by Michael McGrath.
Personally the siting of the mosque over at Hebron does not affect me, though I suppose one day in the future there will be one over here by me, as there will be mosques in Callan, Thomastown and Graiguenamanagh, throughout the county towns just like the Catholic churches of our time.
All of the controversy and fighting over the mosque could have been avoided if Kilkenny County Council had been more proactive in helping the Islamic Community find the most suitable site for it in the city, such as the rear of Woodies which is already fully serviced unlike the proposed Hebron site.
Instead they chose to back the Hebron site for the mosque, seeing as it is being sold for big money to the KIlkenny Islamic Community- bigger money than the owner would ever get for it as a normal commercial site!
We smell our old friend CORRUPTION.
The owner of the Hebron site is a scion of a large Kilkenny civil engineering firm that’s done business with Kilkenny County Council since the ‘Thirties! They were a great Kilkenny firm involved in massive construction works such as dams worldwide called Mahon & McPhillips.
“Old friends are best” , as they say, while the brown envelope is being stuffed….. need I say more?


The Mosque - A Grain of Truth

One thought on “CORRUPTION OVER KILKENNY MOSQUE SITE. by Michael McGrath.

  1. The problem is the government or the council couldn’t find a suitable site for a mosque because one don’t exist anywhere in Ireland..
    Why are those people here in ireland..? There’s nothing here for much tax have they paid here? Who is keeping them..the Irish taxpayer..
    Peter Casey said the truth..freeloaders..

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