Anti-Fascist Action Ireland, who are they?

Anti-Irish Action. Logo features the colours red, white and blue.

The self-styled Anti-Fascist Action Ireland are an anarcho-communist and Hibernophobic fifth column in Ireland, founded in 1991, who are working as dupes for the British Empire to destroy the Gaelic Irish people. Almost all of them have had their minds warped in a program of psychological warfare by the degenerate and alien British subculture of anarcho-punk which they openly promote on their official website (including the Angelic Upstarts and The Oppressed) against the pure and wholesome native Gaelic culture.

They claim their motto is “No Quarter” to the native Irish people; which is similar in mentality to other mottos like, “Kill All Taigs”, “No Surrender” and “To Hell or Connaught”. Many of the members come off as homosexual or drug addicts.
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1.1 British inspired entity
1.2 Anti-Irish violence
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2 Paedophilia and child pornography
3 Zionism and Jackeenery
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British inspired entity
As with most of the pernicious Hibernophobic organisations in Ireland, AFA “Ireland” is a wholesale alien importation from the United Kingdom. This is similar to the situation of the Anglican Church and the Masonic Grand Lodge in the history of Ireland. It openly admits on its website that upon its founding in 1991, it “took its inspiration from its fraternal grouping in Britain”. This is in reference to Anti-Fascist Action, an anti-native, anti-working class organisation consisting of violent agitators who broke away from the Trotskyist SWP; incredibly wealthy Ashkenazi Jews such as Tony Greenstein and Roland Rance were in the UK upper ranks at the time.

AFA were founded to glorify Black and Tans like George Nathan of the International Brigades.
Aside from this, the organisation tries to fetishise the International Brigades, a terrorist organisation whose membership was 1/5th Jewish and went to murder Spanish Catholics for international communism during the Spanish Civil War.

Unfortunately for AFA Ireland, more Irish people fought for Francisco Franco. Those who did fight for communism, the Connolly Column,  were traitors to the Irish people; they put themselves under the command of George Nathan,  a London-born Jew who worked for the British Army in the Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary during the 1920s Tan War and murdered Sinn Féin members George Clancy, Mayor of Limerick and Donal O’Callaghan, Mayor of Cork.

Anti-Irish violence

The organisation had an agenda of violence from the start and has throughout its history opposed freedom of speech. The first victim of their street terrorism was the Dublin City Firm, a group of patriotic working-class Irishmen who were fans of the local GAA sports club Dublin GAA. This campaign of violence was motivated by AFA’s paranoid distrust of Gaelic culture which manifests itself in support for British punk rock bands and British association football clubs. Indeed they have some connection to a magazine called TAL to support British football clubs instead of Gaelic games. It is unclear if they were directly ordered by the British-based AFA to start attacking the GAA.

During the mid-1990s, as an economic bubble referred to in Ireland as the Celtic Tiger occured, foreign invaders were flooded into Ireland as part of the age old strategy to wage demographic war against the Gaelic Irish people.

A significant proportion of these are unwanted Black Africans; this ethnic cleansing campaign was encouraged by Israeli-born Jews such as Ronit Lentin of the Trinity Immigration Initiative.

Others who promote this included the late unlamented  Peter Sutherland, a crypto-Brit of Lowland Scots ancestry associated with Goldman Sachs and the International Monetary Fund.

AFA agree with Goldman Sachs that the Irish people must be enslaved, evidenced by their failed attempts to intimidate through violence the peaceful lobby group the Immigration Control Platform led by Áine Ní Chonaill and the veteran human rights activist, traditionalist and pro-life nationalist Justin Barrett.

AFA agree completely with Oliver Cromwell that the Gaelic Irish people must be racially replaced in their own homeland.

In 2006, AFA and Scott Millar (a Lowland Scot) in concert with and a Jewish magazine based in Britain known as Searchlight, took issue with The Hibernian, a traditional republican journal edited by Gerry McGeough, that  supported Irish freedom, traditional values (against sexual perversions and the murder of babies through abortion), the Catholic faith, opposed the genocide of Irish people through immigration and criticised freemasonry.

