by Michael McGrath
Canvassing in Ballyhale this morning, Amy Ni Hantun and I dropped into Billy’s where I enjoyed the full works, a good solid South Kilkenny farmer’s breakfast – now I know why they can hurl like champions!
To make it even more enjoyable it was served up to me by my youngest sister Olive – Mrs. Olive Kenneally of Knockmoylan, lives there down the laneway from her husband Richard’s cousin, none other than the great Bobby Aylward himself. Olive volunteers for a few hours a week at Billy’s.
After the breakfast I did a bit of canvassing around the village before we hit down the road to Knockmoylan to call in on Richard, who is the well-known chartered accountant, and tucked into some lovely homemade apple tart as we discussed the political situation.
Olive was sad to see the village despoiled by election posters, but happily I was able to look her in the eye as I took the pledge against putting up election posters myself at the very start of this campaign. She said she would never vote for a candidate with posters up.
Cllr. David Kennedy of Sinn Fein was the biggest villain with by far the most posters – and he has absolutely no excuse for ruining the look of the lovely Kilkenny village with his posters as he was born and reared there – so he can’t plead that he has to put up posters because he’s unknown, as he did at a meeting of Kilkenny City Council a couple of months back.
Deirdre Cullen of Fianna Fail as well as Patrick O’Neill FG also had posters up in Ballyhale as they also have in Bennettsbridge.
Inside in Kilkenny city the only local elections candidate to have posters up is Stephanie Cullen of “People before Profit” with a line of posters up across from St. John’s Church – they look awful,  disgraceful  in such a city setting.
Anyway I enjoyed the morning meeting some of the fabulous people of Ballyhale – it’s easy to see why they are champions – in every way.
I’m sorry to have missed people who were out when I knocked on their doors, but I dropped a leaflet in that carries my policies & issues, chief among them housing the Irish once more as was done so well before these sad days for the Irish of uncontrolled mass immigration.
A Euro for a refill of a pot of tea at Billy’s simply has to be great value. It had to be even more enjoyable, and a lot cheaper, than Breakfast at Tiffanys.


by Michael McGrath.
Personally the siting of the mosque over at Hebron does not affect me, though I suppose one day in the future there will be one over here by me, as there will be mosques in Callan, Thomastown and Graiguenamanagh, throughout the county towns just like the Catholic churches of our time.
All of the controversy and fighting over the mosque could have been avoided if Kilkenny County Council had been more proactive in helping the Islamic Community find the most suitable site for it in the city, such as the rear of Woodies which is already fully serviced unlike the proposed Hebron site.
Instead they chose to back the Hebron site for the mosque, seeing as it is being sold for big money to the KIlkenny Islamic Community- bigger money than the owner would ever get for it as a normal commercial site!
We smell our old friend CORRUPTION.
The owner of the Hebron site is a scion of a large Kilkenny civil engineering firm that’s done business with Kilkenny County Council since the ‘Thirties! They were a great Kilkenny firm involved in massive construction works such as dams worldwide called Mahon & McPhillips.
“Old friends are best” , as they say, while the brown envelope is being stuffed….. need I say more?


The Mosque - A Grain of Truth


One hundred and forty Syrian refugees are being accommodated in  Kilkenny this year.

The Department of Justice and Equality has advised the local authority that 140 refugees have been allocated to Kilkenny County Council for housing in 2019.

This follows on foot of the Irish Refugee Protection Programme established in 2015 where former Taoiseach Enda Kenny  offered to accept four thousand refugees under the UNHCR Resettlement and EU Relocation Programmes. Their extended families will eventually be welcomed bringing the total to about 20,000.

The allocation of refugees to Kilkenny comprises about forty families as well as single people. This in turn will require the delivery by the Council of about 50 multi-bedroom homes throughout the county, specifically in Callan, Thomastown, Graignamanagh, Inistioge, Ballyhale, Stoneyford and Bennettsbridge.

The supply of all the houses will most unsuitably be part of the local authority’s ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ home delivery targets for this year and this is ridiculous.

