IF elected to Kilkenny County Council,  Michael McGrath will insist that this new Travellers ethnicity be treated equally to the settled community under the Law. He is an Independent anti-corruption candidate for the new Callan-Thomastown-Graiguenamanagh Mid County Kilkenny electoral area.

“Nobody must be above the Law, not even perceived members of a disadvantaged ethnicity”, says Michael McGrath – who has actually photographed Traveller weddings as a professional photographer in Kilkenny.

“If people don’t love their animals and treat them humanely with respect, then they should not be allowed to be in charge of animals and to  keep them by Law “, Michael McGrath maintains. “If I treated animals like that, God forbid,  I’d be in jail and rightly so”, he declared.

“For too long Kilkenny County Council has been evading the issue.  The Council and the Garda have failed in their duties to animals, especially horses and dogs. In fact I believe that  an animals rights activist should be made a member of the Kilkenny Police Committee to report on all animal abuse in Kilkenny and make recommendations  on the alleviation of much animal suffering in this city and county.

There are complaints about rotten stinking refuse piling up too in black bags  across from the halting site on the Hebron Road , as reported and photographed in the Kilkenny People newspaper- this is totally unacceptable.  Regardless of whatever ethnicity they are , people must clean up their act and obey the Law, local by-laws and the environmental regulations just like everybody else.

Sulkies  racing on our roads are still a danger, though not as bad as before. But they can confuse traffic and cause accidents and therefore must be regulated by law as well.

That said, we can’t tar everybody in a community with the one brush. We have to be very careful of that. In fact Kilkenny County Council should have an Animal  Health and Safety Committee with real powers.

Regarding Council funds paid out on travellers “special needs”  this must be stopped as well – would you and I get grants to maintain a horse in the front garden? Would we get our rents paid, would we get special needs assistants for our children in a special Council program that employs a dozen  highly qualified childminders ?

If elected this is one of the very first things I will bring up at the Council table. MMG_3665


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