WE NEED A SOLAR PARTY! by Michael McGrath


To combat all the misinformation about climate change being put out by the media and the green parties , we need to form a Solar party to represent the truth that all climate change is based on the periodicity of sunspot activity on the surface of the Sun.

A full political party, it would have members worldwide to oppose the Hoax of the Century – climate change falsely based on carbon dioxide content,

I have no quarrel with maintaining a clean environment, I have no problem with keeping plastics down. As a photographer I especially hate the way they use plastic in the manufacture of cameras today. It’s ugly and cheap. But none of that causes climate change.

We need to form a party with the principal objects of educating people, of abolishing carbon taxes,  to follow the brave lead of President Trump and lead our people out of the fraudulent Con Job called the Paris accord.

The sheer hypocrisy of it all – if, as they maintain carbon dioxide causes climate change why then have they been busy importing a million extra people into Ireland, because people produce carbon dioxide in bucketfuls!

The entire presentation of the carbon-based climate change argument is based on lies and  hypocrisy, big lies by big media and big political parties.  We need our own party to challenge this head on in a scientific and professional manner. What say you? Anybody interested in starting such a movement please get in touch.

It need not contest elections, not for a start at any rate, but simply and honestly present the truth and the facts about climate change to the voter and get them to change their minds and see and vote for candidates who represent our reality.

We could start with a meeting here in medieval Kilkenny of all those interested in setting up The Solar Party to create the right environment.  We need to agitate for the closure of the phoney government climate change Department and its even more idiotic ministerial post in government.

We need to agitate for RTE in Ireland to tell the other side of the story, we need as our motto “An Fhirinne in Aghaidh an Domhain” , the Truth against the World, the slogan of our ancient wise Druids who were acknowledged experts on climate, on solar, lunar and planetary cycles.

We need to show that the world is now in the grip of a solar Maunder Minimum that in fact is reversing the global temperature as it does periodically throughout time.  We need to show and to teach people the real science of climate change based on solar periodicity, and we need to get started right now.

We need to do this by tackling parties and candidates right there on the doorsteps as they canvass during elections and we don’t need any candidates, not at the start anyway, to do this and tell people the truth on their own doorsteps while the Greens and the big parties are trying to tell them more lies. We need to expose the fraud of little kids like Greta Turnberg being used in propaganda exercises to fool the people even further.

We’d have our own posters and leaflets explaining the grand Hoax of  carbon-based climate change directly to the people bang on at election time, while we could take the advantage to tell them about other evils such as mass immigration too – that actually increases carbon dioxide on a massive scale in the country. We would no longer have to sit idly by during elections but we would be able to get out there, contradict the party liars on the doorsteps and show the people the best way to save our country and preserve the Nation into the future.



There’s now about a million immigrants in the Republic of Ireland – in on top of a mere 3.8 million Irish as the process continues to squeeze the Irish in their own country.

This could not be done without the help of all the local Irish hirelings in the public service, such as a C.E.O. speaking on RTE radio just now – in it for the salary and expenses, what else.

The 1801 Act of Union could not have been pressed on Ireland without such native hirelings, history repeats itself two hundred years later.

We have been very generous as a people, we have taken in more immigrants per capita than any other country in the world and treated them royally. It’s all done on borrowed billions too, borrowed all the time on the future of our children.

But it was too much on Wednesday night when the bubble burst over in pleasant little Oughterard amid ministerial lies.

Government minister lectured that all these people crashing into Ireland were unfortunates entitled to “international protection”.

The Taoiseach himself is trying to order Noel Grealish,  trying to cause life to be difficult for Mr. Grealish by whipping up media frenzy against  the Independent TD who owes sweet F.A. to Varadkar

The Irish prime minister is pushing Ireland to the brink in packing in more and more migrants, most of them economic migrants paying good money to relocate here to Ireland with 200 quid a week welfare money per single person and all accommodation paid as well.

And then they can bring all their families over to Ireland from across the world too for more and more of the welfare pot, free medical and hospitals, free schools and even free universities.

We’re known all over Africa and Asia for such stupidity and that’s what Deputy Grealish means- and he is 100% right.

Almost the entire political establishment is in on the game trying to force the honest Mr. Grealish retract his honestly held view that “Africans are coming to Ireland to sponge off us!”

Everybody in the country knows this to be true , but only a few like Deputy Grealish are brave enough to speak out and tell the truth.

Why only a couple of months ago a classroom photo showed three quarters of the kids in a Longford school to be black or coloured. They were cute little kids but that’s not the point.