While there is a consensus that there should be a provision for genuine refugees actually fleeing from a present war,  there are serious reservations expressed at the doorsteps as I canvass about the priority of local families on the housing list that has 2,200 applicants clamouring for houses in Kilkenny city and county. And there is no war at present in Syria or anywhere in the Middle East or Africa.

I ask if the refugee families are being housed out of the Council’s own expenditure budget or is there special funding available for this purpose?

I have serious concerns about a couple of thousand families in Kilkenny who have been waiting for housing for years.

I have no issues with us stepping up to the plate to help refugees. But I am concerned that the houses that are to be provided are coming from our own Council housing stock with 2,200 of  our own people waiting on the housing list to be housed – in some cases since for over a dozen years!

Why in the name of God are we not getting special funding from the Department?

We should not be housing anyone at the expense of our own people. Nobody should skip the queue, we need a breakdown of the houses provided by the Council for refugees.

Housing provision for refugees is  wrongfully included in the Council’s  Rebuilding Ireland funding from the Department of Housing and Local Government. It’s ridiculous to include the item under that heading.

There is financial support available from the Department of Justice to assist with the refugee programme for the Syrian families  relocating to Kilkenny – but this is not to pay for the houses necessary.

This is a grant €250k to assist with integration and interpreters and such matters, not housing and in any case it would pay for only one house!

These houses available in Kilkenny are badly needed and I hope we will be housing local people first and not people from other countries. These should be houses for Kilkenny people, not outsiders.

The EU now pays nothing towards houses for refugees or any other Incomers into Ireland. Nor does the UN. The Irish taxpayer, including those on the housing list,  pays the bill.

Photo:  Luxury refugee houses in County KilkennyTogherWay5


I was the first man to discover and oppose the mosque for Kilkenny – because it’s too big  and incongruous for the vernacular of the area, it should not tower over  the city’s main Christian cemetery – and it’s  64 foot high minaret  will dominate the skyline of the main entrance road to the themed Irish Christian city of the Catholic Confederation of Ireland 1642=1649.

As editor of The Kilkenny Journal I got to know about the mosque from a Moroccan I am helping who is threatened, unfairly I think, with deportation ( as a trainee chef he was the best worker in the kitchen of the Newpark Hotel)

As such I am going for election to Kilkenny County Council for the Callan-Thomastown-Graignamanagh electoral area. I want to keep Ireland Irish and I want all our Council houses for the Irish. I want the best jobs for the Irish too – what’s wrong with that in their own country , I ask.

No councillor of Kilkenny County Council has dared stand up and speak out like me. That is my way and that I will continue to do if you elect me on Friday May 24th as your member for to represent you all proudly on Kilkenny County Council .

Eugene McGuinness says: “Only for Michael McGrath and his Kilkenny Journal I would never have known about the mosque. ”  Many people are voting for Eugene too .MMG_3665


by Ross Nichols.

Kilkenny  voters will be delighted to hear that they will now be able to vote for Michael McGrath as he is to stand for election to the new  Council on Friday 24th May.
He says the going is good for him in Callan, Thomastown, Graiguenamanagh, Bennettsbridge and Inistioge.


Michael was the first man ever to reveal to the general public that the mosque was to be built over at Hebron Industrial Estate , and also the first to oppose it on planning grounds. He has always said that it would be more suited out on the Freshford Road where the present mosque is , or on already serviced vacant ground to the rear of Woodies on the Ring Road.

Michael says that many city people expressed disappointment that he was running out in the country and have urged him to also put himself forward in the city as well.


Michael is the only candidate so far who stands for houses for the Irish rather than the refugees, who he says can be accommodated instead in the hostels & hotels  where the Irish are , while those on the Council Housing List must get priority for the actual houses that are vacant and under construction.

He insists that the Council housing list be respected as the only valid queue from which house vacancies must be filled.  He states that the principle of the queue is a cornerstone of our democracy and of any civilised society. Without respect for the queue there would be anarchy , he adds.


