Green Party councillor Malcolm Noonan supports the handing over of  Respond Ballybought Street houses to newly arrived refugees even  though there are two thousand people , including locals and immigrants, on the Kilkenny County Council housing list.

All other councillors including Andrew McGuinness are silent on the issue while Eugene McGuinness openly challenges the deliberate neglect of the city’s housing list.
In fact Councillor Noonan wants more refugees for Kilkenny , all to be housed in available houses here.
Basically it’s felt by Cllr. Noonan and the local liberals who support him that houses should be for refugees who can’t help themselves rather than for locals who have failed to help themselves and are years on the housing list through their own fault.

It’s felt by Cllr. Noonan and the others that the local Irish should really be self sufficient and not looking for Council houses after they have had years to sort themselves out, that public housing should only be for refugees, the disabled and so forth, that the Irish should have grown self sufficient long ago and should not need Council housing assistance any more.

In fact this is a central feature of Green party policy where it’s felt that the local Irish should not be taking up housing that should preferably go to the many refugees that we must house in order to fully observe EU policy.

The Irish have had years, the Green Party feels, to sort themselves out , and should not any more be be seeking social housing.  Other liberal councillors belonging to FF, FG and SF seem to think this as well as Noonan and the Greens.  They feel that our main obligation is now to refugees a lot more deservous than local Irish applicants who should have secured their own houses years ago. Indeed the leader of the Green party, Eamon Ryan TD, coming to Kilkenny soon, feels that the locals in Ireland complain too much, that they are all much better off than the unfortunate refugees who must now be helped out first and foremost here in Kilkenny as well as everywhere else.

However it has  escaped the memories of Eamonn Ryan, Cllr. Noonan and their fellow Greens that many Irish today would not have to seek Council houses but for the  collapse of the country that the Green party  was responsible for in coalition government with Fianna Fail – so they are the very last politicians who can blame the homeless Irish and those on the housing list,  many of whom are in fact immigrants here too.

Thus the Green party is great at blaming everybody else except themselves. They have very short memories – but for them and Fianna Fail there would have never been all the homelessness we have in this country today.

The fact is that we could indeed be housing a lot more refugees and indigent immigrants if the Green Party hadn’t helped to reduce Ireland to penury by increasing the national debt by at least 205 Billion Euros.  That would have bought a lot of houses for local Irish and refugees alike!

In fact there would be no homelessness at all in this country today but for the stupidity of that Fianna Fail -Green party government and anybody associated with it ought to be ashamed of themselves. Indeed Green party supporters and voters have a lot of apologising to do the homeless of this country, whether locals or refugees or immigrants, asylum seekers or whatever.

But for that disastrous FF-Green government that beggared this country a decade ago and all but destroyed us, everybody who needs a house no matter where they come from would be housed in Ireland today – and there would be no need for Direct Provision here either. But for them the celtic tiger would have carried on and Ireland would have been the wealthiest country in the world today.

A curse on the Green party as well as Fianna Fail for, as you can see, they are responsible for all our economic and housing ills today after they formed the most disastrous government in the whole of Irish history and in the whole of Europe outside of Greece.

Noonan can rant about “racists” all he likes –  but it is he and his party who have destroyed this country for everybody concerned, locals and incomers alike.  They have a right neck to call around looking for votes after destroying so much.  Shame on them all.Noonan

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