by Michael McGrath

There’s a grain of truth in every religion and this applies to Islam as well as the others whether they be Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Druidry, or Jainism.
However all religions, including Islam, are supposed to stand for Justice, for a grand tolerance, understanding and even compassion.
Therefore do you put in an enormous building like the mosque on top of a whole group of residents against their will? I heard Eugene McGuinness ask the Imam this very question – and there was no reply from the holy man.
Eugene repeatedly asked Imam Ibrahim Ndure, “Are you insistent on putting this building in on top of 99% of residents who will suffer the consequences from it, who will be locked into our houses because of it and who don’t want it”

I thought that this was the central question of the entire project – and it still remains unanswered to this day, while all the media, especially KCLR, choose to deliberately ignore it, and indeed to keep McGuinness effectively banned. And that’s not the Kilkenny I grew up in where we had high standards of social justice and good behaviour toward one another.

Whatever religion we are, or none at all, if we don’t live our lives to the highest standards then the dogs in the street are better than us!  And if we don’t practice the highest standards then our deeds will eventually be disastrous and so too this mosque condemned to failure and even catastrophe – because all of the local people don’t want it, they feel it to be a huge imposition on their lives, especially in the matter of traffic gridlock that even now keeps them and their cars hemmed into their homes. How much worse will it be, they wonder miserably.

Is that a way to treat our fellow Kilkenny citizens, our good neighbours across John’s bridge? What will happen when the day comes into the future when we on this side of the city, or out in the county, need the support of the people of St. John’s, will they be as forthcoming then? I think not.

Therefore, does the Spirit move the Imam, does it move the Kilkenny Islamic Council, does it move the Council planners, all of whom move to deliberately deny thousands of people the lives they are entitled to enjoy, just like the rest of us?

In particular I ask genuine liberals in Kilkenny today to weigh up this situation in all conscience on the scale of right or wrong. Of course all the 700 + Muslims come amongst us in this city need their house of prayer, most of them at any rate that I have been talking too want the mosque.

But there are other locations and there always have been – where the present mosque is on the Freshford Road, for instance, or along the Ring Road where we can slap up big buildings that will not interfere with anybody’s lives like the present proposal will affect the thousands around Hebron day in, day out for the rest of their lives.

This is what Eugene McGuinness and his people over there at Hebron are struggling for, their own ordinary everyday existence that they have now  as I write. They must have tolerance, understanding and above all Justice too!The Mosque - A Grain of Truth


Sinn Fein councillor David Kennedy voted against the new Kilkenny bridge, protested against it and disrupted proceedings to the extent of helping to cause a delay that Council engineers say ran into the millions. Engineer Director of Services Simon Walton put it at 5 millions of a loss that Kennedy and Co. cost their own Council.
This Council, thanks to Kennedy, Gardner, Funchion and Noonan, is the very worst Council here since 1898. To compound matters they then spent 7.4 Billions on a John Street shop that mostly ever since has lain vacant serving no purpose.
Kennedy also supports the mosque for the Hebron Industrial Area as well as spanking new luxury houses for the refugees while 2,200 languish on the housing list.

And now he has the gall, like Gardner, to offer himself for re-election.



IF elected to Kilkenny County Council,  Michael McGrath will insist that this new Travellers ethnicity be treated equally to the settled community under the Law. He is an Independent anti-corruption candidate for the new Callan-Thomastown-Graiguenamanagh Mid County Kilkenny electoral area.

“Nobody must be above the Law, not even perceived members of a disadvantaged ethnicity”, says Michael McGrath – who has actually photographed Traveller weddings as a professional photographer in Kilkenny.

“If people don’t love their animals and treat them humanely with respect, then they should not be allowed to be in charge of animals and to  keep them by Law “, Michael McGrath maintains. “If I treated animals like that, God forbid,  I’d be in jail and rightly so”, he declared.

“For too long Kilkenny County Council has been evading the issue.  The Council and the Garda have failed in their duties to animals, especially horses and dogs. In fact I believe that  an animals rights activist should be made a member of the Kilkenny Police Committee to report on all animal abuse in Kilkenny and make recommendations  on the alleviation of much animal suffering in this city and county.

There are complaints about rotten stinking refuse piling up too in black bags  across from the halting site on the Hebron Road , as reported and photographed in the Kilkenny People newspaper- this is totally unacceptable.  Regardless of whatever ethnicity they are , people must clean up their act and obey the Law, local by-laws and the environmental regulations just like everybody else.

Sulkies  racing on our roads are still a danger, though not as bad as before. But they can confuse traffic and cause accidents and therefore must be regulated by law as well.

