Charlie Flanagan should not have banned such an obvious idiot as that American preacher from Ireland without even giving a precise reason on the banning order. Flanagan today preaches “Ireland of the Welcomes” – even for dangerous terrorists who are not likewise checked and banned as the Baptist preacher was. We feel that this is a weakness of Flanagan, that he is so contradictory in his utterances. His father, Oliver J. Flanagan, the notorious anti-semite and pro-nazi was just as indiscriminate as to where he would turn and who or what he would blast next in the Dail.

So Flanagan can’t talk. We recall probably the worst day in Irish politics when Flanagan’s horrific father, Oliver J Flanagan, condemned the election of Ben Briscoe as Lord Mayor of Dublin on the floor of Dail Eireann – on account of the fact that he was Jewish!

Could it not be argued that Flanagan’s Dad should have been banned from Ireland for racist anti-semitic speech in Dail Eireann? It appears to be a case of “like father like son” as Charlie Flanagan goes around excluding people because of their religion. This type of discriminatory politics is nothing new in the Laois political dynasty.

Flanagan is playing to the gallery with his own odd interpretation of the Irish history of migration, because the Irish never went abroad for dole –  we went abroad with our sleeves rolled up to work and to build the skyscrapers of New York as well as England’s motorways. Our nurses healed the people of England. How dare Flanagan insult our Irish emigrants then, as he did last Friday in his stupid attempt at trying to defend mass immigration into Ireland.

Basically Charlie Flanagan will say anything to play to the multitude, he has no integrity, no regard for the Irish people or nation. At the moment he is craw- thumping to what is probably a perceived liberal majority amongst the people, though that seems to be changing rapidly these days. Will Flanagan condemn his anti-semitic pro nazi father for stating a lot worse than that American preacher ever did – and even worse in the chamber of Dail Eireann!

Oliver J Flanagan preached to the Irish government and parliament on that fateful day in 1943 , “Last night the worst thing ever happened here in this city of Dublin when Dublin Corporation elected a Jew as Lord Mayor of Dublin – what worse hate speech can you get than that! It is no harm to know the horrific background that Charlie Flanagan comes from.

Many of the younger voters in Laois-Offaly would not know about it today and this is the main reason we publish this greatest example of racist hatred that ever occurred in Ireland so as to enlighten the younger generation to the real nature of the Flanagan dynasty of Laois-Offaly.

Flanagan should not play to the gallery with Ireland’s future, but his questionable father  never did anything else!

First elected to Dáil Éireann as an Independent TD for the Laois–Offaly constituency at the 1943 general election — the third youngest person ever to have been elected to the Dáil at that time.  Oliver J Flanagan  had stood for election on the Monetary Reform Party ticket, an anti-semitic and Social credit party confined to his own constituency which proposed reducing the supposed Jewish stranglehold on the financial system.

During the campaign, Flanagan wrote to Fr Denis Fahey: “Just a line letting you know we are going ahead with the election campaign in Laois-Offaly against the Jew-Masonic System which is imposed on us. The people are coming to us – but it’s hard to get the people to understand how they are held down by the Jews and Masons, who control their very lives.”[8]

He used his maiden speech in the Dáil to urge the government to use the Emergency Powers Acts to “rout the Jews out of this country”:

How is it that we do not see any of these Acts directed against the Jews, who crucified Our Saviour nineteen hundred years ago, and who are crucifying us every day in the week? How is it that we do not see them directed against the Masonic Order? How is it that the I.R.A. is considered an illegal organisation while the Masonic Order is not considered an illegal organisation? […] There is one thing that Germany did, and that was to rout the Jews out of their country. Until we rout the Jews out of this country it does not matter a hair’s breadth what orders you make. Where the bees are there is the honey, and where the Jews are there is the money.

— Oliver Flanagan, Dáil Éireann, 9 July 1943.[5]


  1. I have no doubt that the hotel in Ballyragget was – and still is – intended to be a Direct Provision centre.

    A typical tactic of the Left is to lie when confronted. We have seen this in their handling of the Achill situation: initially, the Achill Hotel was to house 38 men. When the local people expressed concerns for the safety of women on the grounds that 38 men from a cultural background incompatible with women’s rights would pose an unacceptable risk, the spiel suddenly changed to “13 vulnerable women”. And the locals were accused not only of racism but of lacking Christian compassion. Even the local Bishop was roped in.

    The Bishop’s comments may have been well-meaning, but were certainly misguided, ill-thought-out and patronising: to equate an open borders policy with the experiences of impoverished Irish emigrants to the US misses the point (the Irish don’t get free housing, education, healthcare and help finding jobs locally on arrival in America – unless they join the Liberal NGO parasites and campaign for Abortion etc).

    Guilt-tripping, gaslighting, spreading confusion and triangulating are typical are commonly used by all enemies of the truth, along with subterfuge when exposed. The Left literally means the Sinister.

    To truly understand the mechanism behind the Far Left’s assault on Ireland, Catholic values and life itself, I recommend reading M Scott Peck’s “People of the Lie”. He is a psychiatrist who approaches the subject of evil from a scientific perspective. The Left, of course, is anti- science. The Left opposes scientific truths such as the fact that life begins at conception and that men cannot magically become women or visa versa.

    Good luck with your blog. You are a true journalist.

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  2. Look at him, look at his face – every picture is the same showing that screwed-up expression he constantly wears, he knows exactly that he has betrayed not only Ireland and it’s people but any patriotism his Father might have been proud of. You’ll see that same face on him when he’s being laid out in the coffin and the Priest will be struggling to find a few descent words to say about him. That’s the face of a liar and a traitor and a man who has a very troubled conscience.

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