He stands against all the mass immigration being forced on Ireland over the past twenty years with a million immigrants in the country now, thousands dependent on welfare, many here for years who still can’t speak or write basic English and therefore are a severe burden on the State treasury to the extent of Billions every year.
He says that there must be a visa system restored where the best immigrants only who would contribute to society would be admitted into the country.

He says that there are 80,000 + dependent on welfare , health and housing accommodation, as well as education, that is costing us four billions a year as a minimum and that if the State continues to borrow at this rate we could face national bankruptcy again before long.
Michael has no problem with immigrants who can support themselves, his objection is purely in the financial & economic area and has nothing to do with creed or colour.


Michael also opposes the carbon tax and wants it abolished in all its forms – for instance the “environmental” charge we all have to pay as you will see in the detail on our ESB bills, while even the elderly have to pay 2.40 on a bag of coal in carbon tax.
Michael says that the 94 of the top globalist energy companies cause 71% of all carbon emissions and that therefore they should be made to pay for 71% of carbon taxes, while ordinary folk should never have been forced to pay anything at all.

he wants priority for the Irish in the allocation of public housing and the provision of public service jobs.

He also says that no person should have to pay both rates and property tax at the same time.  They should only pay one or the other, naturally whichever is the lowest.


He says it’s an awful big territory for one man to canvass personally, but that he will try hard to get around to everybody between this and the election.  If not he will still go and see everybody after the campaign is over, if he is elected.


For this song the late great Lonnie Donegan, King of Skiffle,  who even John Lennon imitated, could be classed as racist today.

Nobody loves like an Irishman

VOTE NUMBER 1 – MICHAEL McGRATH, Callan-Thomastown electoral area for Kilkenny County Council, Friday May 24th next.


______________________________________________________by Michael McGrath.

I had tea with a refugee family in their new council house in Callan today. I was helping them apply for their vote in the locals that I’m standing in.

The house was spanking new, beautifully decorated and sumptuously furnished. I joked with Jasmine, “You’ll never go back now!, to which she laughingly replied, “No, we would never get this lovely life in Syria, it’s like winning the lotto” , as you Irish say.

The fabulous tied curtains, the twinkling wall lights, the great mirror – I asked her, “How much did all this cost you?

“Not a cent”, the ever smiling lady replied, ” we got 5000 Euro from the Council for everything for this house down to the forks and knives in the drawer.”

I gathered from her information that the five grand she received from the Council was the maximum available from the Emergency needs payments fund.

As I listened, I had a vision of an Irish woman and her three month old baby who was out on the streets of Kilkenny in the freezing cold, homeless at Christmas, and who Kilkenny County Council refused to give a red cent to, to help. Melissa O’Neill finally got mother and child into the Oasis hostel in Waterford after Kilkenny County Council washed their hands of the little couple despite strong representations from John McGuinness.

Jasmine’s husband was stuck into horse racing on their 42 ” wall TV as we spoke. He said he had serious money on the race.

I think this should form the central issue of the present local election campaign.  Housing is the biggest issue by an Irish mile.DPfI20uW4AAwlqF



Progress report.


On my canvass I had to deal , time after time, with immigrants in good council houses who haven’t the vote. I helped them accordingly with all the information and guidance necessary to go and secure their votes. Some were housed within a year of arrival, they told me, in their homes in Callan and Thomastown.

Meanwhile there are 2,200 people languishing on the Kilkenny County Council housing list, some for years.

This has to be changed. There is no money being paid by the EU anymore to Ireland to house the Incomers.  I stand for houses for the Irish. Local authority houses were always built so people could be housed close to their families, to their mothers and fathers specifically , that was always the way in Ireland and it must become our way once again.

It is looking more and more like I could be joined with like-minded Independents on the new Council, that we all could be elected. That’s important to force our motions and measures through Council meetings.

So, if elected I should have seconders supporting my motions and others around the table backing such motions to bring back the Ireland we knew where the Irish always got priority or at least fair play.

Restoration of Callan Town Council.

On other issues I am glad to see that the Fianna Fail party has now come around to my idea of reviving the town councils of Ireland – this is especially welcome in the case of Callan where the return of its town council would only be fair and proper after such a long time in the wilderness. I will continue to push the case of the town with its population now approaching 6000.

