by Ross Nichols.

Kilkenny  voters will be delighted to hear that they will now be able to vote for Michael McGrath as he is to stand for election to the new  Council on Friday 24th May.
He says the going is good for him in Callan, Thomastown, Graiguenamanagh, Bennettsbridge and Inistioge.


Michael was the first man ever to reveal to the general public that the mosque was to be built over at Hebron Industrial Estate , and also the first to oppose it on planning grounds. He has always said that it would be more suited out on the Freshford Road where the present mosque is , or on already serviced vacant ground to the rear of Woodies on the Ring Road.

Michael says that many city people expressed disappointment that he was running out in the country and have urged him to also put himself forward in the city as well.


Michael is the only candidate so far who stands for houses for the Irish rather than the refugees, who he says can be accommodated instead in the hostels & hotels  where the Irish are , while those on the Council Housing List must get priority for the actual houses that are vacant and under construction.

He insists that the Council housing list be respected as the only valid queue from which house vacancies must be filled.  He states that the principle of the queue is a cornerstone of our democracy and of any civilised society. Without respect for the queue there would be anarchy , he adds.


He stands against all the mass immigration being forced on Ireland over the past twenty years with a million immigrants in the country now, thousands dependent on welfare, many here for years who still can’t speak or write basic English and therefore are a severe burden on the State treasury to the extent of Billions every year.
He says that there must be a visa system restored where the best immigrants only who would contribute to society would be admitted into the country.

He says that there are 80,000 + dependent on welfare , health and housing accommodation, as well as education, that is costing us four billions a year as a minimum and that if the State continues to borrow at this rate we could face national bankruptcy again before long.
Michael has no problem with immigrants who can support themselves, his objection is purely in the financial & economic area and has nothing to do with creed or colour.


Michael also opposes the carbon tax and wants it abolished in all its forms – for instance the “environmental” charge we all have to pay as you will see in the detail on our ESB bills, while even the elderly have to pay 2.40 on a bag of coal in carbon tax.
Michael says that the 94 of the top globalist energy companies cause 71% of all carbon emissions and that therefore they should be made to pay for 71% of carbon taxes, while ordinary folk should never have been forced to pay anything at all.

he wants priority for the Irish in the allocation of public housing and the provision of public service jobs.

He also says that no person should have to pay both rates and property tax at the same time.  They should only pay one or the other, naturally whichever is the lowest.


He says it’s an awful big territory for one man to canvass personally, but that he will try hard to get around to everybody between this and the election.  If not he will still go and see everybody after the campaign is over, if he is elected.


  1. Hi Michael this is a very good responce to the criticism I’ve seen earlier today buy the co council manager it seems they don’t like the truth

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