Sian Moloughney, a local Kilkenny People reporter, sings the praises of yet another Afro beauty queen  put forward to represent us. We’re not told who chose her to represent our city and county. It’s like as if there’s no beautiful Irish women in this country anymore , though we see Irish stunners every day of the week in Kilkenny. I suppose it will be a “hate crime” to say that soon enough!

With all the resultant bad controversy that hit Kilkenny over the past year as a result of the Rose of Tralee landing all hours of the morning over in a John Street chipper,  you’d think our media would have had enough – after an episode when the national media rushed to condemn Kilkenny unfairly and the mayor pulled a local media personality “for telling a lie over the phone” to promote the incident!

Then there was the supposed garda”investigation” into that Blue Door chipper incident that was announced by the media ( not by the gardai) and never happened, all created to bring Kilkenny down, and all because there were thousands of people objecting to the mosque at the time – when it comes to Kilkenny the media want blood these days.

Thus I think the further away Kilkenny is kept from these beauty contests the better. I never favoured them anyway as they demean women.   So now, after all that, we have this “Miss Universe” contest in which we are told that our city/county is represented in the Mansion House in August by some young woman called “Peace Olaniyi”, hopefully not creating another powder keg for the media to blow more evil propaganda upon our fair city.

We can only hope that it doesn’t and now that it was the professionals of An Bord Pleanala who rejected the mosque that Kilkenny people won’t be blackened anymore by the Lefties and their media in political vengeance for that.

Sian assures us that “Diversity will be celebrated”, now isn’t that an awesome relief after all this city has been put through by the Jackeen Media.

Here’s the genuinely deserving Miss Universe as far as the Kilkenny Journal is concerned –  Gemma would get more real votes in Kilkenny than this Miss Olaniyi being forced on us , whoever she is, any day of the week!GEMMA


Before you say anything, I helped more gay friends in off the road in my time than you’ll ever do. I have given them a bed, food and drink and even some money, so don’t start prejudging and sentencing me. And I don’t believe in gay marriage, I don’t believe in any form of State-certified marriage. As my late friend Sid Rawle, the former King of the Hippies used to preach, marriage gives the kids names and identifies them to the State for tax and other evil purposes.

And I pulled up that friar here in Kilkenny over obliquely telling people to shoot gays in the head the other week from his pulpit.

But gay is become boring, awfully dreadfully boring. It’s plastered everywhere as if sex is the biggest thing in the life of this country. Well maybe it is, but sex of any sort should not seem to be an obsession in the public life of any country. The Irish are  more sexual than than most, and it’s no harm to flaunt it.

But we shouldn’t make it look like Dr. Goebbels was brought back to glorify anal sex. The country is not normal right now as we approach the big gay weekend.  The parade is usually fine and interesting – but does the stripey flag belong over Ireland’s sacred GPO? No, it does not. No other flag belongs there, not even the EU flag, and it doesn’t matter a damn whether An Piarseach was gay or not.

And he wasn’t, I hold, I believe he was asexual. So was the late Seamus Pattison TD , so what? They prove the essential point that it’s perfectly normal and possible to be alive and to be human  and not into sex.

In fact they showed that there’s always another class of people in Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter. The Asexuals. And just because this class is a lovely quiet well-behaved type of person, they don’t insist that  their flag is up over the GPO  and everywhere else.

No flag belongs over the GPO only the tricolour , and of course it’s own old green and gold IRISH FREEDOM flag. And as well the Gay Pride movement is American – born and not Irish.

As regards the Garda they should be on duty protecting us and not driving pink-based multi-coloured squad cars around. It’s about time we got back to basics in this country. It’s not all about ass and cock, and we should never be flaunting such publicly like yankee fools.

It’s grand at the various parades and we should leave it there. The weekend weather is looking powerful for the marches through our cities – I don’t think there’s any here in Kilkenny, correct me if I’m wrong.

What colour should the Asexual flag be?  I think it should consist of a series of grey shades of vertical stripes, how about that?  You’d be amazed how many are around!Gay flag pinted on fist.


Several women residents of the Lawcus Fields  housing estate in Stoneyford, County Kilkenny,  have let it be known in a door-to-door survey by The Kilkenny Journal that they prefer to have refugees and asylum seekers housed rather than the homeless local Kilkenny Irish, 2,250 of whom languish hopelessly for years on the Kilkenny County Council housing list.