That said, we can’t tar everybody in a community with the one brush. We have to be very careful of that. In fact Kilkenny County Council should have an Animal  Health and Safety Committee with real powers.

Regarding Council funds paid out on travellers “special needs”  this must be stopped as well – would you and I get grants to maintain a horse in the front garden? Would we get our rents paid, would we get special needs assistants for our children in a special Council program that employs a dozen  highly qualified childminders ?

If elected this is one of the very first things I will bring up at the Council table. MMG_3665


VOTE No. 1  MICHAEL McGRATH                                      0877560725

1. New Thomastown hospital building to start now as promised by Govt.
2. Restoration of Callan Town Council.
3. Alleviation of flooding in Graiguenamanagh,Thomastown, Ballyhale & Inistioge
4. Against uncontrolled mass immigration.
5. Customs duty compo for Irish farmers under Brexit.






Your candidate Michael McGrath  stands for houses for the Irish rather than refugees – who can be accommodated in hostels as has always been the case under the Geneva Convention for Refugees 1951.

He stands against all the mass immigration being forced on Ireland, though he is not Anti-EU, and does not t stand for IREXIT and opposes BREXIT.

Locally he wants the RESTORATION of the CALLAN TOWN COMMISSIONERS to upgrade CALLAN to its former status as a Town Council before the town was downgraded by the De Valera Fianna Fail government in 1940.

He wants the construction of  the new ST. COLUMBA’S HOSPITAL in THOMASTOWN to commence now as promised  so as to open in 2021 on schedule as assured by the government last June.



He wants priority for the Irish  in the allocation of houses and provision of jobs.

Michael will visit Callan, Thomastown, Graiguenamanagh, Bennettsbridge, Ballyhale, Kells, Cuffesgrange, Ennisnag-Stoneyford, Knocktopher, The Rower, Inistioge, Rosbercon, Dunbellcorruption  and all houses he can reach upon in the conduct of an extensive canvass between this and polling day on 24th May next, when he hopes there will be a colossal turnout in the Local and European elections to tell the government and their servile system – we have had enough!




” THE NATION is a natural division, as natural as the family and as inevitable…knit together by natural ties. The Nation is the family writ large” – Padraig Pearse.

Michael McGrath goes forward for election to articulate a vision, to communicate that vision to the people and to seek a mandate from you. I am not a single issue candidate but will put forward a full range of social and economic policies.



Michael McGrath has always contended that the interests of the Irish people take priority above the interests of globalist internationalists, high financiers and the mass media. Ireland simply cannot be a transport hub for a global citizenry.

It is not acceptable that the Irish people be burdened with exorbitant bankster debt, that our children must leave to find work, or that replacement level mass immigration  goes unquestioned and unremarked by our politicians who appear to have taken a vow of silence on the issue.

Michael McGrath is going forward because he has lost patience with the hypocrisy  of our present elected representatives, our media conglomerates, our mostly pseudo intelligentsia. He is not interested in syrupy catchwords like “diversity” or “climate change”which he is convinced is the Hoax of the Century. There is no need for farmers to cut back on herds in pursuit of such a fallacy.

Behind the cute slogans and catchphrases of the liberal elite.people are genuinely suffering – suffering because they cannot afford a home, or the rent of a home – they cannot afford to support a partner or start a family. They are suffering because their community is no longer safe or because they no longer recognise their multi-cultural community.


Irish farmers and the agri industry would simply have to be fully compensated for the customs duties they may have to pay under Brexit.

The Irish people have a choice in this election to go outside of the failed Dail parties who are leading the country to disaster after disaster. People can make a start here in Kilkenny in this election by voting for realistic alternative candidates like Michael McGrath, Eugene McGuinness and young student Luke O’Connor.

People can vote against the global monoculture of the Dail parties being enforced upon Ireland vote instead for  the august destiny of the Irish Nation that Pearse, Connolly, McDonagh, McBride and all our heroes fought and died for.


1.  A State which cannot house its own people but commits itself on borrowed billions to house many thousands of asylum seekers and assorted refugees and other  immigrants is playing to the gallery of a theatre other than the Irish nation.
Mass immigration is costing the Irish taxpayer an enormous sum of around four billions in housing, welfare, health and education for the Incomers every year.

2.  A State top-heavy with bureaucracy, nepotism and  cosy handshakes will never address the root of any problem – because most of the time it is the problem!

3.  An economy which relies for its maintenance on unsustainable emigration or immigration cannot serve a nation. For the nation , in such a case, is serving the gluttony or paucity of an economy.

