There is now a distinct risk of a seriously leftist government of Ireland after next Saturday’s general election. Ireland stands at the brink of dissolution as a sovereign Nation.

We have traitors like Boyd Barrett and Ruth Coppinger ready to betray the country to the international globalists they pretend to oppose, to give the signal for the greatest mass immigration of Ireland that would sink the economy for all time.

All this would be accompanied by the climate change sell out by the liberal left who would be part of this left alternative and would destroy Irish farmers and farming as a viable lifestyle.  Climate change based upon carbon dioxide is the Hoax of the Century.

Climate change comes from the periodicity of explosions on the surface of our Sun, not Carbon in any atmosphere! At present we are going through a period of Maunder Minimum on the Sun and that’s the cause of climate change you are seeing upon the Earth.

With Coppinger you have an old style communism on offer in a left Coalition that would beggar the country in short order. Personally I believe that it’s the end of Ireland that we are now witnessing and that we are approaching a time when the Army may have to take over to help secure the Nation.

Army officers are loyal always to the Nation, they have a duty to speak up when it is at risk of destruction, in fact they have a right to speak up whenever the Nation is endangered as it is now with the risk of a Sinn Fein style Marxist Trotskyist government.

We have a silly generation that is making democracy a joke, but unfortunately a serious joke with evils such as abortion on demand and sexual perversions taking over our daily lives.

And there’s no point in building more houses if we are to hand them away to Incomers yet again, as we have been doing for the past twenty years with a million immigrants – that is the reason for the large scale homelessness you have now, because the houses, hospitals and schools to meet this massive influx were never planned and put there from the start!

We may somehow survive what will be a chaotic election next Saturday if people can open their eyes and see the serious situation Ireland faces with the wrong type of leftist vote. Yesterday we saw Trotskyists poleaxe a young woman Garda on the street outside the national parliament, Dail Eireann, where freedom of speech is now threatened – what’s that but the advent of Communism.

This week Ireland is at a crossroads, our very Law and Order stand at risk of breakdown. When you vote for the Left, and especially the Trotskyist Left, you vote for the globalist takeover of the country.

Ireland stands at the crossroads this week, you can save or destroy your own country with your vote on Saturday, Have a look and see if there’s a patriotic candidate standing in your area, from the Irish Freedom Party, the National Party, Renua or Aontu, strike a blow for freedom and vote for such , as that could help Ireland a lot now in her hour of desperation.

Ar dheis ar aghaidh!Tara