The new St. Columba’s Hospital a top priority.

I want the construction of the new replacement hospital at St. Columba’s , Thomastown to commence immediately I am elected – I’ll be banging the table demanding this. Happily the 18.9 millions for the new hospital was allocated last June when Health Minister Simon Harris promised Bobby Aylward in the Dail that it would be built and operational by the last quarter of 2021.

Yet here in April 2019 there is not a stone upon a stone while the HSE say that they will submit the application for planning permission to Kilkenny County Council in the summer. It’s all too slow and vague and I’m not happy with this at all. I’ll need to get elected to push this most important project and likewise the Ladyswell Health Centre in Thomastown.

Abolition of the Carbon Tax.

94 of the biggest multinational companies in the world produce 71 % of the emissions – but do they pay 71% of the carbon tax? Not on your nelly, but we do! This has to stop and carbon tax abolished.

I have been in houses in Thomastown badly damaged by flood water, and it’s urgent before another flood that permanent flood defences be put in place.

I want priority for the Irish in the allocation of houses and the provision of jobs. Incomers can have the hostels and hotel rooms as the local homeless are moved into proper housing. Everybody must in fairness start on the bottom rung of the ladder while the most deservous are housed. MMG_3665

WOMAN ASSAULTING COUNCILLOR SEEKS RE-ELECTION. David Kennedy canvasses Callan, Co. Kilkenny for votes.


Cllr. David Kennedy SF assaulted a lady councillor – People lock your doors!

by Michael McGrath on the spot in Callan.

The good people of Callan caught a rare sight this morning of Kathleen Funchion, on one of her few appearances – out canvassing for and trying to get votes for woman assaulter, councillor David Kennedy, in the town.

All Kennedy, a former Irish navy man, was ever good for was assaulting women – he had to be restrained by staff from assaulting Cllr. Melissa O’Neill in County Hall, Kilkenny, as the Kilkenny Journal reported at the time.

Apparently Melissa would not obey Kennedy as chief whip of Sinn Fein on the Council , he lost his cool and tried to block her physically from leaving the building, seriously frightening the lady councillor.
Staff had to rush to restrain him as he lost his head with Melissa , pushing and pulling her. She was shaken and hurt from the manhandling she suffered from Kennedy. A member of the council staff actually had to move to his phone to call the gardai before Kennedy recovered his temper and fled the scene.

If Kennedy abuses a lady like this in public, God knows what he’s up to in private…what’s Funchion doing in supporting such an obvious misogynist on his canvas? Callan can do without women beaters, indeed so can all of Kilkenny. It seems to be a male pastime in Sinn Fein, with so many fleeing the party all over the country.

Between them the Sinn Fein councillors, including Funchion & Kennedy, ran up a massive bill for the local taxpayers of Kilkenny of 4.7 millions in delaying the construction of our new bridge, according to the bridge engineer Simon Walton, now Director of Services of Kilkenny County Council.
Cllrs. Noonan & Gardner were the other culprits, the rates were driven up sky high as a result on everybody in the city and county of Kilkenny.

Thus, this has been the worst Council since 1898 and people are urged to get rid of them, all of them!

Sinn Fein supports building the Kilkenny mosque, all the mass immigration forced on Ireland and half the houses for refugees.

Anybody who votes for a Sinn Fein councillor again in Kilkenny after that can only be a mindless party hack. How people can vote for women haters & beaters is quite beyond me. Funchion ought to be ashamed of herself trying to push this misogynist Kennedy on the good people of Callan on their very own doorsteps. How can she bring this woman assaulter Kennedy up to anybody’s front door? Don’t take any chances, tell them to move on and shut and lock your doors, best of all don’t come out to them at all , above all take care!

Thankfully there are decent candidates available to the voters this time round in Callan like John Carroll, Independent of Kilmoganny , Joe Lyons FG, and , of course, Yours Truly

– Michael McGrath.

PHOTO:  Councillor Melissa O’Neill who was assaulted by Cllr. David Kennedy in County Hall, Kilkenny city.