This was also borne out in door-to-door surveys of nearby Callan and Thomastown in several instances.  And the amazing fact to emerge is that it is the local women who prefer the refugees to be housed rather than the local Irish,  not the men. It’s typically middle-aged Irish women that are involved.

In fact the women respondents concerned held that it was “racist”for anybody  to want to house the Irish applicants on the Kilkenny County Council housing list in preference to the Incomers!DPfI20uW4AAwlqF

They were, however, very much in a vociferous minority and mostly identified with the Sinn Fein and PBP political parties in the areas concerned.

Meanwhile in Kilkenny city there’s a total clampdown on the news of who’s going to get the new houses and apartments in Ballybought Street, and it’s difficult to discover this as officially those are Respond houses and not local council houses that are being allocated at the moment.

Still, no harm to contact your local councillor that you voted for recently if you want one.



Behal puts it up to the government with his .303 rifle.

by Michael McGrath.

Syrians have so far got free council houses, some of them brand new, in Kilkenny City and the Kilkenny county towns of Callan, Thomastown, Castlecomer, Urlingford , Rosbercon, Piltown, Stoneyford, Knocktopher, Ballyhale etc,

Along with the houses they each received a grant of 5000 Euro to outfit the houses nicely. As they have little English they will be on the Dole for their foreseeable lives in Ireland.

Mass immigration will also cost the Irish state as much as nine billions annually , almost all of which is borrowed with the Irish National Debt now well over 214 Billions and still borrowing merrily as if there’s no tomorrow.

Women in Burkas can’t work so are on the Dole for life – husbands are collecting for as many as four such wives on the Irish dole and this will go on for lifetimes.

Meanwhile there are 140,000 locals throughout Ireland desperate for housing on the 31 local authority housing lists.

But the mass of Irish people don’t seem to give a damn with so many happily voting again just the other week for Fianna Fail and Fine Gael candidates in the Local and European elections.

Good news in Kilkenny is that we finally prevailed upon An Bord Pleanala to stop the mosque after the traitorous local Kilkenny County Council had passed it.

PHOTO: Former IRA man Richard Behal puts it up to the Dublin government with his Lee Enfield .303 rifle at an enthusiastic gathering near Mooncoin, South Kilkenny , last Saturday.


Renua Ireland believes in the nation state and will defend Ireland’s sovereignty. We will place Ireland’s interest first against all others. We are against further integration of the EU and believe strongly that the EU works best when member countries are recognised fully as sovereign nations coming together voluntarily, to promote economic cooperation rather than as a stepping stone to a federal Europe.

We will work to introduce an Australian-type points system for EU migration. We do not believe that the free movement of people is an essential element of any customs union. Renua would like to bring back the ‘Green’ passport. In 2006 Ireland abandoned the green passport in favour of the common ‘burgundy’ passport of the EU.  The introduction of the green passport in 1927 was an important symbol of our new-found independence.

We would also like to set up a similar points system to manage immigration from Non-EEA countries. Preference will be given to those immigrants who can speak English, have skills that are not available in Ireland and can demonstrate a shared belief in our national values.

We will also require the Immigration Service to reach a decision on an asylum application within 6 months of an application being made.  Those whose applications have been rejected must be detained or electronically monitored during any appeals process.  If an appeal is rejected the Immigration Service will be required to remove the applicant from the State within 14 days, unlike the current system which fails to deport up to 80% of failed asylum seekers and allows them to remain in the state.

We will ensure that immigrants who commit serious crime in Ireland are deported once they have served their sentence, and ensure that local communities are consulted before any decision is made regarding the placing of a large number of refugees within their community area.

Renua believes that social cohesion is the willingness of all of us in society to cooperate with each other in order to be safe, secure and prosper together. We need to create a better future for all the people, our families and our communities. In making social cohesion a pillar Renua is proposing a transformative society that will raise the living standards and quality of life for everyone.

