Andrew McGuinness ,  Malone, Coonan and Brophy maintain the silence of the grave.
Cllr. Andrew McGuinness has been forced into total silence regarding the Mosque by the campaign of outright opposition to it by his own uncle, Eugene McGuinness. It’s now understood that Andrew supports the Mosque to be built up the road from the McGuinness property on O’Loughlin Road.
Eugene has also called out Andrew about where he stands on the allocation of the new Respond houses and apartments at Ballybought Street in the city, all 54 of them.
Eugene wants the allocations to be publicly announced, he says he wants the Council housing List to be respected. He wants it all above board.
As they say, you can almost hear the silence from Andrew’s camp – he is more silent than a trappist monk these days.
But then all the other candidates announcing so far are playing the same silent game , so it would be unfair to concentrate on Andrew alone even if he is the local councillor.
They are all saying what they think the voter at each doorstep wants them to say. Basically the message is tailored to the private ear of each single voter at their own door, that’s the way the main parties are to conduct this campaign.

John Coonan and Paul Brophy are others who are campaigning with a grave-like silence when it comes to housing in this city and their attitude to the Mosque.  Indeed these issues are now becoming Taboo with our would-be politicians seeking election this time round. (BTW Paul Brophy’s Labour Party website is now shut down).

Joe Malone, as Andrew’s running mate, has also taken a vow of silence, while Cllr. Malcolm Noonan openly supports the mosque and more houses for refugees here.

Eugene McGuinness still suspects that the Brogue Maker, sold by Cllr. David Fitzgerald, is now being developed for refugees and not locals and this is why he has totally opposed that development from the start.

This silence is like a dark cloud over an Ireland being transformed despite the unwillingness of the inhabitants to change the culture of the Land.

The Kilkenny Journal can say here and now that there is going to be a big change in May when many people will vote for the preservation of Irish culture and civilization as against the pink liberalism being practiced by the government , the main political parties and most of the official candidates.

Here in Kilkenny there’s a huge  space  on the western side of the city for a candidate who will stand up for the protection and preservation of the native Irish population and the survival of the Irish people where  concerned politicians  have every chance of election now if they run for office.

It looks like the Irish are to be replaced in the new globalist philosophy that has gripped our politicians and media , where a false sense of “racism” is being hurled at and smeared upon anybody brave enough to stand up and be counted.

In fact this repopulation of Ireland and replacement of the Irish population is well under way now, and nowhere can this be seen so clearly as in Kilkenny where incomers are getting more than half the social housing now so as to entrench them in the city and the country.

These repopulation experts we are now facing are in deadly earnest, they are paid small fortunes by the EU to do the dirty work on Ireland,  while the EU has spent two and a half years attempting to stop Britain from leaving and now look as if they’ll succeed in overturning Brexit in the whole rotten scheme of things.

It looks like the Irish are finally being defeated and even wiped out – without even a battle as our own government, parties and politicians turn against their own country.

Basically the Irish political class are now degenerated into Hirelings. Here’s some of them pictured here launching new Council houses for mostly refugees in Urlingford, County Kilkenny.Urlingford

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