Late, after midnight on Saturday night, into Sunday morning, three girls were attacked by three oriental gentlemen in the lovely seaside resort of Courtown, Wexford. The girls are Irish from Dublin.
One of the girls was actually raped while the other two were sexually assaulted by the three foreign juveniles.
Yesterday the Garda investigation into the brutal incident switched to Kilkenny where police were interviewing suspects at their Dominic Street station.

What is going on in this country where groups of young men now attack Irish girls, this was never known until recent years.

Let’s ask An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar personally when he visits Kilkenny city tomorrow morning as to why all the unchecked mass immigration is being allowed without question – we don’t know the hordes of people that are pouring in here now from outside the E.U., unchecked and unhindered, and in fact accommodated, fed, clothed and sheltered for free with weekly payments made to them as well.

How on Earth are our girls to be safe with all this criminal assault and rape allowed to go unchecked by Varadkar, yes, let’s protest against him and ask him about this Courtowndown at the Brewery tomorrow morning, protest commences at 10.00 AM, assemble at Rothe House.

Let’s tell Varadkar loud and clear that we won’t have any more of our girls gangbanged by men of a different culture who actually think they are entitled to do it, so why is he letting all these into the country willy nilly without any checks or clearances at our airports?

Gardaí spoke to a number of foreign teenagers in Kilkenny yesterday in connection with alleged sex attacks in Courtown in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It is understood that the young men, all of whom are juveniles, were in the Courtown area at the time of the alleged attacks.

No arrests were made. It is understood that investigating gardaí from Wexford are canvassing witnesses and are speaking to all parties who were present in the area at the time.

Enquiries are ongoing. meanwhile it’s understood that the youths concerned have been moved for their own safety out of Kilkenny to Direct provision centres elsewhere in the country.

report- Michael McGrath, Kilkenny.


  1. The protest continues outside Google HQ, Barrow Street, Dublin every day from 2p.m. Mon – Saturday to voice our growing discontent with issues that affect us all. Please make your voices heard and protect free speech – join the protest – it’s time to take this country back!

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  2. Sure it’s a great little country we live in, what other country protects rapists and moves them to new accommodation to “protect their safety”

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  3. “Moved to other centers for their safety”, and what about the Irish public’s safety? All they’re doing is enabling these scum to do it some other place, lock them up then boot them out, this is on the heads of our government, shame on them all

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  4. It doesn’t matter whether it is foreigners or travelers, this scum should be charged & if convicted do what other European countries do,if they are foreigners the minute their released from prison after serving their sentence have Gardai on standby to escort them to the Airport & deport them immediately. We have a duty to protect our women & girls from these evil, vile, perverts. The Gardai are quick enough to charge people with petty crime, what we’re talking here is an offense second only to murder

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    1. what is going on. on some sites the guards know the names of the alleged perpetrators. if you had a pint you would be stopped but make sure you have a t.v. licence or you will be jailed.ireland is being invaded. every town and city has an huge increase in economic invaders. my home town is now getting a further 345 family units. where are we going to put them. the local councillors are all for this because most of them are major landlords. rise up before we become a minority in our own country. we had 800 yrs of the english, the black and tans etc. now we have this. TOTAL INVASION!

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