The Euro Candidates series.
by Michael McGrath
Barry Andrews is Fianna Fail royalty along with his cousin Ryan Tubridy – they owe their positions in Irish society to their Fianna Fail progenitor Tod Andrews, their status in Irish society determined by birth.
Now Andrews, who had to leave as Director of Goal over a Syrian funding problem, is specially selected and pushed by Fianna Fail for election to Europe in May.
This is the latest in a series of public appointments of Andrews by Fianna Fail who have promoted this very ordinary man since the cradle.
Andrews is generally unsuccessful as an ex- minister for children in the disastrous Fianna Fail government. In fact he’s no good for anything I can think of except occupying one official position or another, while his equally ordinary cousin Ryan Tubridy is a failure over on The Late late Show that RTE is trying desperately to hide.
These two are in fact wasters. Only a convinced Fianna Fail party hack would think of voting for Andrews who supports the enforcement of mass immigration on Ireland.  Andrews is a wooly pink liberal , one of those at the top of the Fianna Fail who has no compunction in helping to sell the Irish people out and put refugees in our council houses instead of Irish folk on the housing lists.

Andrew’s favourite tactic is as pretence of  internationalist “culture” about his person, but basically he’s a snake in it for the money and to Hell with Dublin, Ireland or the Irish.

Along with Fine Gael’s Francis Fitzgerald and the SDLP’s Mark Durkan the Dublin candidates for election to the European Parliament  are turning out to be amongst the most horrific party hacks this time around. They’ll do nothing for Dublin or ireland but continue to do everything for themselves. Barry Andrews

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