If the Department of Justice wants to house any more refugees, then let them buy such houses themselves rather than filch houses from the county councils that are meant for the estimated 140,000 people on the country’s council housing lists!

Because it’s simply immoral and hard -hearted as well to be taking those houses away from the Irish homeless.

It’s robbing Peter to pay Paul – the government well knows the injustice they are doing to the homeless.
And it’s not just the government, but heartless virtue signallers among the public who are backing them up in robbing the homeless of the few homes available.

It’s simply not right, in fact it’s daylight robbery and downright neglect of Ireland’s homeless and those on the housing lists. It’s a crying shame, so SHAME ON THEM, SHAME ON THE GOVERNMENT, SHAME ON ALL THOSE VIRTUE SIGNALLERS TOO.Urlingford

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