by Michael McGrath.
Those councillors who lost their seats in Kilkenny supported the Mosque, rejected last week as they were this weekend.
They also opposed the new St. Francis Bridge.
They were all of the liberal-left position on the political spectrum, all welcoming the refugees to council houses in Kilkenny while thousands of our own including children are homeless.
There’s only one liberal-leftist left on the Council – Malcolm Noonan of the Green Party.  He agrees with the Irish homeless having to make way for all the Incomers!
Kilkenny is now the most conservative place in Ireland in terms of its Council representation.
It now only remains to remove the local Sinn Fein TD and I hope to play an active part in that too in the forthcoming general election. To stop Malcolm Noonan too from misrepresenting Kilkenny as a liberal-leftist city which we are not.
The biggest reason I lost myself is that I went for election in a rural area where I couldn’t drive, so my personal canvass was extremely limited to where I could get to on a bus or a train  or Shanks Mare.
That wouldn’t be the case in a general election where I could concentrate on urban areas , but in a local rural election it was disastrous not to be able to canvass. And I was only in the Callan-Thomastown-Graiguenamanagh area elections so as to get well known out there for a possible general election bid that would stand to me in the latter event.
I also lost out as the voters plumped only for the two big parties, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, allowing no other candidates, independents or other parties. That wouldn’t happen in the city!
People Before Profit failed to get a foothold in the city with only 250 votes out of about 20,000 plus. So the Lefties can’t afford to sneer at anybody, as they are doing at the moment.
Enjoy a picture of the Comeback Kid Martin Brett in victory after last night’s final declaration at the Hub in Cillin Hill. Victorious Eugene McGuinness too. Brett

One thought on “WHY THEY LOST THEIR SEATS IN KILKENNY. by Michael McGrath.

  1. a great point to make… Its amazing when you see the media wallowing the main polictal parties they love them… but the ordenery Joe soap like myself…who went as a independent candidate.. as did many others they didn’t want to know…us at all…


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