StorckThis is the American Nic Storck who works at Cartoon Saloon in Kilkenny. She is the Trotskyist communist who has been trolling Michael McGrath and lying about him on Facebook during the recent local elections when Michael stood as an Independent in the Callan-Thomastown electoral area.

She has also lied about three other genuine Kilkenny candidates on Facebook pages she sets up to publish slander against candidates who are not extreme lefties like herself.

She made up lying dialogues that never happened concerning Mr. McGrath, creating words and sentences and scenarios  that never happened and that he never uttered in his life.

She obviously picked on Michael McGrath because he is editor of the powerful Kilkenny Journal series that’s on WordPress,, and featured on facebook pages. Also because he is an Irish nationalist Republican, the antithesis of the globalist Trotskyist Marxism that she wishes to impose upon Ireland and that Mr. McGrath is diametrically opposed to.

He fights cleanly , this Storck woman decided to fight dirty. She is employed by Cartoon Saloon and that’s how, unfortunately, she is in Kilkenny.

For instance , though opposed to their far left policies Michael McGrath never once wrote a bad word about the PBP Trotskyist candidate in the Kilkenny City election, Stephanie Hanlon. Nor did he write a bad word against the other far left candidate Enya Kennedy, but rather he featured both ladies in well-wishing articles and photographs in the spirit of fair play, of journalistic objectivity and impartiality in the elections – that’s why he says he finds Storck’s slander and lies so disgustingly sickening.

Storck will find that being a public liar in Kilkenny doesn’t work amongst such  decent people as you have in this city and county, amongst the fairest minded people in Ireland.


  1. Hey Michael, Great to see these trolls exposed. BTW, I am a CIoJ member too. I am freelance after years working for the Sunday World. Might do a blog some day but at the moment I just let off steam on Twitter (GerComiskey) and Facebook (GeraldineComiskey. 9). It’s the nearest I probably will ever get to an opinion column given my views (pro-life, Irexit, sick of the fake Green agenda, angry at the abuse of kids via the LGBTQI+ grooming, etc). Good luck and God bless, Geraldine Comiskey

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  2. why is that trot even allowed to voice a political opinion in this country? Its technically political interference and as shes not a citizen she is in breach of her residency here.

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  3. Glory be to god!!!
    When the devil arrived with self-created motifs that rediscovered the never-changing reality of the political world, he was led by the Property tycoons who are ready-made in America. There you will find Cities within Cities where homelessness is part of the deal for the owners of squalor.
    Ready-made property tycoons are ten a penny on these streets of shame and misery, where daylight defecation is obligatory for the sick, the elderly, and the mentally deranged.
    America is politically void of the humanities about which we in Europe tend to occasionally consult our faulty consciousness, all be it very occasionally these days.
    As the key players say, America is the model we must use to develop our property strategy.
    We have never been without the greedy property prince in Ireland. A degree in poverty is almost equal to a degree in medicine; subject to the poverty of mind that possess a particular mindset. If you can get your head around that, well, you can join the Kate O’ Connell fan club.

    Some people can talk waffle for a straight hour, electrified by their own garbage, and simply because some people in the audience appear transfixed by the rubbish they utter, the speaker tends to believe what he or she is saying.

    The Brexit thing has always been a joke and is a perfect example.
    Nigel Farage’s and Boris Johnson know exactly how self-belief play on the minds of ignorant people.

    For anyone with a bit of Savvy the British, Irish and European ruling class is only pretending to default on each other.
    Basically, they are all very comfortable with things as they are.

    The old City of London has the European system working as it should for the elites who control the workings of the financial machine that keeps everything as it is.
    The old City of London is what keeps the community of Europe fed with Rothschild’s business standards.
    All of the major conduits for large scale operations are conducted through the Old City. Nothing happens unless it moves through here.
    So really Brexit is a distraction for you, while other more important developments happen.

    As we can see from these movements, the French people are in the front line for revolution and change. 1798 is being revisited for real by the revolutionary French.

    All the sideline issues that regularly place themselves in front of you are to keep you from becoming aware of the larger picture, like Brexit and issues dealt with below.

    Political scams will always be on the bucket list for the lost, the lonely the hungry and homeless. The greedy speculator, like the hungry, will always be with us; because speculation is never far away from the human condition, is it?
    More landlord bills rolled out in favor of property owners; while homelessness pulls on the entrails of the Irish nation.

    Why in heavens name do we continually elect them?

    Abuse of vulnerable people is not being dealt with adequately, without the machinery necessary this will not be stopped.
    Homelessness is rampant now, strangers we must pay as thanks for this.
    The freedoms we all enjoyed at home are no longer ours but are determined by the power behind the mask.
    We empowered the mighty monied stranger through our meekness and allowed a miserable godless few who fooled us and took our young on to themselves to relished the naked beauty of the innocent child.

    A number of independent TDs, Fine Gail, Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, need to be shown the door and evicted from our seat of Government.

    The perversions located in last year’s Budget were noticeable this year because of the value of the Euro. Admittedly you can do damn all about this.
    Taking possession of the banking system and eliminating the incestuous den of thieves and scumbaggery that has always been the Rothschild’s will be a great start.

    Politics, as we have known it, has let us down, and this will continue to be the case for the future.
    The truth is the people we elected are told by British and American political and business princes how to behave.

    Mary Lou and Leo are connected politically. Don’t delude yourself. Leinster House is a safe place for the cabals; representatives or agents of the people who rule the globe, they have everything sewn up.

    Work on behalf of the Irish People would never be an option for this type; no interest or initiative exists for the Mary Lou’s and the Leo, who are without that smidgen of backbone needed to make good everything gone bad in the political world.

    Ultimately the types who look after number one are the Mary Lou’s and the Leos of the political world; they read from the same script handed to them by their masters: doing what they are told by the Rothschild’s and the political controllers who are paid very handsomely from deep and very loaded gold-lined pockets.
    It is very important that we get rid of them and their cronies without delay.
    We should feed the hungry and house the homeless.
    Mary Lou McDonald is the prime source of all the female politicians in the Irish parliament trading as Jezebels whipped dog’s bodies; operating as the Honey lipped harlot, who pollute the political world with the barks of the Northern Wolf.


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