Anti-Fascist Action Ireland, who are they?

Anti-Irish Action. Logo features the colours red, white and blue.

The self-styled Anti-Fascist Action Ireland are an anarcho-communist and Hibernophobic fifth column in Ireland, founded in 1991, who are working as dupes for the British Empire to destroy the Gaelic Irish people. Almost all of them have had their minds warped in a program of psychological warfare by the degenerate and alien British subculture of anarcho-punk which they openly promote on their official website (including the Angelic Upstarts and The Oppressed) against the pure and wholesome native Gaelic culture.

They claim their motto is “No Quarter” to the native Irish people; which is similar in mentality to other mottos like, “Kill All Taigs”, “No Surrender” and “To Hell or Connaught”. Many of the members come off as homosexual or drug addicts.
Contents [hide]
1 History
1.1 British inspired entity
1.2 Anti-Irish violence
1.3 Overreaching
2 Paedophilia and child pornography
3 Zionism and Jackeenery
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8 External links

British inspired entity
As with most of the pernicious Hibernophobic organisations in Ireland, AFA “Ireland” is a wholesale alien importation from the United Kingdom. This is similar to the situation of the Anglican Church and the Masonic Grand Lodge in the history of Ireland. It openly admits on its website that upon its founding in 1991, it “took its inspiration from its fraternal grouping in Britain”. This is in reference to Anti-Fascist Action, an anti-native, anti-working class organisation consisting of violent agitators who broke away from the Trotskyist SWP; incredibly wealthy Ashkenazi Jews such as Tony Greenstein and Roland Rance were in the UK upper ranks at the time.

AFA were founded to glorify Black and Tans like George Nathan of the International Brigades.
Aside from this, the organisation tries to fetishise the International Brigades, a terrorist organisation whose membership was 1/5th Jewish and went to murder Spanish Catholics for international communism during the Spanish Civil War.

Unfortunately for AFA Ireland, more Irish people fought for Francisco Franco. Those who did fight for communism, the Connolly Column,  were traitors to the Irish people; they put themselves under the command of George Nathan,  a London-born Jew who worked for the British Army in the Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary during the 1920s Tan War and murdered Sinn Féin members George Clancy, Mayor of Limerick and Donal O’Callaghan, Mayor of Cork.

Anti-Irish violence

The organisation had an agenda of violence from the start and has throughout its history opposed freedom of speech. The first victim of their street terrorism was the Dublin City Firm, a group of patriotic working-class Irishmen who were fans of the local GAA sports club Dublin GAA. This campaign of violence was motivated by AFA’s paranoid distrust of Gaelic culture which manifests itself in support for British punk rock bands and British association football clubs. Indeed they have some connection to a magazine called TAL to support British football clubs instead of Gaelic games. It is unclear if they were directly ordered by the British-based AFA to start attacking the GAA.

During the mid-1990s, as an economic bubble referred to in Ireland as the Celtic Tiger occured, foreign invaders were flooded into Ireland as part of the age old strategy to wage demographic war against the Gaelic Irish people.

A significant proportion of these are unwanted Black Africans; this ethnic cleansing campaign was encouraged by Israeli-born Jews such as Ronit Lentin of the Trinity Immigration Initiative.

Others who promote this included the late unlamented  Peter Sutherland, a crypto-Brit of Lowland Scots ancestry associated with Goldman Sachs and the International Monetary Fund.

AFA agree with Goldman Sachs that the Irish people must be enslaved, evidenced by their failed attempts to intimidate through violence the peaceful lobby group the Immigration Control Platform led by Áine Ní Chonaill and the veteran human rights activist, traditionalist and pro-life nationalist Justin Barrett.

AFA agree completely with Oliver Cromwell that the Gaelic Irish people must be racially replaced in their own homeland.

In 2006, AFA and Scott Millar (a Lowland Scot) in concert with and a Jewish magazine based in Britain known as Searchlight, took issue with The Hibernian, a traditional republican journal edited by Gerry McGeough, that  supported Irish freedom, traditional values (against sexual perversions and the murder of babies through abortion), the Catholic faith, opposed the genocide of Irish people through immigration and criticised freemasonry.