Renua believes that when the institutions of state are trustworthy, when they are seen to ensure the welfare of all of the people, when there is equality of opportunity to get ahead, regardless of age, ability, gender or social status, then social cohesion will happen. It will become the glue that will hold the nation together. All of this has implications for health, education, prosperity and the environment. Join Renua today and help us make this a reality and show the people of Ireland a brighter future.Burbanburqa



Kilkenny has been used and abused, it’s run down and dilapidated with thousands of non nationals living there.  There’s no increase in infrastructure – and extremely bad planning  – to properly assimilate them into society here.

Somebody is making money off the backs of non nationals (rent and subsidies etc), for instance a local butcher who rents out several houses in James’s Green to men and their women in burkas who can’t  ever work because they have crippled themselves regarding being able to work,  so come here for the Dole for the rest of their lives.

I thought that the Dole was not paid to anybody, like these women in Burkas , who intentionally make themselves unavailable for work?

The Government and local government are complicit together with the media in making money for the few, such as the legal eagles and auctioneers, but destroying the city in the process.

If this is being done in the name of multiculturalism then we could do without it.

The whole atmosphere in Kilkenny  would make you want to leave with shops closed down,  shockingly  bad architecture and no sense of affluence about the place.

And it’s full of foreigners bringing their own cultures with them which is fine, but at what expense to our own Irish culture, heritage and our Christian values?

I grew up in Kilkenny and spent my youth here, wandered the world working for years and arrived back. I never drew the dole anywhere in my life but went everywhere following the work as an itinerant navvy.
I care about Kilkenny and I’m proud of the two cathedrals, the castle and the ancient city.

The hospital is crowded out with all the incomers, nobody can get an operation on the HSE, even A&E visits take all day and all night. Classrooms are full to bursting while the educational standard is on the floor, thanks to all the newcomers who can’t even speak pidgin English.

We barely escaped the mosque, Sir, thanks to you and Councillor Eugene McGuinness and the neutrality of An Bord Pleanala – after the sickening crowd running this city had passed it, what else!

Locals are no good either to act to change all this with mostly the same old politicians and parties elected again.

The busiest place in Kilkenny is the post office on dole day with people from all over the world gathered there for the “free money”, costing Billions in State borrowing.

2, 200 applicants languish on the Council housing list while the Incomers are housed in brand new council housing and given grants of 5000 Euro each to move in.

Nothing has changed, nobody voted to change any of this, what’s up with the people, despite all they continue to vote for the corrupt tweedledum and tweedledee.

Surely people know that the politicians they elect now can’t get them anything if they are Irish, no houses, no jobs, nothing. This seems not to have dawned on the locals yet.

There is no house for you no matter who you vote for and there is no job for you or your child no matter what party you vote for – it’s all for the newcomers now, nothing for the Irish here, do you understand that?

At least now for the general election  you’ll know it’s useless for you to vote for the old parties and politicians anymore because there is nothing in it for you anymore.

Kilkenny people today need a large dose of Cop On!

Yours Etc.,

Martin Brennan, Kilkenny.High Street


THE KILKENNY JOURNAL hereby welcomes President Trump and his wife Melanie to Ireland on behalf of our readers throughout Kilkenny and the country.

Cead Mile Failte, Mr. President & First Lady of the USA.

We ask that nobody pays any heed to the lefty demos that are not representative of the Irish people.  Trump is a good man who wants to spare his own country the mass immigration that Ireland suffers from today.

He has created a fabulous economy in only two years. He has led the working class to great achievements and rewards, wish we had a leader to do the same for Ireland.

All you will see is the ragtag and bobtail brigade. Are these the representatives you want for Ireland in the 21st century? We think not. Most of this lot are on the dole, drink and drugs – and tomorrow is Dole day!

The Trotskyist PBP commies are busing many of them from the slums of Dublin down to Shannon to confront President Trump – what will the world think of the Irish when they see these junkies protesting? Not much, we can sadly say.

Let it be known that these protesters are not ours and that we have nothing to do with them and that they do not in any way represent the great majority of the Irish people.

God Save Ireland, God Bless America!

Michael McGrath. Editor.Trump

People who appreciate rare and beautiful things: The Queen, President Trump and Melanie.


An Páirtí Náisiúnta is an Irish nationalist party dedicated to the fulfilment of the Irish national idea. We believe in the Irish people, our right to exist as a nation and our right to defend and lay claim to our homeland. We seek an Ireland united, Irish and free.

