“We’ll save Ireland from the madness yet!”

by Michael McGrath
Independent candidate Michael McGrath made the following statement after his defeat in the local elections as a lone Independent candidate in the electoral area of Callan-Thomastown:
” I made a bid for to do public service, I failed, I have no regret whatsoever except the botheration of having to take down the posters over a vast area while not being a driver!
“The money would not have been worth it, I have sufficient money in my life , so I didn’t do it for that at my age. I went forward for election because I see Ireland going the wrong way and thought I could highlight that more in office.
That was the only reason, a bid to work and serve my country, nothing else – to oppose the crazed policy of uncontrolled mass immigration, virtual open borders and the housing of the Incomers rather than the ten thousand homeless here already on the streets.

In fact I am somewhat relieved that I won’t have to attend boring Council meetings for the remainder of my days. I am probably the most relieved candidate of all at not having been elected. I hate petty bureaucracy too, as everybody can see from The Kilkenny Journal.

I don’t even see the need for county councils – a view I shared with a good friend, the late Minister Jim Gibbons and others.

I was beaten before I started as I was limited in canvassing by not being a driver, so I could hardly get around except for buses and lifts from a friend. I could afford a car but don’t really need to start driving at my age.

People told me that they were going to vote for local candidates and not someone from the city!  Before long I realised I was way out of my own area, out of my comfort zone, they didn’t seem to like someone like me parachuting in. Through such feedback I knew I was never going to be elected out there in the sticks. They don’t vote for blow-ins like me in Callan, Thomastown or Graiguenamanagh!

I didn’t go forward in the city as I did not want to split the anti-mosque vote, with two anti-mosque candidates already in the field on both sides of the city. I wanted to give them a chance and happily one has been elected. Beyond that there were absolutely no ties between us except friendship and mutual respect, as will always exist – we were no “party”  or anything like that. In fact we had little or no contact during the campaign – you’re talking about three highly independent Independents!

I am delighted to see my old friends, John Coonan and Martin Brett,  back on the Council too, having lost their seats the last time due to an unnatural division of the city into two halves for electoral purposes – that’s one of the more daft things Phil Hogan did, though he doesn’t usually do daft things. He got rid of the town councils too and I wanted the restoration of Callan Town Council for a burgeoning town of six thousand population.

I also wanted to be elected to try to expedite the construction of the new hospital at St. Columba’s in Thomastown where my own mother died amid uninhabitable conditions, like so many others, as I saw personally, nearly five years ago.  I could be there myself yet, God forbid. That cause is dear to my heart. Hopefully those elected will take it to heart too.

There’s millions too in flood relief money “allocated” but not paid out for Graiguenamanagh, Thomastown, Inistioge and Ballyhale and I had hoped to be instrumental in getting all those works expedited in emergency too. Hopefully those elected will do it now.

There was very severe trolling from a tiny minority telling the most audacious lies about me in the dark anonymous caverns of Facebook, some really demented people – including an American woman working in Cartoon Saloon. Those still have mine and other candidate’s utter contempt for their anonymous interference in the democratic process.

I’ve made this statement as there was nothing explanatory about my campaign on local radio, the Kilkenny People or any other media. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all those who voted for me – keep in touch and we’ll all try to save Ireland from the Madness yet!

God save Ireland!




by Michael McGrath.
If Kathleen Funchion wants to contact Kilkenny County Council she has to write or phone now like the rest of us,  as she hasn’t a single councillor left to liaise with the Council for her. They were wiped out over the weekend.
The only councillor she has left in Carlow is Cllr. Andy Gladney of Bagenalstown, a rebel who wants houses for the Irish against Sinn Fein party policy – JUST AS I DO.
I doubt if they’ll be so fast to fire Andy out of the party now. I have a good mind to stand against her myself and taste the pleasure of taking part in the downfall of the last surviving Sinn Fein politician in Kilkenny.
I stood aside to help Cllr. Eugene McGuinness’s successful campaign but I fancy canvassing the city now for a general election that should be in the Autumn.
I am the only one to consistently take on the Shinners in Carlow-Kilkenny over the past half a dozen years, to expose them and bring them down. I spent over a year in the High Court in Dublin defending myself against Funchion’s defamation in their slander sheet, “An Phoblacht”, and in fact played a big part in that rag’s downfall too.

