Orla Kelly is the new Fine Gael hopeful in Kilkenny city. Sadly she’s yet another climate change believer who doesn’t possess the science to know either way, but puts her complete trust in politicians and media like RTE who haven’t got a clue about the science either, if it even exists!

Orla is honest enough to admit that she’s a fanatical believer in the effect of carbon in the atmosphere, just like all the rest of the jet set.

At least where Malcolm Noonan wants city buses propelled by shit, Orla will sensibly settle for electric.

Orla runs an interior design business here making houses beautiful.  One wonders then what she has to say about the Council proposals to tear the unique Italian-designed Georgian staircase out of the Tholsel and toss such an irreplaceable  gem broken in bits onto  the scrapheap of history.

She might tell us that rather than simply list 101 other things that could be done across the full page given her by this week’s Reporter.  Rather than settle to be a female Noonan, whatever kind of  a lamentable creature that might be, Orla needs to act now and go and save this precious staircase while it’s still there before the Council grants itself permission to destroy it on 13th of this month.

Or she can just sit and sip her uncle Peter Barry’s tea and keep her head down like the rest of them. That nice lady Deirdre Clune, our MEP, is her aunt, her mother was Mayor of Limerick. She was on the  Boards of the Arts Festival and Barnstorm Theatre of which latter she was Chair.

No need to repeat her CV here , it’s all over page 56 of The Kilkenny Reporter this week.

Orla, who naturally has a passion for blue, pictured at her farmhouse.

Orla Kelly6 o

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