Both Micheal Martin and Leo Varadkar were so poor that it’s hard to tell if there was a winner at all.

For instance they never touched on immigration where you have Incomers from awful lives in poverty-stricken foreign climes needing doctors and hospitals – the hospitals more than anything else when they land here.

It’s not the migrants’ fault but we are always going to have clogged up hospitals and long procedures and operations lists as long as this goes on.

The housing situation is affected similarly with both these leaders insistent on housing the incomers first. So health, hospitals and the huge housing problems will only get worse as long as this massive influx is permitted to last.

Nobody will say it, after twenty years of mass immigration it’s still the elephant in the room. How can we even plan schools and education for the future in Ireland while this is allowed to continue.

Mass immigration is the untold cause of all our economic and many of our social problems in Ireland today, it’s the great unmentionable still.

There is no integration no matter how much it’s encouraged by social and culture integrationist “councils” because those very councils are made up of amateurs serving on NGO’s that are even more amateur still. They’re full of local virtue signallers who are the biggest problem of all.

Instead of trying to find a solution at national and international levels, leaders like Varadkar and Martin are only pushing our greatest problem in further under the table while the local Irish objecting online to direct provision centres in their towns and villages are threatened with imprisonment by new “hate” legislation that both main parties support.
Though we think Fianna Fail may be clever enough not to push it as much as Fine Gael and Flanagan have, but we don’t know either.

They claim that we need skilled immigrants , but the country is chock a block with the unskilled variety on welfare, mostly now illegals from non-EU countries.

Imbeciles screaming “racism” must now at last be ignored, playing the race card must be stopped, while freedom of speech must be guaranteed for all. There are plenty of Independents and new party candidates out there for people who don’t want to vote for Varadkar, Martin or worst of all Sinn fein.Africans

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