We stand against the criminal financial institutions which have enslaved future generations of Irish men and women to debt without end.

We stand against the corrupt and amoral establishment who push replacement level immigration which will in time completely destroy Irish nationality.

We stand against the project of a federated European Superstate which is explicitly anti-national and therefore anti-Irish. And most of all we stand against the decay of national spirit at the heart of our society.

The men and women who died for Ireland fought always against that most insidious of enemies, the enemy within; the corruption of the national spirit by foreign ideas, interests and outlooks, all of which are in evidence today in that assembly of traitors called Dáil Éireann. What the men of 1916 saw as the coarse grubby materialism of the British Empire is at large in our own time in the form of international liberalism which infects the whole western world.

Each nation must choose for themselves whether they will stand against the tide of national dissolution, which sweeps away peoples, homelands and traditions. Will Ireland live or die, endure or vanish? That question will be answered in this generation. As long as there is an Ireland to defend and love and unite, the fight must go on.

Therefore I joined the National Party, paying the small annual sub online of twenty Euro this morning. I hope to get a meeting together in Kilkenny in advance of the next general election, when many others join here too and we go on to stand the survival of the Irish Nation, free of false marriage and unlimited abortion once more – the Dail is entitled to legislate tighter laws against abortion now.

We have to respect the County Council housing lists with 140,000 + registered and house the Irish homeless.

Justin Barrett and James Reynolds, who lead the Party,  are what you would call decent respectable men. I have every faith in them to lead the newly registered party on to achieve great things for Ireland in our generation.

Of the EU the Party announces:

“The National Party approaches our membership of the European Union refusing to accept the threatened destruction of our Nation’s freedoms, and will endeavour to restore those freedoms which already have unjustly been handed away.”

The National Party would restore the death penalty for particularly heinous crimes such as mass murder on the streets of innocent people, as happened on Westminster Bridge and of all the children in Manchester arena, for indiscriminate bombings and driving up on paths to slaughter people with motor vehicles.

The National Party believes that the territory of Ireland consists of the entire island of Ireland and its territorial seas. The Party believes strongly in a constitutional Republic founded upon individual personal freedoms, rights and responsibilities.

The National Party believes that the State is the crucible and national patrimony of the Nation. The State ought not, therefore, be the master of the Nation, but the Nation the master of the State. It follows that the State should act at all times and in every instance in the interests of the Nation, embodied in one indivisible Irish people.

The National Party believes in an aristocracy of achievement within a democracy of opportunity, practised and established economically by the strong advocacy of free productive enterprise.
Consequently we endorse the inalienable right to the ownership of private property and shall defend that right against the equally dangerous encroachment of both State Socialism and Monopoly Capitalism.MMG_3665


StorckThis is the American Nic Storck who works at Cartoon Saloon in Kilkenny. She is the Trotskyist communist who has been trolling Michael McGrath and lying about him on Facebook during the recent local elections when Michael stood as an Independent in the Callan-Thomastown electoral area.

She has also lied about three other genuine Kilkenny candidates on Facebook pages she sets up to publish slander against candidates who are not extreme lefties like herself.

She made up lying dialogues that never happened concerning Mr. McGrath, creating words and sentences and scenarios  that never happened and that he never uttered in his life.

She obviously picked on Michael McGrath because he is editor of the powerful Kilkenny Journal series that’s on WordPress,, and featured on facebook pages. Also because he is an Irish nationalist Republican, the antithesis of the globalist Trotskyist Marxism that she wishes to impose upon Ireland and that Mr. McGrath is diametrically opposed to.

He fights cleanly , this Storck woman decided to fight dirty. She is employed by Cartoon Saloon and that’s how, unfortunately, she is in Kilkenny.

For instance , though opposed to their far left policies Michael McGrath never once wrote a bad word about the PBP Trotskyist candidate in the Kilkenny City election, Stephanie Hanlon. Nor did he write a bad word against the other far left candidate Enya Kennedy, but rather he featured both ladies in well-wishing articles and photographs in the spirit of fair play, of journalistic objectivity and impartiality in the elections – that’s why he says he finds Storck’s slander and lies so disgustingly sickening.

Storck will find that being a public liar in Kilkenny doesn’t work amongst such  decent people as you have in this city and county, amongst the fairest minded people in Ireland.