The Rose of Tralee with her parents after she won the Irish beauty contest last year

The Rose of Tralee made up a deliberate lie after she was interviewed by Kilkenny Gardai in a Kilkenny chipper at 3 AM in the morning in the city, having spent the night in city pubs.

She phoned local radio personality Sue Nunn of KCLR the following morning and told an almighty fib that she had been racially abused in the former chip shop, The Blue Door in John Street, since closed down by health authorities.

The truth is that she and her boyfriend were intoxicated and an argument started with fellow drunks. One of the local drunks simply asked of her, “Are you the Rose?”, goggle-eyed and apparently fancying her for himself,  and the Rose’s boyfriend went for him.  It was the age old bravado  of teenage warriors shaping up in front of the desirable female – c’mon millennial Ireland, are you really become that stupid. The ritual had begun…

The owner properly called the gardai. They investigated and have come up with nothing ever since.

RTE shows run by Ray D’Arcy and Ryan Tubridy exploited a so-called “racism” incident in Kilkenny when they interviewed the Rose ( for which she was paid of course< and she was also paid by some of the most incredible rags in Dublin, all exploiting Kilkenny as a “racist” city seeing as you had some problems ( based on traffic!) concerning a mosque planning application. so of course Kilkenny would be targeted as a “racist” city already and now they wanted to add to the slander.

But the gardai failed to co-operate by finding any traces of racism in their investigation that took nearly a year. In fact nobody wants to say anything about it now and we wonder why not, why everybody now wants to remain silent a year on – but with the damage done to Kilkenny’s reputation.


All the Mayor will say is that he was misled by a lie from Sue Nunn. But surely he knows Sue, almost as well as I do, to know that Sue does not tell lies.I hate her liberal politics, I hardly agree with her on anything, but the woman is a truthful person when you clean the jam away from her pronouncements on matters political. Sue is a propagandist – so is mayor cleere. I have no pity for him at all.  When this story fell into his lap he jumped to the national media to signal his virtue by unjustly running his own city down for a fake incident of racism that was invented and falsely alleged.

Peter Chap Cleere ran with a fake story and then tries to crookedly put the blame over on Sue Nunn when it all went wrong for him and all the stink emerged out   into the daylight. Sue, knowing she too was caught out with the original lie, has kept her mouth shut as well, despite the ghastly reaction from the mayor in making a liar out of her to save his own skin.

Look we can do without crooked people like this in politics – the same mayor put on his mayoral chain to welcome Bertie Ahern to the ancient St. Canice’s cathedral for Kilkenny Arts festival last year on behalf of the people of Kilkenny, whether they liked it or not. In the event people didn’t like it and protesters turned up accompanied by journalist  Gemma O’Doherty  to protest with a huge streamer banner as Ahern walked in accompanied by Mayor Cleere and FF sidekick Cllr. Patrick Mckee  who is now retiring young for an important appointment in Dublin.

The whole affair, needless to say, stinks to high heaven.

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