There’s now about a million immigrants in the Republic of Ireland – in on top of a mere 3.8 million Irish as the process continues to squeeze the Irish in their own country.

This could not be done without the help of all the local Irish hirelings in the public service, such as a C.E.O. speaking on RTE radio just now – in it for the salary and expenses, what else.

The 1801 Act of Union could not have been pressed on Ireland without such native hirelings, history repeats itself two hundred years later.

We have been very generous as a people, we have taken in more immigrants per capita than any other country in the world and treated them royally. It’s all done on borrowed billions too, borrowed all the time on the future of our children.

But it was too much on Wednesday night when the bubble burst over in pleasant little Oughterard amid ministerial lies.

Government minister lectured that all these people crashing into Ireland were unfortunates entitled to “international protection”.

The Taoiseach himself is trying to order Noel Grealish,  trying to cause life to be difficult for Mr. Grealish by whipping up media frenzy against  the Independent TD who owes sweet F.A. to Varadkar

The Irish prime minister is pushing Ireland to the brink in packing in more and more migrants, most of them economic migrants paying good money to relocate here to Ireland with 200 quid a week welfare money per single person and all accommodation paid as well.

And then they can bring all their families over to Ireland from across the world too for more and more of the welfare pot, free medical and hospitals, free schools and even free universities.

We’re known all over Africa and Asia for such stupidity and that’s what Deputy Grealish means- and he is 100% right.

Almost the entire political establishment is in on the game trying to force the honest Mr. Grealish retract his honestly held view that “Africans are coming to Ireland to sponge off us!”

Everybody in the country knows this to be true , but only a few like Deputy Grealish are brave enough to speak out and tell the truth.

Why only a couple of months ago a classroom photo showed three quarters of the kids in a Longford school to be black or coloured. They were cute little kids but that’s not the point.

Meanwhile there are ten thousand homeless Irish, including three and a half thousand Irish children out on the streets! Varadkar and his government are a joke, Noel Grealish and the rest of us are right.

Ireland has already done more per capita than any other country in the world, it’s time to cool it Varadkar, it’s time to call a halt.

That’s what the ordinary folk, like the people of Oughterard on wednesday night

Coud5, seven hundred of them packing into their village hall are saying. The Irish have no schools or doctors left while we’re crowded out of our hospitals by the incomers -it simply can’t go on. It must now become a serious election issue in the general election that Varadkar positions for May of next year.


  1. The biggest problem Irish people have with Immigration in to our country, is the amount of abuse and lies told to achieve Irish status. Then we have the on going appeals system , that eventually gives in and grants status despite the number of stories that changed during the process . We then have a counter argument that says Irish people previously went abroad for a better life, and the answer is Yes Yes. However we did not get or for that matter expect welfare payments or accommodation in these countries.

    Fraudulent applications must be taken seriously and the high number of failed Asylum seekers in Ireland need to be deported.

    We then wonder why the Irish people are annoyed with the ongoing crisis.

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