Sian Moloughney, a local Kilkenny People reporter, sings the praises of yet another Afro beauty queen  put forward to represent us. We’re not told who chose her to represent our city and county. It’s like as if there’s no beautiful Irish women in this country anymore , though we see Irish stunners every day of the week in Kilkenny. I suppose it will be a “hate crime” to say that soon enough!

With all the resultant bad controversy that hit Kilkenny over the past year as a result of the Rose of Tralee landing all hours of the morning over in a John Street chipper,  you’d think our media would have had enough – after an episode when the national media rushed to condemn Kilkenny unfairly and the mayor pulled a local media personality “for telling a lie over the phone” to promote the incident!

Then there was the supposed garda”investigation” into that Blue Door chipper incident that was announced by the media ( not by the gardai) and never happened, all created to bring Kilkenny down, and all because there were thousands of people objecting to the mosque at the time – when it comes to Kilkenny the media want blood these days.

Thus I think the further away Kilkenny is kept from these beauty contests the better. I never favoured them anyway as they demean women.   So now, after all that, we have this “Miss Universe” contest in which we are told that our city/county is represented in the Mansion House in August by some young woman called “Peace Olaniyi”, hopefully not creating another powder keg for the media to blow more evil propaganda upon our fair city.

We can only hope that it doesn’t and now that it was the professionals of An Bord Pleanala who rejected the mosque that Kilkenny people won’t be blackened anymore by the Lefties and their media in political vengeance for that.

Sian assures us that “Diversity will be celebrated”, now isn’t that an awesome relief after all this city has been put through by the Jackeen Media.

Here’s the genuinely deserving Miss Universe as far as the Kilkenny Journal is concerned –  Gemma would get more real votes in Kilkenny than this Miss Olaniyi being forced on us , whoever she is, any day of the week!GEMMA

30 thoughts on “MORE AFRO-KILKENNY CONTROVERSY ON THE WAY? by Michael McGrath

  1. How absolutely disgusting, I have met peace and she is a beautiful woman inside and out, colour should not in this day and age come into it. She is a real person with amazing values extremely caring. Peace is very deserving of the title. Whom ever the racist idiot is who wrote this you should be ashamed of yourself


    1. She is no beauty, but that’s not her fault as almost all African women are very ugly to the Western eye. They also do not have the IQ of Northern hemisphere peoples such as the Chinese and Europeans. African women are, however very caring and friendly, though as I say, no brains worth talking about. I have written the truth so I can’t be ashamed of that. It is you who seeks to doge the truth and ignore it and admonish others for telling it that ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.


      1. Omg are you actually kidding me peace is a stunning young woman and she is also extremely intelligent, I personally have met her and held many conversations with her . She actually has probably a much higher IQ than yourself . For you to be saying these things is so wrong


  2. Wow I am disgusted by this, I know this young lady and she is a very polite and caring young lady.

    I run Galaxy Ireland and beleive me she is every bit a beauty queen, and her behaviour is impeccable.

    I do not think people should be slating a person they do not know, just to fill a newspaper.

    I hasten to add I would not want the person who wrote this rubbish to represent me in anything, what a horrible piece of reporting this is.

    If nothing else I would say it is so close to the line she may even have cause for to take legal action.



    1. Legal action, you must be joking, she placed herself in the line of fire to be the target of criticism good or bad. You must think our law courts and judges are awful fools here in Ireland , that figures!


  3. But she is neither good looking nor intelligent, as she is an African and can’t help that. I do not wish to represent a traitor like you or to have anything to do with you whatsoever. Any girl is more beautiful than peace, God help her. She can take what action she likes but she’ll never change that, though I wish her well and want to save her the embarrassment of entering this beauty competition.


  4. Any Irish girl is better to look at than peace, Africans , with rare exceptions, do not have the looks nor the brains. They’re nice and friendly though so I have several African friends and I admire several African soccer players as brilliant at the game.


    1. Shame on you for turning traitor and supporting forced mass immigration into Ireland that will serve to destroy our Irish Nation. I speak as an Irish patriot, it is you as a treacherous woman that bears all the shame, not I, for I stand for ireland and the Irish and the survival of our Nation. You’re just another bolshie globalist pink liberal commie.