Meanwhile there are ten thousand homeless Irish, including three and a half thousand Irish children out on the streets! Varadkar and his government are a joke, Noel Grealish and the rest of us are right.

Ireland has already done more per capita than any other country in the world, it’s time to cool it Varadkar, it’s time to call a halt.

That’s what the ordinary folk, like the people of Oughterard on wednesday night

Coud5, seven hundred of them packing into their village hall are saying. The Irish have no schools or doctors left while we’re crowded out of our hospitals by the incomers -it simply can’t go on. It must now become a serious election issue in the general election that Varadkar positions for May of next year.


AfricansAt a National Party meeting in the Bridge Hotel, Waterford city,  I asked what Justin Barrett’s  party would do if they were in power and the immigrants they wanted to go home refused to leave Ireland.

“They would have to be eliminated and otherwise disposed of if they absolutely refused,” was the reply I received from the party security officer, Paul from Dublin.

“To kill them, you mean?”, I stammered out…

“If they refuse to go they leave us with no choice…”

“But what about the U.N., the E.U., human rights …I blustered

“We would start by cutting off all welfare and accommodation and leave them rot out in the streets until they’d have to take the fare  and leave, however any who still refused to go would have to be taken care of…

Several members nearby nodded in approval , as Paul wheeled on his heel and strutted away.


by Michael McGrath, Ard Drui Teamhair ‘Is Eire.

The Archdruid of Dublin, Anrai O’Raghallaigh of the Liberties, insisted as far back as 1994, a quarter of a century ago on the Hill of tara, that Druidry is the religion of the Irish people, as well as having pure Welsh and Gaulish components in the present age.

The Druids were always an intellectual Irish elite here.

Not only that, but Druidry is celebrated far and wide throughout England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia , the USA and Canada as a belief system for the majority white inhabitants of those far-off lands today.

In Wales the Druid Order there is avowedly Welsh and does not take members of any other nationality. Here we have an account of a recent 21st century installation of n Archbishop of Canterbury as a white Welsh Druid:

Archbishop named ‘white druid’

ST. DAVID’S, Wales — The newly nominated archbishop of Canterbury was installed Monday as an honorary white druid, alarming some conservative clergy in the Church of England.

Rowan Williams, currently archbishop of Wales, was inducted into the Gorsedd of Bards, an organization that promotes Welsh language and culture and is not a religion.

Druids, who were both priests and judges, were a ruling class in ancient Celtic society.

“I think the Archbishop of Canterbury-designate needs to consider what other people, non-Welsh members of the Anglican communion, think he is doing,” said the Rev. Angus Macleay of the Evangelical Reform Group.

Williams said that he was “very saddened that some people have reached the wrong conclusion about the ceremony.”

“If people had actually looked at the words of the hymns and text used, they would have seen a very Christian service,” said Williams.

The archbishop wore a white robe for the ceremony and chose the bardic name of ap Aneurin. That was a tribute both to a sixth-century Welsh poet and to Aneurin Bevan, a postwar Labor Party politician remembered as the founder of the National Health Service.

Elfyn Llwyd, a politician from Wales’ Plaid Cymru party and a member of the Gorsedd, said the ceremony was a “quaint induction” and the group was entirely dedicated to developing the Welsh language and culture.

“It is clearly not a pagan organization — I would not be a member of it if it were, and nor would many other people of all religious persuasions who are members,” Llwyd said.

“It is an old form of induction, there is no worshipping of any pagan gods of the kind. It is simply a rather quaint induction,” Llwyd said.

“From there on it’s a vehicle for assisting the development of the Welsh language and culture and nothing can be wrong with that.”

The ceremony was part of the National Eisteddfod, a celebration of Welsh culture.

Although the Gorsedd of Bards calls its members druids, the organization dates only as far back as 1792 — the brainchild of Welsh scholar Iolo Morganwg.

Past members included the actor Richard Burton and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

The Archdruid of Tara and Ireland has declared to the world on the Hill of Tara that the Irish Druid Order is for native Irish people only, as well as the diaspora of course. Archdruid O’Raghaillaigh of Dublin is on record as stating clearly that Druidry in Ireland is for the irish only and that one must be native Irish to qualify as an Irish druid here.

So Druidry is now the only white native Irish religion in Ireland and Irish druids proclaim Druidry as their heritage and belonging only to us here in Ireland and not to any of the Incomers.

There can be exceptions and in the case of the Irish Druid Order  there was such an honourable exception when the late Druid Michael Poynder, Druid author, was made an Honoured Druid of the Irish Order.

At least the Irish still have our own native religion/belief system left when all else is done and gone.Beyo

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