Climate changeSchoolgirls out protesting against climate change who we interviewed at the town hall in Kilkenny couldn’t care less about the science.

I have never encountered such ignorance about the subject that they are protesting against as I did amongst the 150 girls protesting at Kilkenny town hall.

They actually told me that they don’t care about the science, that they were there to support Greta – who hasn’t a clue about the science of climate change either.

But RTE treated such girls that they interviewed as all-knowing heroines. This is a repeat of the phoney RTE interviewing technique of promoting ignorance as bliss so as to mislead the public. Even worse the RTE interviewing journalists hadn’t a clue about how climate change works either.

The interviews were shallow  with both interviewer and guest ignorant of the subject they were supposed to be seriously discussing – it was a pure propaganda exercise!

It was deliberately misleading as public service broadcasting, not that any of the newspapers are going to pull them up over it – they probably know as much anyway!

They were all totally ignorant and couldn’t care less. They simply enjoyed the limelight despite their ignorance of the issue under protest.

RTE bear most of the blame for these youngsters out on the streets of Ireland, it’s child abuse on a massive scale, getting the kids out to do their dirty work for them!

Meanwhile this bright morning, RTE starts another day of high drama in their news programmes about  these phoney climate change marches arranged throughout the world yesterday of mostly frenetic young girls. They would teach Dr. Goebbels. They performed much the same art in the same sex and abortion referenda in recent years and now RTE are perfecting their technique of the mass persuasion that they call news. It’s no more than bad theatre.

Climate Change by Carbon is the Hoax of the 21st Century!

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