4.  A governing class that takes its cues from foreign think-tanks, foreign NGOs, foreign newspapers and media and foreign banking institutions  cannot serve a nation – because its interests and those of the nation no longer coincide.

5.  A State that cannot ensure the safety of its people from marauding gangs and drug traffickers, or which shrinks from enacting long sentences for violent crimes , is serving interests other than those of the Irish people.

6.  Though in favour of continued membership of the EU, candidate McGrath approaches our membership of the European Union from the standpoint of refusing to accept the threatened destruction of our Nation’s freedom, and stands for the restoration of those freedoms that have already, unjustly, been given away.

7.  Your candidate Michael McGrath believes in an aristocracy of achievement within a democracy of opportunity, practised and established economically by the strong advocacy of Free Productive Enterprise. Consequently he endorses our inalienable right to the ownership of private property that must be defended against the equally dangerous encroachment of both State Socialism and Monopoly Capitalism.

8.  Your candidate Michael McGrath opposes unrestricted immigration , placing above all the preservation of national identity and culture as the bedrock of a principled patriotism.

9.  Your candidate Michael McGrath demands a complete reform of our criminal justice system , placing the protection of society from criminality as its imperative value, up to and including the restoration of the death penalty for particularly heinous mass murders such as we witnessed recently at the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand.  Such must never be allowed to happen in Ireland.


1.  Expedition of the Abbey Creative Quarter development at the old brewery site.
2.  I have campaigned for a university/third level for Kilkenny for forty years.
3.  I have also campaign for an enhancement of Kilkenny city status.
4.  The County Council housing waiting list must be respected once again!



Vote for a candidate who can make a major impact in a short time.

Vote No. 1  for Michael McGrath




A couple of Fianna Fail councillors are mightily relieved with the departure of Councillor Patrick McKee to an appointment in Dublin.
They are headed by the FF whip on the Council, Cllr. Matt Doran, who mightily resisted McKee’s readmission into Fianna Fail last year.
At that time a FF headquarters had to send a team to Kilkenny to confront Doran and some other local Fianna Failers who were opposed to McKee’s re-admission to the party on the grounds that he is a publicly declared gay man and they did not want him back on those grounds.
Cllr. Doran was supported by religious fanatic Councillor “G.I.” Joe Malone, a real Catholic backwoodsman who actually leads pilgrimages to Medjugorje.
It is amazing the bigotry and public acts of hatred that Councillors Doran and Malone got away with in relation to Cllr. McKee.
Malone even assaulted McKee when they ran into one another on the canvass trail back in the local election campaign of 2014.
Doran is another Catholic backwoodsman from Kilmoganny. On occasion they got up out of their seats and walked away in the Council chamber when McKee approached to sit down beside them.
Patrick McKee is already out on the canvas helping party candidates in Dublin.

McKee is a sophisticated intelligent lawyer who will make his mark in the party and on Irish politics yet.Cllr.-Matt-Doran

Certainly he must be solidly relieved after finishing with the Troglodytes he has left behind him in Kilkenny in the forms of Councillors Doran and Malone.


HOUSES FOR THE IRISH Michael McGrath election demand

My canvas will shoot off at Callan next week.

I’ll be concentrating on my theme of WELCOME TO THE REFUGEES, BUT HOUSES FOR THE IRISH.

The refugees will be accommodated in the hostels, hotels and reception centres while those Irish locals on the housing list must get priority for the houses.

Then as soon as all those are housed the refugees will be granted houses next.

Then the third tier for housing will be the asylum seekers.

The supply of local authority houses is a concern to everybody, irrespective of race, creed or origin, because people need to know that they can live in houses close to their relatives.

As a councillor and with the backing of some like-minded councillors, this would be a priority and inflexible demand by me on behalf of the people of Callan, Thomastown, Graiguenamanagh and allover Mid county Kilkenny that I now campaign for election to represent on Kilkenny County Council.

I have visited a Direct Provision centre and would not have minded it at all when I was a young lad in Lposterondon.

MICHAEL McGRATH FOR ELECTION IN MID KILKENNY -Callan, Thomastown, Graiguenamanagh etc.

Michael McGrath, professional photographer, Kilkenny, is to stand for election to Kilkenny County Council in the new Callan-Thomastown-Graiguenamanagh mid County Kilkenny electoral area.

The last time Michael was a candidate for the county council was in 1991 when he secured 193 first preference votes as an Independent and ended up on 206 votes with preferences.

He is a professional photographer who has attended every church in the county covering Confirmations and first holy communions , having photographed four bishops of Ossory since the days of Bishop Birch and is therefore completely well known to the voters.

