by Ross Nichols.

The Editor of the Kilkenny Journal Michael McGrath is taking time off to contest the local election in the Callan-Thomastown-Graiguenamanagh mid county area of Kilkenny.

Meanwhile The Kilkenny Journal will continue to serve the community of Kilkenny in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner by featuring all Local and European Election candidates as wish to be featured irrespective of party or political creed.

The Kilkenny Journal will continue to appear online right up to the election featuring all candidates generously – even if they oppose editor McGrath!

Michael is a conservative candidate of the old school who champions the traditional Irish way of life of the countryside and the welfare of the farming community , especially in the face of Brexit me2in  the event of which he insists that Irish farmers are refunded any Customs charges they may have to pay on their meat & other food exports to the UK. he feels that this in turn should be refunded by the EU to the Irish government.
Also he proposes that a special tax relief for exporting farmers be introduced to help with the enormous difficulties of any Brexit transition.

In view of the atrocities in New Zealand at the two mosques yesterday Michael mcGrath is now opposed more resolutely than ever to the mosque proposed for Kilkenny. In fact he has constantly over the past decade called for an end to mass immigration into Ireland, especially of Muslims from outside the EU. he states that this is an attempt at deliberate population replacement of the Irish people.

Michael McGrath insists all the way that Irish people be entitled to houses and jobs as a matter of priority over all others in our own country.

Anybody wishing to help the campaign – especially with transport – should contact Michael McGrath personally on mobile 0877560725.

email: PhotographerOfKilkenny@gmail.com

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