SINN FEIN TD Kathleen Funchion stands as her party opposed to the welfare of the Irish Nation.

They don’t care if it lives or dies. She supports a mosque for Kilkenny, she supports Direct Provision, she supports the mass immigration that results in packed- out hospitals, houses for Incomers , and jobs for everybody bar the Irish.

Sinn Fein is now a Marxist-Trotskyist party that supports Globalism in Ireland. She is also an abortionist.

These are the most important reasons why people should not vote for her, but rather boycott Sinn Fein and her on polling day, Saturday February 8th.

Locally, Funchion has allowed Callan to go to rack and ruin, especially Bridge Street and the Kings River.

In Thomastown they’ll tell you that she never lifted a finger to try and recover the new hospital for St. Columba’s after the government welched on the deal. She’s allowed Ballyhale, Thomastown, Graiguenamanagh and Inistioge to be flooded out without a murmur or a whisper of protest to the government.

As a TD she hasn’t worked for her constituents in ages – Carlow people are complaining that they hardly ever see her in their town anymore and that she’s not bothered about them at all.

She’s more interested in dancing and the limelight. She’s never seen in Kilkenny city either – but of course she’ll be seen everywhere now that the election is declared.

She falsely slandered a local journalist as a “nazi” in her party’s former newspaper, “An Phoblacht” that went defunct as a result of his taking Sinn Fein to the High Court in defence of his good character against Funchion’s vicious lies.
Her Sinn Fein councillors have either resigned or have been rejected by the voters. There’s no point in backing a loser like Funchion as the electorate looks set to reject her too in this election.


Massive own goal – Iran shoots down airliner

Iran air defences were activated to sense US air attack and shot down the airliner in error. All the passengers were of Iranian origin, though many of them were of other nationalities primarily Canadian. It was a massive Iranian own goal, basically they accidentally shot down their own people whilst primed to automatically respond to an incoming US air attack.