I am an honest straightforward Irish nationalist, I believe in the unity of the Irish Nation that Sinn Fein no longer serves. Sinn Fein has become a Trotskyist outfit, an anti-national party.  It strives to be part of the liberal elite that betrays the Nation.

I have become well-known and popular out the county, thanks to my recent electoral foray into the Callan-Thomastown electoral area, and that would stand to me in a general election.

I have never had anything personal against Kathleen Funchion, in fact I hardly know the woman at all. It is her party that has become problematic for Ireland.  To tell the truth I am pro-life, a candidate recognised as such by the Life Institute.

I also voted No in the Marriage referendum and haven’t changed my mind since, concerned principally with the adoption laws.  However I fully recognise and support LGBT people and always have. I am still concerned about the aids epidemic that hasn’t gone away.

I am most concerned about mass immigration as against the preservation of the Irish nation, our culture and our traditions. I am associated with both the National Party and the Identity Ireland party and other Irish nationalist republican groups and movements.

I demand that the local Irish be housed as a priority and that they get all available Council houses. I want priority for the local Irish in jobs too. I am the only patriotic candidate in Carlow-Kilkenny who serves Ireland and the Irish and not the EU or the UN – though I am not against remaining in the EU on the right terms for Ireland’s sovereignty , “that all the children OF THE NATION be treated equally.

Having originated the campaign against the mosque in Kilkenny , I want the Burka banned here next.





by Michael McGrath.
His school nickname was Smiler, but John McGuinness TD  looked like a man with a pain in his face at the count when it became apparent that his younger brother Eugene was going to be elected as a councillor on Kilkenny county council early on Saturday.
Eugene hadn’t the ordinary campaign of his fellow candidates – he had to battle against John and his hatchetman G.I. Joe Malone as well, who were actively putting out the word against him, especially via mobile phone calls and texts across the city.

John is still silent about the rejected mosque because his son Councillor Andrew was in favour of it. John himself was at the recent Islamic Council do in the Rivercourt Hotel as an apologist for the Imam.

Andrew is a liberal, he is in much the same mould as those of his fellow Kilkenny councillors who lost their seats over the weekend. He does not have a strong  commitment to the Irish Nation and it now seems as if his father, the legendary TD has gone along with Andrew on this.

This was not, of course, a local election issue in the same way as the mosque victory was, but it will be a serious general election issue. Right now people across Kilkenny are asking, who will get the Ballybought Street houses -that Andrew has visited. Who will get the controversial Walkin Street apartments, who will get the Brogue Maker houses and apartments – will they be Irish or Incomers?

Our leaders, like John and Andrew in the future, are going to have to make their minds up about whether the Nation matters or not, whether the children of the Nation be housed?

Right now it seems like John and Andrew are turning their backs on the national ideal and even risking a nationalist party , like The National Party or Identity Ireland,  or even IREXIT, moving in here in the future.

This abysmal housing situation is destabilising the country and placing the future of the Irish nation at great risk. Such carry on caused the success of the Brexit referendum in England.

Instead of building houses our politicians have been more interested in building a mosque! That’s where our county council has been over the past twenty months since I first exposed the plans for the mosque here on the Kilkenny Journal.

We need a mass housing building project here in Kilkenny for the 2,500 on the Council housing list – all the newly elected councillors have as serious responsibility to all those people. The late Jackie Dowling built the whole of Kennyswell in the late 1940’s when there wasn’t as much as a JCB in the country!

