With her looks we think Deirdre would be better employed going for The Rose of Tralee rather than the Council.
But she’s married with two kids so we suppose the Rose contest is out?
So, with looks like that  Fianna Fail are confidently running Deirdre Cullen for the Council.
She’s very weak on the policy and issues side of things, but no worries there – Fianna Fail will tell her exactly what to say.

In any case remaining silent is all the fashion amongst Kilkenny councillors these days.
The monks are thinking of running training sessions in the Art of Silence for councillors below in Mount Melleray – but we know of councillors who could teach the holy monks themselves how to remain silent no matter what.

Deirdre needn’t worry, she won’t have to open her lovely lips except to yawn prettily.Deirdre Cullen

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