Before you say anything, I helped more gay friends in off the road in my time than you’ll ever do. I have given them a bed, food and drink and even some money, so don’t start prejudging and sentencing me. And I don’t believe in gay marriage, I don’t believe in any form of State-certified marriage. As my late friend Sid Rawle, the former King of the Hippies used to preach, marriage gives the kids names and identifies them to the State for tax and other evil purposes.

And I pulled up that friar here in Kilkenny over obliquely telling people to shoot gays in the head the other week from his pulpit.

But gay is become boring, awfully dreadfully boring. It’s plastered everywhere as if sex is the biggest thing in the life of this country. Well maybe it is, but sex of any sort should not seem to be an obsession in the public life of any country. The Irish are  more sexual than than most, and it’s no harm to flaunt it.

But we shouldn’t make it look like Dr. Goebbels was brought back to glorify anal sex. The country is not normal right now as we approach the big gay weekend.  The parade is usually fine and interesting – but does the stripey flag belong over Ireland’s sacred GPO? No, it does not. No other flag belongs there, not even the EU flag, and it doesn’t matter a damn whether An Piarseach was gay or not.

And he wasn’t, I hold, I believe he was asexual. So was the late Seamus Pattison TD , so what? They prove the essential point that it’s perfectly normal and possible to be alive and to be human  and not into sex.

In fact they showed that there’s always another class of people in Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter. The Asexuals. And just because this class is a lovely quiet well-behaved type of person, they don’t insist that  their flag is up over the GPO  and everywhere else.

No flag belongs over the GPO only the tricolour , and of course it’s own old green and gold IRISH FREEDOM flag. And as well the Gay Pride movement is American – born and not Irish.

As regards the Garda they should be on duty protecting us and not driving pink-based multi-coloured squad cars around. It’s about time we got back to basics in this country. It’s not all about ass and cock, and we should never be flaunting such publicly like yankee fools.

It’s grand at the various parades and we should leave it there. The weekend weather is looking powerful for the marches through our cities – I don’t think there’s any here in Kilkenny, correct me if I’m wrong.

What colour should the Asexual flag be?  I think it should consist of a series of grey shades of vertical stripes, how about that?  You’d be amazed how many are around!Gay flag pinted on fist.

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