      1. Never forget that the irish were also immigrants once…had north america and canada been as vile and sick minded as yourself the story would have been completely different…

        but you embroiled in hatred and calling yourself a patriot ..pathetic…if you actually the homeless get off the to ensure more affordable house…


  5. Shame on you for turning traitor and supporting forced mass immigration into Ireland that will serve to destroy our Irish Nation. I speak as an Irish patriot, it is you as a treacherous woman that bears all the shame, not I, for I stand for ireland and the Irish and the survival of our Nation. You’re just another bolshie globalist pink liberal commie.


  6. SHAME on YOU for writing this article.
    shame on this company for printing it.
    If you actually approached Peace directly and spoke to the girl, you will see how humble and appreciative she was to represent Kilkenny. Peace is a wonderful young girl and works hard within her community and helps raise awareness and money for various charities. I would expect a written Apology in the paper towards Peace. Just horrible in this day and age to read crap like this

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  7. People like you make my stomach turn. Absolute scum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. Peace is one of them most genuine girls I have ever met and is a beautiful person inside and out. Whoever you are tying behind a screen are a coward and a racist. If you took the time to actually talk to peace you would soon realize what a lovely girl she is. A heart of gold and a true beauty queen/role model


  8. I am absolutly gobsmacked that this person ever got published. Peace is absolutly beautiful and very intelligent. She has done so much for the community and has done it all with grace. Kilkenny is lucky to have her. I agree that an appology and more needs to be given to Peace. You should be ashamed of yourself and obviously don’t love your country as much as you say, as you would see how much more she has done for her community than you.


  9. I’m white, I’m a redhead, I’m Irish and I am disgusted by your comments. Last I checked, they didn’t stop you applying for an Irish passport based on the colour of your skin. The only person who is unqualified to represent Kilkenny is you. Your judgement of a woman you do not know shows your hypocrisy – you claim pageants demean women but you are doing just that by publishing this thoughtless bile. You are a pathetic little racist and an embarrassment to our country.


  10. What a disgusting low intellect idiot this person is .
    We attended Miss Universe Ireland and support Peace . The winner was also very deserving and bi racial , works for NASA and does amazing charity work – low intelligence?? I think not !
    People want pageants in Ireland, there were 28 highly intelligent, amazing women on that stage who have fought to be accepted and be able to compete as pageants have for years (probably let supported by him)had to be cancelled in Ireland due to threats of neanderthal people boycotting them .
    Get yourself out of the dark ages Mr time are moving on and hopefully after this outrage so will you – just thankful that in the mass migration from Ireland to America , Australia, England etc people were treated (usually) more warmly than this


    1. This contests ( pageants, you casll them!) are an affront to womanhood, they belittle women and make them like prize cattle.
      I suppose she scrubs the floors for NASA and makes the tea!
      We Irish went and fought for America from the Alamo to Tripoli, the UK was our own country, we built Australia, I could go on- and we never went anywhere to live on the dole as Africans do. Women in burkas too – how can anybody ever work inb a job in a burka, come on, they come here to live on the Dole.They invade our country like locusts costing us billions a year and filling up our hospitals, exploding our class sizes in the schools while sending the educational standard through the floor with their illiteracy and backwardness.
      We never went to their countries to look for anything, to freeload upon them as they do upon us, we went only to fellow white countries and they to us, and that continued until the present Invasion of Ireland started 20 years ago and now they want to push another million Afros and Asians in on top of us. I fight to preserve my country, to save my nation while you help destroy it, you little traitorous shit.


      1. And get your fuckin facts right , you fuckin retard, you’re obviously an ugly bitch yourself. The Irish never went and interfered in Africa or anywhere else, but our missionaries went out and fed the poor bastards , gave them clothes and a basic education too. Showed them how to build to replace the mud huts. They owe the irish everywhere across Africa and in most of non-Muslim Asia too for all that we did for them. And now all they can do to repay us is invade our country that’s in shit itself at the moment because of the bankers and brexit looming. They cosy 4 Billions a year in more borrowing while our National Debt is 205 Billions, we’re sinking fast and we can do without the weight of Africa, Asia and brazil on our backs. At least I give a shit about my country while you actively betray it. TRAITOR.


  11. You’re a Commie cunt, you want websites to shut down anybody who disagrees with your own shit, you dirty rotten cowardly fuckin smelly little traitor to Ireland. She’s as ugly as befucked, she looks like a proper nightmare, and it’s not the colour so much as the neanderthal bone structure. Anyway I can’t be arsed tossing shit back and forth with a shithead like you , but you could try and educate them forever for all the difference it would make, they’re still building mud huts in Africa, for God’s sake. Where cunts like you come from is beyond me!


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