His father , Deputy John McGUINNESS , is very concerned about the “threat” to Andrew’s seat from family member Eugene McGuinness, the anti-mosque  Independent candidate.

But Andrew could conceivably lose his seat because of his own dismal performance on the Council, where the only policy he pushed, that against sulky racing, is seen to be a failure. Lately he was proven wrong in supporting the county manager’s proposal to waste valuable land at the old brewery site with an unnecessary car park, raising suspicions that he is her lap dog.

Andrew definitely risks his seat because of his support for the mosque to be built at the Hebron Industrial estate. He attended the temporary mosque on the Freshford Road to assure the Imam of his support for the new mosque.

This is in direct opposition to the wishes of a thousand of his former friends and neighbours who have all signed a petition against the mosque, with over forty of them paying in to lodge a planning objection against it.

He may not lose the seat on the Council – but any future he might have in replacing his dad in the Dail would be in jeopardy. Andrew needs to change his tune fast and convey this to all of his former friends and neighbours.
But even this may not be enough to quell rural anger against him over his backing of the mosque in the city – and this is where he is in danger of losing out on the Dail.

Especially when his fellow party member, another potential Dail candidate Peter “Chap” Cleere, Mayor of Kilkenny, told the Kilkenny Journal that “the mosque is planned for the wrong place!”

And the highly popular Patrick O’Neill would be a Dail candidate as well!

Andrew’s problem stems from his liberal education in John’s College where there are teachers like former mayor Paul Cuddihy and Conor MacLiam , who preach mass immigration into Ireland, housing for refugees instead of locals, and are veteran abortionists to boot. Cuddihy was also out with the Imam to support the mosque.Be very careful of what teachers are teaching your children these days – and especially what extra-curricular themes they are propounding.

That said, it’s hardly likely that Andrew would lose his council seat in May, though stranger things happen!

But in time he could be a doubt to succeed his dad in the Dail.

MOSQUE MEETING – PHOTO shows Cllr. Andrew McGuinness reverently listening to the Imam with Sinn Fein members Margaret O’Brien holding the mike and Cllr. Sean Tyrrell kneeling.the gathering

GREEN PARTY ENCOURAGES VIOLENCE. Cllr. Malcolm Noonan incites hatred against St. John’s residents!

While they present for election in Kilkenny as a peaceful party, a section of the Green Party under the leadership of former government minister Eamonn Ryan were seen to encourage an  attack  on a dozen protesters outside the Mosque at Clonskeagh in Dublin.

They also maintained a diplomatic silence concerning the brutal iron bar attack in Dublin on Peter O’Loughlin, though Leo Varadkar personally condemned it.

This is what the Green Party has descended to in recent years. The party has always been of a Trotskyist hue that is now showing as they attack  peaceful protests.

Here in Kilkenny Green councillor Malcolm Noonan used charged incendiary language to attack peaceful local opponents of the mosque in St. John’s parish.  Hurling inflammatory  and abusive  terms such as “Racists” and “Haters”, Noonan moved to deny the Kilkenny protesters their constitutional  rights to freedom of  speech and association and their civil right to protest.

Yet he himself claimed the very same rights to protest against the new bridge in Kilkenny,  his action costing the local taxpayer five millions in lost construction time. And now once again he poses as a harmless democrat as he seeks re-election.

The Green Party  acts in support of mass immigration into Ireland, which they have always supported and assisted when they were in government with the Fianna Fail party.  They stand full square behind handing away Council houses in Kilkenny to the Incomers.

There is no question but Eamon Ryan, the Green party leader, attended , supported and condoned the attacks on peaceful protesters against the Clonskeagh mosque Muslim Brotherhood.

This serious change in recent years to the former Green party philosophy of peaceful and lawful behaviour is most concerning to all democrats – especially when you see Eamon Ryan’s attendance in support of attacks on people by such violent forces as Eirigi, former IRA men –  as happened at Clonskeagh when the gardai had to move in and whisk the protesters away for their own safety – with a pensioner being attacked because he carried a placard and that placard torn up by a thug threatening him.