Unfortunately for the AFA , their policy of “no platform for patriots”, McGeough was not so easy to push around; a hardened former Provisional IRA volunteer from County Tyrone, he fought heroically to defend the lives of the Irish people during The Troubles. To shut him up, they had to rely on their masters, the British masonic state in the north of Ireland, to arrest McGeough on a bogus rationale in 2007. Because AFA are anti-Irish, they didn’t speak out against his unjust arrest.

Paedophilia and child pornography

AFA child porno beast, Pat Corcoran. These are the kind of degenerates who oppose “fascists”.
A leading activist with AFA Ireland by the name of Patrick Corcoran was caught by the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation with 7,000 photographic images and 21 videos of child pornography on his personal computer, featuring children between the ages of eight and fourteen years old being molested.

Corcoran, who previously infiltrated the civil service, was handed down a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence in November 2013 at a court in Dublin.  Regrettably  the judge, Martin Nolan,  decided not to jail the child pornography monster, much to the anguish of concerned Irish parents.

A cultural Marxist, Corcoran was also an editor on the pro-immigration website as well a supporter of the crypto-Zionist Hands Off the People of Iran and Choice Ireland (which supports murdering Irish babies in the Abortion Holocaust).
This means that between preparing slanders and attacks on true Irish patriots, with AFA Ireland, the degenerate Corcoran was masturbating furiously to pornographic images of children being raped and molested. It is thus hardly surprising that he has no concern for the welfare of Irish children and their future. Corcoran is typical of the moral character of self-styled “anti-fascists” in general (similar paedophile cases have occured with ARA Montréal).

Zionism and Jackeenery

AFA Ireland claim as one of their proudest “achievements”, their attacking of a conference in 1999 which the eminent World War II historian David Irving had been invited to speak at in Dublin. This was because he doesn’t believe 6 million Jews were killed in gas chambers and turned into soap and lampshades.

Yet as was admitted by the Jewish writer Peter Novick in his The Holocaust in American Life, the so-called “Holocaust” package was rolled out as a Zionist propaganda campaign during the 1970s to gain sympathy for the Zionist State.

This is not some sort of “humanitarian” impulse on the part of AFA Ireland; for instance, on issues far more pertinent to Ireland, Tom Reilly authored a revisionist book in 2008 entitled “Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy” trying to deny or play down the real Holocaust against Irish people. There are several other works in this field, especially playing down An Gorta Mór. Neither Reilly or any other Hibernophobic Jackeen authors who play down the crimes of the Judeo-Masonic British Empire against the Gaelic Irish people have had their conferences attacked by the shabbat goyim of AFA Ireland. It is only the sacred Jews and their “suffering” you cannot question.


“ So there we have it; a disgruntled Scottish journalist runs to an English magazine with a fabricated story designed to undermine The Hibernian and create discord within the AOH; while attempting to malign Irish Catholicism and Nationalism in the process. His chums amongst the armchair revolutionary brigade slither into action and spread calumny on the internet on the basis of the fabrication. In the past these clowns have relied on such tactics to intimidate people who wished to defend Irish Catholic Patriotism. It won’t work this time. Those associated with The Hibernian are made of much sterner stuff than anything these jokers are ever likely to encounter. Unprovoked attacks will not deter us. ”
—Gerry McGeough, 11 October 2006, The Hibernian.[7]


AFA with the Communist Party front group RAR.

AFA’s anti-Celtic and anti-Catholic vandalism.

AFA monument to group led by Black and Tan, George Nathan.

Ciarán Murphy pushing British anarcho-punk.

AFA’s anti-republican vandalism of Seán Russell monument.

A member of the Dublin 32CSM cleans up the anti-republican vandalism by subhuman AFA vermin.

Maurice Levitas another communist Jew from the International Brigades, beloved by AFA.

Cieran Perry; pro-AFA cockroach with English paternal bloodline.[8]
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