THE KILKENNY MOSQUE : An insult to Allah, a confidence trick! by Ross Nicholls.

Andrew McGuinness is silently backing the mosque as a Councillor on Kilkenny County Council. So is Councillor David Kennedy of Sinn Fein whose sister is married to a Muslim. Cllr. Sean Tyrrell of Sinn Fein has attended to support the mosque as well while Sinn Fein party member Margaret O’Brien has spoken over KCLR and RTE radio in favour of the mosque. The former Mayor of Kilkenny Paul Cuddihy has also attended the Imam in support of the mosque. So has media personality Sue Nunn attended and vowed her support to the Imam for the Kilkenny mosque.

The mosque is to be built at the Hebron Industrial Estate in Kilkenny and we disagree with this. We think that the location of the mosque on an industrial estate is an insult to Allah and that many of those listed above are supporting it to be built in the industrial estate so as to keep it away from their own areas. In fact we think they are being racist or  islamophobic in their attitudes.

A House of God should not be consigned to an industrial estate! That seems pretty basic and simple to us here on The Kilkenny Journal. The Temple of Allah in Kilkenny is thus being downgraded from the very start. You don’t see any Christian churches being relegated amongst factories and warehouses.  Therefore Muslim people in Kilkenny should not vote for Cllr. Andrew McGuinness or any of the others who are involved in this disgraceful placement of the mosque in a mere industrial estate on the edge of the city on wasteland used for dumping at the moment and which has been profaned deliberately too with pigs blood by infidels against Allah and his people in Kilkenny.

The Kilkenny Islamic Community is being sold a pig in a poke as the site for the mosque, the Kilkenny Journal can no longer stand by and see such a good people as the Kilkenny Islamic Community being fooled and insulted in this manner that the local Council thinks is clever business on behalf of their Council business associate Derry McPhillips who owns the land and is being vastly overpaid for it, ripping off the local Islamic Community.  The McPhillips engineering company has done business with Kilkenny county council for decades and are cronies. We can no longer in all conscience remain silent at the massive confidence trick being played on the Kilkenny Islamic Council.  It’s probably none of our business but we feel constrained by honour to expose the truth. Especially as a top Kilkenny businessman has told the Kilkenny Journal that the mosque site is being sold for three times more than it’s worth!

Nobody else would buy this land positioned as it is straight across from the halting site and from a Catholic cemetery in which Christian rites of passage will eternally be celebrated in the sight of Allah.  The Kilkenny Imam ,  Ibrahim Ndure, has been fooled up to his eyeballs, with this rat-infested site being sold to him for three times its normal commercial value. The Kilkenny Islamic community is being robbed in broad daylight.  Kilkenny County Council itself wants to attract Saudi millions, everybody involved has a hidden agenda. Only the Kilkenny Journal is giving the facts and telling the truth.  McGuinness wants more people nearby at the mosque to frequent his nearby businesses and political office on O’Loughlin Road where Halal food is to be made available and sold at a small fortune in profit to the worshippers.

The Kilkenny Islamic community is being sold a pig in a poke.

PHOTO : Greedy Kilkenny politicians  grovel to the Imam at the temporary mosque on the Freshford Road, Kilkenny city, Ireland.
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2 thoughts on “THE KILKENNY MOSQUE : An insult to Allah, a confidence trick! by Ross Nicholls.

  1. The Muslims have no problem with Christian having their rites of passage, I can see your false concerns for the Muslims being used for your own vendetta. There is no reason to suppose anyone will be cheated with halal products either. Best of luck with your sour grapes stall


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