Ireland is now entering a “pre-civil war” period with the country split down the middle in confrontation over mass immigration and the associated construction of mosques up on top of residents without consultation. And the Green party are up to their necks in all the intimidation and provocation now happening here in Kilkenny against residents who oppose the mosque being forced into their area around the Hebron Road in St. John’s parish.

Malcolm Noonan has emerged as the actual source of  the vitriol against the residents, calling them “Racists and Haters” to the national media . This can only end in tragedy if he keeps it up. Sinn Fein and Andrew McGuinness support this mosque against the residents wishes too – but at least they have not openly abused the protesting residents as Councillor Noonan has to the national media.

While he is condemning all the residents as “Haters and Racists”, he is actually inciting the prospect of violence against them! You can’t split hairs about hurling abuse and inciting violence against people, you can’t have it both ways as Noonan wants, you can’t ever direct violence accurately, it will spill over and the wrong people end up injured or worse. That’s the path we are on now – in this city and in the country.

Councillor Noonan has to realise that such behaviour as his is neither tolerant nor understanding but fanning the flames of hatred across this city. In any case it’s not wise to indulge in the Paisley-like tactics of hurling public abuse and invective against those with whom you disagree. We saw what that led to in the North for over thirty years.
noonanMosqueCllr. Noonan should have tried to calm the situation and address it responsibly rather than hurling invective at a large community living on the St’ John’s estates around Nowlan park , our neighbours and friends across this city.  Instead he decided to play Paisleyite tactics of hurling dirty names and abusive insults at his fellow citizens. His behaviour is not only irresponsible, it is evil and to be condemned out of hand by all of us concerned with maintaining peace and order in this city and promoting the best of inter- community relations.


In a state where political allegiances were usually dictated by which side your family had taken in a civil war 95 years ago, the Greens seemed like a possible alternative. Many Kilkenny folk backed them – only the most fanatical continue to back the Green party in this city today.
It has been painful, then, to observe the conduct of the Greens in the dozen years since they joined a coalition government with Fianna Fáil in 2007. Principles once regarded as sacrosanct have been abandoned, as the Greens have morphed from the party of education and equality into one that accepted cutbacks for schools and bail-outs for feckless bankers.
The ultimate act of betrayal by the Greens was the referendum on the Lisbon treaty in 2009 . Whereas the old Greens offered an intelligent critique of EU policy by urging a rejection of previous treaties, the new Greens simply regurgitated the waffle they were fed by civil servants in Dublin and Brussels. Their campaign in favour of Lisbon asserted that ratifying it would help the EU fight “climate change”, a claim also made by Brian Cowen at the time.
This is patent nonsense but unfortunately it was being reported as if it was an incontrovertible fact by the Irish media. The Lisbon treaty contains a mere six words out of 271 pages committing the union to a series of tasks “and in particular combating climate change”.
These six words were added as an afterthought (for which Bertie Ahern, the former taoiseach, has sought credit) to a treaty that has far meatier provisions on privatising public services and bolstering the arms industry than on environmental protection.

The Irish Greens’ attempts to portray the EU as a paragon of ecological wisdom are at variance with a report by Friends of the Earth. It shows how Europe is the highest net importer of natural resources of all continents. At a total of three tonnes for every head of population per year, the fossil fuels, metals, cereals and forest products that we import are not only draining poor countries of their raw materials, they are perpetuating the economic model.

Rather than devising a blueprint for drastically reducing our reliance on such imports through recycling and renewable energy generation, the European commission came forward with a policy paper with the stated aim of securing “undistorted access to raw materials” from abroad.

Six words in the Lisbon treaty won’t stop the planet from overheating. It is a deliberate deception to claim otherwise.  Recycle and renew is a good message – it has nothing to do with climate change. Nor has Carbon , and up to 30,000 scientists are now spelling this out while most of the scientists sticking to the old carbon theory of climate change are employed by government and government-sponsored institutions the world over. The Hoax of the 20th century continues into the present…

The worst record of all chalked up by the greens is their part in a government that destroyed the country and for what – the only concession the Greens ever won from Fianna Fail in government was the Stag Hunting legislation.

