by Michael McGrath
Canvassing in Ballyhale this morning, Amy Ni Hantun and I dropped into Billy’s where I enjoyed the full works, a good solid South Kilkenny farmer’s breakfast – now I know why they can hurl like champions!
To make it even more enjoyable it was served up to me by my youngest sister Olive – Mrs. Olive Kenneally of Knockmoylan, lives there down the laneway from her husband Richard’s cousin, none other than the great Bobby Aylward himself. Olive volunteers for a few hours a week at Billy’s.
After the breakfast I did a bit of canvassing around the village before we hit down the road to Knockmoylan to call in on Richard, who is the well-known chartered accountant, and tucked into some lovely homemade apple tart as we discussed the political situation.
Olive was sad to see the village despoiled by election posters, but happily I was able to look her in the eye as I took the pledge against putting up election posters myself at the very start of this campaign. She said she would never vote for a candidate with posters up.
Cllr. David Kennedy of Sinn Fein was the biggest villain with by far the most posters – and he has absolutely no excuse for ruining the look of the lovely Kilkenny village with his posters as he was born and reared there – so he can’t plead that he has to put up posters because he’s unknown, as he did at a meeting of Kilkenny City Council a couple of months back.
Deirdre Cullen of Fianna Fail as well as Patrick O’Neill FG also had posters up in Ballyhale as they also have in Bennettsbridge.
Inside in Kilkenny city the only local elections candidate to have posters up is Stephanie Cullen of “People before Profit” with a line of posters up across from St. John’s Church – they look awful,  disgraceful  in such a city setting.
Anyway I enjoyed the morning meeting some of the fabulous people of Ballyhale – it’s easy to see why they are champions – in every way.
I’m sorry to have missed people who were out when I knocked on their doors, but I dropped a leaflet in that carries my policies & issues, chief among them housing the Irish once more as was done so well before these sad days for the Irish of uncontrolled mass immigration.
A Euro for a refill of a pot of tea at Billy’s simply has to be great value. It had to be even more enjoyable, and a lot cheaper, than Breakfast at Tiffanys.

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