by Ross Nicholls.

The editor of the Kilkenny Journal, well-known professional photographer Michael McGrath, wishes to announce that he will stand in the local elections in the new mid-country area that is to cover Callan across to Thomastown to Graiguenamanagh and Inistioge and surrounding areas.

He will stand against all the houses being handed away to immigrants/refugees and to be given instead to locals on the housing list.

Mr. McGrath says he loves all that country that he travelled through the years with his cameras covering Confirmations, First Communions , weddings and taking landscape photographs. He says it’s the most beautiful part of Kilkenny and he intends to take beautiful photos of the countryside from Jerpoint to the Rower while he is around looking for votes.
He has relations and friends around the new electoral area too, and hopes to meet them all on his canvassing rambles leading up to the elections on May 24th.

Most readers here will know that he has taken a stance against all the mass immigration being forced on Kilkenny and Ireland, that he has time and again attacked the council and the C.E.O. Colette Byrne for handing away Council houses to Incomers rather than to all the Kilkenny people who deserve to get these houses who are on the Council housing list.

He has highlighted such carry-on throughout the county in particular and especially in the new Callan-Thomastown electoral area.In fact the C.E.O. AKA the County Manager Claire Byrne got all the councillors to sign a complaint against mcGrath last year when he exposed their corrupt purchase of the Brogue maker inn on the Castlecomer Road.

They threatened Michael with all sorts of sanctions that time for standing up for Justice and fair Play, honesty and decency against all the corruption of county hall.  He revealed how a crony of the manager was given the job as Director of the Watergate.

Above all it was Michael McGrath who uncovered the story of the mosque and gave it to all of Kilkenny and Ireland – Eugene mcGuinness states to this day that he would never have even known about the mosque but for Michael McGrath and his Kilkenny Journal!

It was Michael McGrath who got the protest against the mosque up and running, because it said it was going to be passed behind the people’s backs and without their knowledge, let alone their consent – while councillors like, David Kennedy, Mattand Breda Gardner remained silent supporting the mosque . Kennedy actually supports the mosque as a Sinn Feiner as a matter of party policy.

He has also taken Kennedy and Gardner to task for their parts in protesting against the new Kilkenny St. Francis bridge and costing the taxpayer/ratepayer an estimated five millions by their protests through their delay of the bridge.

In fact Michael McGrath alleges that this is the very worst Kilkenny county council in history, right from the first Kilkenny county council in 1898. They even spent 7.4 millions on a derelict shop in John Street!

Michael McGrath has sought a third level educational institute for Kilkenny for forty years and he wants to see a faculty of the new Technological University at the Abbey Creative Quarter on the old brewery site. It would be ideal for Mid Kilkenny that he now seeks to represent on the Council in this election, he says, as well as the city. It all links up for the future of Kilkenny.

With like-minded Independents Eugene McGuinness and Luke O’Connor standing in the city, Michael feels he could do much better moving out to contest the mid-county election to spread the campaign against the mosque and get back council houses for locals once again here.

Michael has nothing against the refugees, but feels that they should be accommodated in the hostels and hotels while the Irish in the hostels and the hotels on the council housing list must be housed as a priority – there’s local people languishing years on the housing list while  the  newcomers are being housed within months of arrival in the country.

Michael says that this is a total injustice to the irish people and such betrayal cannot be tolerated any further. He says he will lead a revolt if he is driven to it to restore justice to the Irish people.

Michael McGrath says that this is not on anymore and that councillors like Eugene McGuinness and Luke O’Connor, if elected along with him to the council in May, will combine with him to fight for priority housing for the locals once again at the council table as is only right and proper.

He looks forward to getting to see everybody he can as soon as the election is declared.

Calling Callan, Thomastown, Bennettsbridge, Graiguenamanagh, Ballyhale, Inistioge, Cuffesgrange,  Kells, Ennisnag, Stoneyford, Knocktopher,  The Rower…



  1. For a country with an anti imperialist history,where every family has had or currently has people who have emigrated this is tragic.Surely the solution to this is to build more council houses and not scapegoat immigrants.It is also appalling that people mainly from a faith that was persecuted are now wish to stop others worshiping god in a building of their choice .I hope most Kilkenny people will have the good sense to crush this naescent racist movement just like Irish people crushed the Blueshirts.


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