WOMAN ASSAULTING COUNCILLOR SEEKS RE-ELECTION. David Kennedy canvasses Callan, Co. Kilkenny for votes.


Cllr. David Kennedy SF assaulted a lady councillor – People lock your doors!

by Michael McGrath on the spot in Callan.

The good people of Callan caught a rare sight this morning of Kathleen Funchion, on one of her few appearances – out canvassing for and trying to get votes for woman assaulter, councillor David Kennedy, in the town.

All Kennedy, a former Irish navy man, was ever good for was assaulting women – he had to be restrained by staff from assaulting Cllr. Melissa O’Neill in County Hall, Kilkenny, as the Kilkenny Journal reported at the time.

Apparently Melissa would not obey Kennedy as chief whip of Sinn Fein on the Council , he lost his cool and tried to block her physically from leaving the building, seriously frightening the lady councillor.
Staff had to rush to restrain him as he lost his head with Melissa , pushing and pulling her. She was shaken and hurt from the manhandling she suffered from Kennedy. A member of the council staff actually had to move to his phone to call the gardai before Kennedy recovered his temper and fled the scene.

If Kennedy abuses a lady like this in public, God knows what he’s up to in private…what’s Funchion doing in supporting such an obvious misogynist on his canvas? Callan can do without women beaters, indeed so can all of Kilkenny. It seems to be a male pastime in Sinn Fein, with so many fleeing the party all over the country.

Between them the Sinn Fein councillors, including Funchion & Kennedy, ran up a massive bill for the local taxpayers of Kilkenny of 4.7 millions in delaying the construction of our new bridge, according to the bridge engineer Simon Walton, now Director of Services of Kilkenny County Council.
Cllrs. Noonan & Gardner were the other culprits, the rates were driven up sky high as a result on everybody in the city and county of Kilkenny.

Thus, this has been the worst Council since 1898 and people are urged to get rid of them, all of them!

Sinn Fein supports building the Kilkenny mosque, all the mass immigration forced on Ireland and half the houses for refugees.

Anybody who votes for a Sinn Fein councillor again in Kilkenny after that can only be a mindless party hack. How people can vote for women haters & beaters is quite beyond me. Funchion ought to be ashamed of herself trying to push this misogynist Kennedy on the good people of Callan on their very own doorsteps. How can she bring this woman assaulter Kennedy up to anybody’s front door? Don’t take any chances, tell them to move on and shut and lock your doors, best of all don’t come out to them at all , above all take care!

Thankfully there are decent candidates available to the voters this time round in Callan like John Carroll, Independent of Kilmoganny , Joe Lyons FG, and , of course, Yours Truly

– Michael McGrath.

PHOTO:  Councillor Melissa O’Neill who was assaulted by Cllr. David Kennedy in County Hall, Kilkenny city.

One thought on “WOMAN ASSAULTING COUNCILLOR SEEKS RE-ELECTION. David Kennedy canvasses Callan, Co. Kilkenny for votes.

  1. the Kilkenny Journal is very good and trufull and gives us great news that we won’t here on local radio 📻 or rte…..its nice to hear the truth come out. from time to time….


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