Unfortunately for the AFA , their policy of “no platform for patriots”, McGeough was not so easy to push around; a hardened former Provisional IRA volunteer from County Tyrone, he fought heroically to defend the lives of the Irish people during The Troubles. To shut him up, they had to rely on their masters, the British masonic state in the north of Ireland, to arrest McGeough on a bogus rationale in 2007. Because AFA are anti-Irish, they didn’t speak out against his unjust arrest.

Paedophilia and child pornography

AFA child porno beast, Pat Corcoran. These are the kind of degenerates who oppose “fascists”.
A leading activist with AFA Ireland by the name of Patrick Corcoran was caught by the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation with 7,000 photographic images and 21 videos of child pornography on his personal computer, featuring children between the ages of eight and fourteen years old being molested.

Corcoran, who previously infiltrated the civil service, was handed down a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence in November 2013 at a court in Dublin.  Regrettably  the judge, Martin Nolan,  decided not to jail the child pornography monster, much to the anguish of concerned Irish parents.

A cultural Marxist, Corcoran was also an editor on the pro-immigration website as well a supporter of the crypto-Zionist Hands Off the People of Iran and Choice Ireland (which supports murdering Irish babies in the Abortion Holocaust).
This means that between preparing slanders and attacks on true Irish patriots, with AFA Ireland, the degenerate Corcoran was masturbating furiously to pornographic images of children being raped and molested. It is thus hardly surprising that he has no concern for the welfare of Irish children and their future. Corcoran is typical of the moral character of self-styled “anti-fascists” in general (similar paedophile cases have occured with ARA Montréal).

Zionism and Jackeenery

AFA Ireland claim as one of their proudest “achievements”, their attacking of a conference in 1999 which the eminent World War II historian David Irving had been invited to speak at in Dublin. This was because he doesn’t believe 6 million Jews were killed in gas chambers and turned into soap and lampshades.

Yet as was admitted by the Jewish writer Peter Novick in his The Holocaust in American Life, the so-called “Holocaust” package was rolled out as a Zionist propaganda campaign during the 1970s to gain sympathy for the Zionist State.

This is not some sort of “humanitarian” impulse on the part of AFA Ireland; for instance, on issues far more pertinent to Ireland, Tom Reilly authored a revisionist book in 2008 entitled “Cromwell: An Honourable Enemy” trying to deny or play down the real Holocaust against Irish people. There are several other works in this field, especially playing down An Gorta Mór. Neither Reilly or any other Hibernophobic Jackeen authors who play down the crimes of the Judeo-Masonic British Empire against the Gaelic Irish people have had their conferences attacked by the shabbat goyim of AFA Ireland. It is only the sacred Jews and their “suffering” you cannot question.


“ So there we have it; a disgruntled Scottish journalist runs to an English magazine with a fabricated story designed to undermine The Hibernian and create discord within the AOH; while attempting to malign Irish Catholicism and Nationalism in the process. His chums amongst the armchair revolutionary brigade slither into action and spread calumny on the internet on the basis of the fabrication. In the past these clowns have relied on such tactics to intimidate people who wished to defend Irish Catholic Patriotism. It won’t work this time. Those associated with The Hibernian are made of much sterner stuff than anything these jokers are ever likely to encounter. Unprovoked attacks will not deter us. ”
—Gerry McGeough, 11 October 2006, The Hibernian.[7]


AFA with the Communist Party front group RAR.

AFA’s anti-Celtic and anti-Catholic vandalism.

AFA monument to group led by Black and Tan, George Nathan.

Ciarán Murphy pushing British anarcho-punk.

AFA’s anti-republican vandalism of Seán Russell monument.

A member of the Dublin 32CSM cleans up the anti-republican vandalism by subhuman AFA vermin.

Maurice Levitas another communist Jew from the International Brigades, beloved by AFA.

Cieran Perry; pro-AFA cockroach with English paternal bloodline.[8]
See also

Communist front of “anti-racism”
Jewish actions hostile to Irish people
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