Behal puts it up to the government with his .303 rifle.

by Michael McGrath.

Syrians have so far got free council houses, some of them brand new, in Kilkenny City and the Kilkenny county towns of Callan, Thomastown, Castlecomer, Urlingford , Rosbercon, Piltown, Stoneyford, Knocktopher, Ballyhale etc,

Along with the houses they each received a grant of 5000 Euro to outfit the houses nicely. As they have little English they will be on the Dole for their foreseeable lives in Ireland.

Mass immigration will also cost the Irish state as much as nine billions annually , almost all of which is borrowed with the Irish National Debt now well over 214 Billions and still borrowing merrily as if there’s no tomorrow.

Women in Burkas can’t work so are on the Dole for life – husbands are collecting for as many as four such wives on the Irish dole and this will go on for lifetimes.

Meanwhile there are 140,000 locals throughout Ireland desperate for housing on the 31 local authority housing lists.

But the mass of Irish people don’t seem to give a damn with so many happily voting again just the other week for Fianna Fail and Fine Gael candidates in the Local and European elections.

Good news in Kilkenny is that we finally prevailed upon An Bord Pleanala to stop the mosque after the traitorous local Kilkenny County Council had passed it.

PHOTO: Former IRA man Richard Behal puts it up to the Dublin government with his Lee Enfield .303 rifle at an enthusiastic gathering near Mooncoin, South Kilkenny , last Saturday.


  1. “I have genuine concern about the numbers of people coming into the country. They are putting people who are undocumented into direct provision and then sending them out into communities. Look what happened in Rooskey.

    This issue should be brought up at the doors when politicians are out canvassing on the doorsteps for the local elections.

    Economic migrants were clogging the system and not one politician is highlighting the concern . They were being put first on the list ahead of Irish people. We have no problem where people are fleeing dangerous situations, but its not fair that “Irish citizens were being put down the list.”

    “Irish people shouldn’t be put down the list because of asylum seekers.”

    Join the Nationalist party, ACI or support anyone with a backbone, and not afraid to speak the truth .


  2. The Irish need to put a stop to this NOW before it is too late — but looking at who your head of government is, perhaps it is too late already — I imagine tourism is very important to Ireland — I don’t imagine tourists come to Ireland to see a lot of Syrians and Africans — also, Ireland is not a rich country and to see so many resources spent on these foreigners is sad.

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