He edits an online blog titled THE KILKENNY JOURNAL – after the former Kilkenny newspaper he started work on as a trainee reporter back in 1964. He since worked on The Munster Express and the former Kilkenny Standard.

He had started life as an Executive officer in the Department of Local Government in the Custom House, Dublin, but left Housing Grants section there after a year as  ” It was boring me to death and I was only on less than a tenner a week after tax back in the day!”

Michael opposes the proposed siting of the mosque due to traffic considerations and says it should be built out on the Freshford Road where the Islamic community is located at present.
He supports the two other Independent candidates, Eugene McGuinness and Luke O’Connor , as they support his candidacy in the upcoming local elections.

He also supports Peter O’Loughlin, leader of the newly registered Identity Ireland party, who is contesting the Euro elections here and who was a candidate in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election.
He is opposed to mass immigration but favours Ireland remaining in the EU. , and wants ireland to have a policy in line with Poland, Hungary, Italy and Austria  who all take a strong national line.

He wants priority restored to the council housing list, insisting that the County Council Housing List with 2200 must be respected in the allocation of all housing locally. he welcomes refugees but states they are only entitled to hostel-type accommodation under the Geneva Refugee Convention of 1951 and that the homeless in ireland must have priority over the refugees in the allocation of Council houses.

Michael’s main policy, coming originally from farming stock himself in Carrigbeg, is for full compensation for farmers if hit by UK customs under Brexit.

His policies in this election include the restoration of the Callan Town Commissioners, immediate start on the construction of the proposed new hospital to replace St. Columba’s at Thomastown and the permanent alleviation of flooding at Graiguenamanagh , Thomastown, Inistioge and Ballyhale.

One of the loves of his life is the ancient Clapper bridge at Graiguenamanagh that he wants reinforced structurally and protected into the future.

TRAVELLER WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! Here Michael McGrath is pictured at a Traveller wedding that he photographed of the McDonagh family, his friends and neighbours at Dominic Street, Kilkenny, with Winny and her husband Mr. Webster of Freshford.


Mobile phone: 0877560725


by Ross Nichols.

The Editor of the Kilkenny Journal Michael McGrath is taking time off to contest the local election in the Callan-Thomastown-Graiguenamanagh mid county area of Kilkenny.

Meanwhile The Kilkenny Journal will continue to serve the community of Kilkenny in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner by featuring all Local and European Election candidates as wish to be featured irrespective of party or political creed.

The Kilkenny Journal will continue to appear online right up to the election featuring all candidates generously – even if they oppose editor McGrath!

Michael is a conservative candidate of the old school who champions the traditional Irish way of life of the countryside and the welfare of the farming community , especially in the face of Brexit me2in  the event of which he insists that Irish farmers are refunded any Customs charges they may have to pay on their meat & other food exports to the UK. he feels that this in turn should be refunded by the EU to the Irish government.
Also he proposes that a special tax relief for exporting farmers be introduced to help with the enormous difficulties of any Brexit transition.

In view of the atrocities in New Zealand at the two mosques yesterday Michael mcGrath is now opposed more resolutely than ever to the mosque proposed for Kilkenny. In fact he has constantly over the past decade called for an end to mass immigration into Ireland, especially of Muslims from outside the EU. he states that this is an attempt at deliberate population replacement of the Irish people.

Michael McGrath insists all the way that Irish people be entitled to houses and jobs as a matter of priority over all others in our own country.

Anybody wishing to help the campaign – especially with transport – should contact Michael McGrath personally on mobile 0877560725.



The Chairman of the Kilkenny Anti-Mosque Movement,The Kilkenny Community Network, Eugene McGuinness, has made the following statement in reply to some lefties trying to stir up trouble on the local radio, KCLR , and take advantage of the mosque killings in New Zealand so as to have a go at the Kilkenny anti-mosque movement.

“The terrorist attack on two Mosques today in New Zealand has sent a sense of shock and horror throughout the world and must be condemned by all right thinking people. The slaughter of the innocent attending their place of worship is sickening, perpetrated by those who spread hate through their vile ideology.
Unfortunately a discussion on local radio today somehow coupled a community’s concern/objection to a planning development (on traffic concerns) on the Hebron Road into a discussion on this atrocity. No such connection or parallel exists and as chairman of this committee I would like to condemn out of hand this dreadful act of barbarism. Our thoughts and prayers are with all members of the Muslim Community at this difficult time.

Eugene McGuinness
Kilkenny Community Network25399038_2005584569458878_7698458571783601005_n(3)