This is simply not good enough from John or Andrew and this is why Eugene is an elected councillor this fine May evening in Kilkenny. With a general election on the way, John would want to put the smile back on his face fast!


by Michael McGrath.
Those councillors who lost their seats in Kilkenny supported the Mosque, rejected last week as they were this weekend.
They also opposed the new St. Francis Bridge.
They were all of the liberal-left position on the political spectrum, all welcoming the refugees to council houses in Kilkenny while thousands of our own including children are homeless.
There’s only one liberal-leftist left on the Council – Malcolm Noonan of the Green Party.  He agrees with the Irish homeless having to make way for all the Incomers!
Kilkenny is now the most conservative place in Ireland in terms of its Council representation.
It now only remains to remove the local Sinn Fein TD and I hope to play an active part in that too in the forthcoming general election. To stop Malcolm Noonan too from misrepresenting Kilkenny as a liberal-leftist city which we are not.
The biggest reason I lost myself is that I went for election in a rural area where I couldn’t drive, so my personal canvass was extremely limited to where I could get to on a bus or a train  or Shanks Mare.
That wouldn’t be the case in a general election where I could concentrate on urban areas , but in a local rural election it was disastrous not to be able to canvass. And I was only in the Callan-Thomastown-Graiguenamanagh area elections so as to get well known out there for a possible general election bid that would stand to me in the latter event.
I also lost out as the voters plumped only for the two big parties, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, allowing no other candidates, independents or other parties. That wouldn’t happen in the city!
People Before Profit failed to get a foothold in the city with only 250 votes out of about 20,000 plus. So the Lefties can’t afford to sneer at anybody, as they are doing at the moment.
Enjoy a picture of the Comeback Kid Martin Brett in victory after last night’s final declaration at the Hub in Cillin Hill. Victorious Eugene McGuinness too. Brett


MMG_3665For all those Irish people, homeless and being driven out for want of a decent job, Phil Coulter says it all. Whatever they do to the Irish, we are a nation of music, sad songs today.

For all our wars were merry, and all our songs were sad.

Hopefully the Irish will rise up today and reject all the traitorous regime…

God Save Ireland,

Michael McGrath

Steal away


With peace now established in Syria Ireland must assist the refugees to return home and cancel any due here. We must engage with President Assad’s government to facilitate their return to their homeland to start to rebuild their lives.

Parallel to this we must give priority to the Irish on the Council housing lists as well as housing the homeless in the houses vacated by the Syrians returning to restart their lives, which most of them will want to do, and must be assisted to do it.

This will necessitate Ireland to pay fares and moving expenses as well as financially helping the refugees to re-establish themselves back home in Syria.Burqabanner


by Michael McGrath.
People must reject the councillors who supported the mosque at the polls on Friday of next week.
For they showed bad judgement in comparison with An Bord Pleanala – these councillors were also treacherous and traitorous to their own people of Kilkenny.

The Kilkenny Council planners who passed the mosque must also be fired.

They are councillors Malcolm Noonan (Green party) , Andrew McGuinness FF as well as David Kennedy and Sean Tyrrell of Sinn Fein. These four shoneens were set to betray Kilkenny for generations to come.
Reject them at the polls, don’t vote for such sleeveens.

Vote Eugene mcGuinness and Michael McGrath instead , men who fought unflinchingly against the mosque from the start.

PICTURED: Cllr. Malcolm Noonan who led the campaign in support of the mosque.




by Ross Nichols in Kilkenny city.

This large postered trailer is indicative of the huge campaign that Eugene McGuinness is currently waging in his battle for election to the new city council of Kilkenny County Council. He’ll need  800 number one votes and then several hundred more  second and third preferences.

The trailer is parked symbolically to the front of the site on which they want to build the Kilkenny supermosque. It shows that Eugene remains defiant to the end.

