by Ross Nichols in Kilkenny city.

This large postered trailer is indicative of the huge campaign that Eugene McGuinness is currently waging in his battle for election to the new city council of Kilkenny County Council. He’ll need  800 number one votes and then several hundred more  second and third preferences.

The trailer is parked symbolically to the front of the site on which they want to build the Kilkenny supermosque. It shows that Eugene remains defiant to the end.

That’s why it’s so important that everybody turns out to vote in this election for the right candidates, for Eugene and Luke O’Connor in the city, Michael McGrath in the Callan-Thomastown-Graiguenamanagh area and Cllr. Melissa O’Neill in South Kilkenny. The vote they’ll need is big, they’ll need about 800 first preferences to stay in the race at the count and keep fingers crossed for the preferences to be elected.

It’s important because these candidates are the pro-Irish candidates who disagree with the incomers building their temples where they like, who want the local Irish housed, who want Ireland to remain traditionally Irish for the coming generations. Otherwise they are all Independents on their own and not any kind of a group as has been thrown out by a fanatical group of Trotskyists who deceptively set themselves up under racism group pretences.

Here, for instance, the Trotskyists told bare-faced lies that Eugene was obstructing traffic when , as you can see, he is parked in on the grass!

They also made up and quoted false conversations they alleged Michael McGrath had – they actually set up a false Facebook account under Michael Mcgrath to do so – note the lower case g they used in their false Mcgrath account – Michael always uses a capital G as in McGrath.

These are your “Against Racism” groups etc etc. that are set up purely for lying propaganda purposes. Anybody who pays the slightest attention to them is well and truly fooled.  They are little Commies who will never get anywhere or achieve anything except sign for their dole while they pretend they have important positions.

Eugene is canvassing across estates nearer his home now with teams of canvassers who have campaigned with him right across Kilkenny city over the past month or so.

Luke O’Connor of the Granges Road, Kilkenny , on the other side of the river Nore to Eugene , another leading Independent in the city, also stands against the mosque that they want to built in Ireland’s medieval city.

All these Independent candidates charge that the powers-that-be cancelled the An Bord Pleanala mosque decision deliberately until the election is over and safely out of the way – this is the second time the decision has been postponed in the run-up to the elections this year so suspicions are roused everywhere.

The latest suspicion is that Minister John Paul Phelan in cahoots with John McGuinness TD had the mosque decision cancelled until after the elections, with FF and FG being all the one these days.

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