Progress report.


On my canvass I had to deal , time after time, with immigrants in good council houses who haven’t the vote. I helped them accordingly with all the information and guidance necessary to go and secure their votes. Some were housed within a year of arrival, they told me, in their homes in Callan and Thomastown.

Meanwhile there are 2,200 people languishing on the Kilkenny County Council housing list, some for years.

This has to be changed. There is no money being paid by the EU anymore to Ireland to house the Incomers.  I stand for houses for the Irish. Local authority houses were always built so people could be housed close to their families, to their mothers and fathers specifically , that was always the way in Ireland and it must become our way once again.

It is looking more and more like I could be joined with like-minded Independents on the new Council, that we all could be elected. That’s important to force our motions and measures through Council meetings.

So, if elected I should have seconders supporting my motions and others around the table backing such motions to bring back the Ireland we knew where the Irish always got priority or at least fair play.

Restoration of Callan Town Council.

On other issues I am glad to see that the Fianna Fail party has now come around to my idea of reviving the town councils of Ireland – this is especially welcome in the case of Callan where the return of its town council would only be fair and proper after such a long time in the wilderness. I will continue to push the case of the town with its population now approaching 6000.

The new St. Columba’s Hospital a top priority.

I want the construction of the new replacement hospital at St. Columba’s , Thomastown to commence immediately I am elected – I’ll be banging the table demanding this. Happily the 18.9 millions for the new hospital was allocated last June when Health Minister Simon Harris promised Bobby Aylward in the Dail that it would be built and operational by the last quarter of 2021.

Yet here in April 2019 there is not a stone upon a stone while the HSE say that they will submit the application for planning permission to Kilkenny County Council in the summer. It’s all too slow and vague and I’m not happy with this at all. I’ll need to get elected to push this most important project and likewise the Ladyswell Health Centre in Thomastown.

Abolition of the Carbon Tax.

94 of the biggest multinational companies in the world produce 71 % of the emissions – but do they pay 71% of the carbon tax? Not on your nelly, but we do! This has to stop and carbon tax abolished.

I have been in houses in Thomastown badly damaged by flood water, and it’s urgent before another flood that permanent flood defences be put in place.

I want priority for the Irish in the allocation of houses and the provision of jobs. Incomers can have the hostels and hotel rooms as the local homeless are moved into proper housing. Everybody must in fairness start on the bottom rung of the ladder while the most deservous are housed. MMG_3665

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