AfricansAt a National Party meeting in the Bridge Hotel, Waterford city,  I asked what Justin Barrett’s  party would do if they were in power and the immigrants they wanted to go home refused to leave Ireland.

“They would have to be eliminated and otherwise disposed of if they absolutely refused,” was the reply I received from the party security officer, Paul from Dublin.

“To kill them, you mean?”, I stammered out…

“If they refuse to go they leave us with no choice…”

“But what about the U.N., the E.U., human rights …I blustered

“We would start by cutting off all welfare and accommodation and leave them rot out in the streets until they’d have to take the fare  and leave, however any who still refused to go would have to be taken care of…

Several members nearby nodded in approval , as Paul wheeled on his heel and strutted away.


  1. We have a high number (thousands) of deportation orders against Failed illegal Asylum Seekers in this country , and our politicions are completely ignoring this fact.
    I fail to understand why the police are turning a blind eye in relation to this matter and are not carrying out the court deportation orders.We have a policy in this country to ask the failed Asylun seeker to leave by a certain date with no serious follow ups to ensure the procedure was carried out . I know of some people with deportation orders against them , and they just moved to a different county and availed of the wefare system. It also appears in the country that we fail to link in with other state Depts to address this blatent abuse of our welfare system.

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    1. Over 90% of asylum seekers are bogus applications. There’s no doubt they can be deported, whether they’re happy about it or not. We cannot sustain this level of largesse to enormous non EU countries. Has Ireland some problem with dysmorphia? We are a TINY island. We will end up with standing room only if we ke keep flooding the country with impoverished immigrants from vast continents. We can’t even house Irish. 8 children in that photo, a family of TEN housed, in kilkenny. Now that’s wrong when we tell Irish women they’ve no hope or future for ONE baby. I’ve seen other families from Africa with 6 or 8 kids housed. What sized houses do they GET for nothing from us fools?

      THIS IS all nonsense.

      Stop telling lies about the National Party, Michael McGrath, frustrated would be infiltrator. You will be up in court for this. But you won’t stop the Irish people copping on and joining the National Party to SAVE Ireland from Irish Genocide.

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  2. Bloody hell! Deportation of fake asylum seekers and some restrictions on immigration would be fair enough but there is no way we can support killing. The National Party could have been a breath of fresh air, the only party to represent the Indigenous Irish without having another agenda, but I can’t support them if they really believe it’s OK to kill people.

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    1. It’s the absolute truth, the national party are a bigoted Catholic lot, Justin Barrett has always been an altar – well-known Right wing networker John O’Connell who networks with an extraordinary number of rightist people throughout Ireland and Britain only said this yesterday – he is, like many others, backing our editor Michael McGrath who got a raw deal in all of this because he’s a pagan druid , according to Justin Barrett and his party cronies.
      Identity Ireland is now also in contact with Michael.

      Michael, they say, was never actually a member of The national party. he tried to join online – but they never sent him a letter or an acknowledgement of any kind , though he demanded a membership dard gthey wouldn’t give him one. He only lasted a month anyway.

      But on the bright side , Michael, who is a veteran Irish Nationalist, got a great insight into the NP for the month he was with them.


  3. You wouldn’t, it was said in a personal conversation to make sure the members didn’t hear it, which makes it all the worst. They need the death penalty restored in order to legally cover the elimination of undesirable immigrants.Makes sense.


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