That’s why it’s so important that everybody turns out to vote in this election for the right candidates, for Eugene and Luke O’Connor in the city, Michael McGrath in the Callan-Thomastown-Graiguenamanagh area and Cllr. Melissa O’Neill in South Kilkenny. The vote they’ll need is big, they’ll need about 800 first preferences to stay in the race at the count and keep fingers crossed for the preferences to be elected.

It’s important because these candidates are the pro-Irish candidates who disagree with the incomers building their temples where they like, who want the local Irish housed, who want Ireland to remain traditionally Irish for the coming generations. Otherwise they are all Independents on their own and not any kind of a group as has been thrown out by a fanatical group of Trotskyists who deceptively set themselves up under racism group pretences.

Here, for instance, the Trotskyists told bare-faced lies that Eugene was obstructing traffic when , as you can see, he is parked in on the grass!

They also made up and quoted false conversations they alleged Michael McGrath had – they actually set up a false Facebook account under Michael Mcgrath to do so – note the lower case g they used in their false Mcgrath account – Michael always uses a capital G as in McGrath.

These are your “Against Racism” groups etc etc. that are set up purely for lying propaganda purposes. Anybody who pays the slightest attention to them is well and truly fooled.  They are little Commies who will never get anywhere or achieve anything except sign for their dole while they pretend they have important positions.

Eugene is canvassing across estates nearer his home now with teams of canvassers who have campaigned with him right across Kilkenny city over the past month or so.

Luke O’Connor of the Granges Road, Kilkenny , on the other side of the river Nore to Eugene , another leading Independent in the city, also stands against the mosque that they want to built in Ireland’s medieval city.

All these Independent candidates charge that the powers-that-be cancelled the An Bord Pleanala mosque decision deliberately until the election is over and safely out of the way – this is the second time the decision has been postponed in the run-up to the elections this year so suspicions are roused everywhere.

The latest suspicion is that Minister John Paul Phelan in cahoots with John McGuinness TD had the mosque decision cancelled until after the elections, with FF and FG being all the one these days.


by Kilkenny Journal European correspondent.

Peter O’Loughlin asks for the votes of all those in Kilkenny city and county who are against the mosque. And though it’s only St. John’s parish that is at risk today,  mosques will be built throughout the city and county in places such as Callan, Thomastown and Graignamanagh in the future.

So Peter asks for your Europe vote now so he can take his struggle against the mosques to the European parliament in a democratic way.

He is chairman of the new party, Identity Ireland, and got a thousand votes in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election as an unknown here in 2015. He has spent his weekends canvassing estates in St. John’s against the Hebron mosque.

What Peter asks is that when you are finished voting for Eugene McGuinness and Luke O’Connor in the city election, then vote for him on the European ballot sheet while you’re in the polling booth – there will be separate voting papers as well as the referendum paper, 3 in all, to be completed.

The other Kilkenny candidate Breda Gardner favours the mosque for St. John’s in Kilkenny. But then she’s a Galway liberal/leftist.

Peter also says that Ireland is no longer a sovereign country that can control its own destiny. We are, he says, “a province once again”, a mere province of the single Eurostate.  Dominated by the EU, we have no more control over our resources, our economy or our borders.

He says they have taken billions away from our fishing industry and destroyed our sugar industry.

He says that thousands of Irish people are forced to emigrate and are homeless while thousands of immigrants are housed with full welfare assistance ( 5000 Euro grants)and compete with the local Irish for scarce employment opportunities whilst driving down pay and conditions for Irish workers. He asks why we stand for this?

“If elected I will start the long overdue debates on the EU and its forcing of mass immigration on us that others are too cowardly to talk about”, he continues. “These issues are dominating debates all over Europe – it’s about time we woke up to this reality” , he concludes.

So don’t waste your vote. Vote for a candidate who can make a major national impact in a short period of time.

Vote No. 1 for Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland – and take your country back!

Peter O’Loughlin is pictured on the right canvassing at The Parade, Kilkenny City.
___________________________________________________________________________________Peter O'Loughlin