around. It’s about time we got back to basics in this country. It’s not all about ass and cock, and we should never be flaunting such publicly like yankee fools.

It’s grand at the various parades and we should leave it there. The weekend weather is looking powerful for the marches through our cities – I don’t think there’s any here in Kilkenny, correct me if I’m wrong.

What colour should the Asexual flag be?  I think it should consist of a series of grey shades of vertical stripes, how about that?  You’d be amazed how many are around!Gay flag pinted on fist.


Several women residents of the Lawcus Fields  housing estate in Stoneyford, County Kilkenny,  have let it be known in a door-to-door survey by The Kilkenny Journal that they prefer to have refugees and asylum seekers housed rather than the homeless local Kilkenny Irish, 2,250 of whom languish hopelessly for years on the Kilkenny County Council housing list.

This was also borne out in door-to-door surveys of nearby Callan and Thomastown in several instances.  And the amazing fact to emerge is that it is the local women who prefer the refugees to be housed rather than the local Irish,  not the men. It’s typically middle-aged Irish women that are involved.

In fact the women respondents concerned held that it was “racist”for anybody  to want to house the Irish applicants on the Kilkenny County Council housing list in preference to the Incomers!DPfI20uW4AAwlqF

They were, however, very much in a vociferous minority and mostly identified with the Sinn Fein and PBP political parties in the areas concerned.

Meanwhile in Kilkenny city there’s a total clampdown on the news of who’s going to get the new houses and apartments in Ballybought Street, and it’s difficult to discover this as officially those are Respond houses and not local council houses that are being allocated at the moment.

Still, no harm to contact your local councillor that you voted for recently if you want one.



Behal puts it up to the government with his .303 rifle.

by Michael McGrath.

Syrians have so far got free council houses, some of them brand new, in Kilkenny City and the Kilkenny county towns of Callan, Thomastown, Castlecomer, Urlingford , Rosbercon, Piltown, Stoneyford, Knocktopher, Ballyhale etc,

Along with the houses they each received a grant of 5000 Euro to outfit the houses nicely. As they have little English they will be on the Dole for their foreseeable lives in Ireland.

Mass immigration will also cost the Irish state as much as nine billions annually , almost all of which is borrowed with the Irish National Debt now well over 214 Billions and still borrowing merrily as if there’s no tomorrow.

Women in Burkas can’t work so are on the Dole for life – husbands are collecting for as many as four such wives on the Irish dole and this will go on for lifetimes.

Meanwhile there are 140,000 locals throughout Ireland desperate for housing on the 31 local authority housing lists.

But the mass of Irish people don’t seem to give a damn with so many happily voting again just the other week for Fianna Fail and Fine Gael candidates in the Local and European elections.

Good news in Kilkenny is that we finally prevailed upon An Bord Pleanala to stop the mosque after the traitorous local Kilkenny County Council had passed it.

PHOTO: Former IRA man Richard Behal puts it up to the Dublin government with his Lee Enfield .303 rifle at an enthusiastic gathering near Mooncoin, South Kilkenny , last Saturday.