Meanwhile here in Kilkenny Green-led activists cost our local authority over five million Euros in delayed construction to the new bridge the minute a protester was arrested and charged and brought to court, local green leader Malcolm Noonan ran and now there’s not a Green left who wants to talk about that bridge.

The same councillor Noonan called half the population of east Kilkenny “racists and haters”because they don’t want a mosque up their street. This is what’s left of the Greens in Ireland outside of  wealthy South Dublin – some wayward virtue signallers in Kilkenny backing an old timer of a councillor who can be counted on to oppose anything and everything in an attempt to hog the headlines.

As we face into the Local and European election campaigns this Spring of 2019,  Kilkenny now remains one of the last boltholes of the discredited Greens in this country. How pathetic these Green supporters look  in our enlightened society today.



by Michael McGrath
Fascists”, “racists” and “women haters”: abuse hurled at Kilkenny Councillor and local hotel.

“Fascists, racists and women haters” are just some of the insults Councillor Melissa O’Neill tells us that staff at a South Kilkenny hotel, the Rhu Glenn, have had to deal with in the last few days.

It’s all because the Ferrybank representative chose to rent a conference room in the Rhu Glenn Hotel for her campaign launch on Friday.
There was a strong ‘Irexit’ theme to the launch itself.
She says she and the business were targeted for abuse from a local campaign group for no apparent reason. That local group is the PBP “People Before Profit”, a Trotskyist party led by Richard Boyd Barrett TD.
Speaking to KCLR News, Councillor O’Neill says some of them even turned up on the night and had to be thrown out.
She says it’s one thing to come after her, but it’s another to target a rural business.
Meanwhile, management at the Rhu Glenn have said today that they were receiving the abusive communications through email, phone calls and their Facebook page up until Saturday afternoon.
PBP is run here by a Carlow woman, who has admitted that they were responsible for all the abuse, threats and intimidation, saying that no platform must be allowed to fascists , nazis, racists and woman haters – basically they are the lunatic fringe of irish politics.
PBP is the former Socialist Workers Party, a Trotskyist international grouping that has been financed in London by Vanessa Redgrave, the ageing film actress. It’s part of a labrynthine network of global alliances of the extreme left.
It has such members as Brid Smith TD and the convicted paedophile Pat Corcoran in Dublin (formerly of Indymedia Ireland) who leads the violent ANTIFA wing of the movement.
They are openly violent and physically attack opponents such as Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland, who they beat about the head with an iron bar when they attacked him in a Luas carriage at the Four Courts stop three years ago. They don’t have the numbers to launch attacks here in Kilkenny yet, but they would plan to be able to do so in the future.
Happily Melissa’s launch went ahead peacefully in the end, after the PBP were removed , and was held successfully with over 60 in the audience including Richard Behal, the veteran South Kilkenny Republican. Concentrating on her work on women’s medical issues she is confident, despite the attack, of re-election by the people of South Kilkenny.
There’s no doubt about it but Melissa has proven herself to be a most resilient woman in the face of all the provocation, smears and jeers that she has had to endure for her campaign launch to be re-elected as a South Kilkenny councillor in May.
The guest speaker was Hermann Kelly, the Derry republican behind the IREXIT movement who is Executive Assistant to Nigel Farage MEP in the European parliament.
Melissa O'Neill````melissa


by Michael McGrath.
Councillor Melissa O’Neill is now the leading light for IREXIT in the South-East. She chaired an enthusiastic meeting of the new party in the Rhu Glen,  South Kilkenny.
As such her European policy is now the exact opposite to that of her former party Sinn Fein who are become the most rabid EU fans, even supporting all the mass immigration into Ireland – and recently the mosque for Hebron area of Kilkenny city.

IREXIT stands against the EU and their mass immigration policy. They want Ireland to leave the EU with Britain and a restoration of our national sovereignty with Irish people put first.

Hermann Kelly was also in South Kilkenny to sit at the top table for an enthusiastic public meeting. Hermann is the founder of Irexit and executive assistant to Nigel Farage in the European Parliament.

It’s all happening these days with Melissa O’Neill in The South East and now especially in Wexford for the by=election for which she is a leading candidate. One thing that can be said about Melissa, she is devoted to the cause of Ireland & unity and  nationhood.Melissa O'Neill