Kilkenny local elections candidate Michael McGrath wants to ban the burqa in Ireland – he also wants Ireland to ban minarets as advanced countries like Switzerland have done.

The Independent candidate for the Callan-Thomastown electoral area  said he would propose a motion if elected to Kilkenny County Council to ban burqas and niqabs, as well as mosque minarets – to be forwarded if passed to the Minister for Justice.

His controversial remarks come in the wake of Sri Lanka’s ban on face coverings in public after a spate of Easter Sunday suicide attacks that killed at least 250 people and injured hundreds more.

Michael mcGrath defended his stance, saying: “They (burqas and niqabs) are a joke in this day and age, particular in these dangerous times we live in. Under no circumstances should they be allowed.

“It’s a question of security and integration.

“We have the freest, most open country in the world. There is no reason to hide your face.

“Unfortunately, we are too soft and afraid to make any rule around this. We want to be the nicest people in the world.

Dr Farghaly Radwan at the Islamic Information Centre, in Cork. Picture: Denis Minihane.
Dr Farghaly Radwan at the Islamic Information Centre, in Cork. Picture: Denis Minihane.   Dr. Radwan defends the burqa

“When the Irish went abroad they didn’t adopt some alien form of dress or customs. We are told that women aren’t being forced to dress like this. However, I don’t accept that, especially in an age of equality. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Michael McGrath defended his right to free speech. “No other candidate has the guts to say this publicly,” he said.

“If I’m lucky enough to be elected I’ll be saying all the things that a lot of people are thinking but are too afraid to say. The drift into PC land has been incredible. It’s gone too far.”

“As well, women can’t work, they can’t hold down jobs while wearing burqas, so they are going to be here in Ireland on the Dole for life!Burbanburqareland on social welfare for life as thousands are right now.


  1. Good. I hope you get in. They also shouldn’t get any of our tax funded programs either. They come to our Countries and then want to segregate themselves and then cry about how our Countries and Cultures offend them. They should not be able to avail of our public services then.

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