by Kilkenny Journal European correspondent.

Peter O’Loughlin asks for the votes of all those in Kilkenny city and county who are against the mosque. And though it’s only St. John’s parish that is at risk today,  mosques will be built throughout the city and county in places such as Callan, Thomastown and Graignamanagh in the future.

So Peter asks for your Europe vote now so he can take his struggle against the mosques to the European parliament in a democratic way.

He is chairman of the new party, Identity Ireland, and got a thousand votes in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election as an unknown here in 2015. He has spent his weekends canvassing estates in St. John’s against the Hebron mosque.

What Peter asks is that when you are finished voting for Eugene McGuinness and Luke O’Connor in the city election, then vote for him on the European ballot sheet while you’re in the polling booth – there will be separate voting papers as well as the referendum paper, 3 in all, to be completed.

The other Kilkenny candidate Breda Gardner favours the mosque for St. John’s in Kilkenny. But then she’s a Galway liberal/leftist.

Peter also says that Ireland is no longer a sovereign country that can control its own destiny. We are, he says, “a province once again”, a mere province of the single Eurostate.  Dominated by the EU, we have no more control over our resources, our economy or our borders.

He says they have taken billions away from our fishing industry and destroyed our sugar industry.

He says that thousands of Irish people are forced to emigrate and are homeless while thousands of immigrants are housed with full welfare assistance ( 5000 Euro grants)and compete with the local Irish for scarce employment opportunities whilst driving down pay and conditions for Irish workers. He asks why we stand for this?

“If elected I will start the long overdue debates on the EU and its forcing of mass immigration on us that others are too cowardly to talk about”, he continues. “These issues are dominating debates all over Europe – it’s about time we woke up to this reality” , he concludes.

So don’t waste your vote. Vote for a candidate who can make a major national impact in a short period of time.

Vote No. 1 for Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland – and take your country back!

Peter O’Loughlin is pictured on the right canvassing at The Parade, Kilkenny City.
___________________________________________________________________________________Peter O'Loughlin

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