noonanTHE CONSTANT CARPING, the continuous stream of invective and slander in smearing your opponent with dirty names is not an Irish way. The Irish were always too noble for that. We were always better behaved toward our opponent, we were always more civilized, indeed we were always too intelligent and too well behaved to do that. We were a generous nation, an upright and God-fearing race. What became of us at all to descend to such a lowly level as others do?

All this carping and slandering , name-calling and bitching was never the Irish way. We would die rather than let ourselves down like that.

Stupid empty taunting, calling people nasty names , that was never debate and that was never us. It’s said that Trotsky the Russian  invented the slanging term  Racist as a weapon in 1927, though if he did he never used it as often and as boringly as fellows like Councillor Noonan use it today.  But Noonan never used it either up to recent years. And it’s only in the past year that he tried to smear an entire local section of this city, the residents of the estates surrounding the Hebron Road.

However we are not attacking Cllr. Noonan for trying to smear all those people as “racists” and “haters” in the furtherance of whatever nefarious purpose he has, we are pulling him up for being Un-Irish, for surpassing traditional limits in public invective in this country. Indeed there was never such a thing as public invective in Ireland up to now unless it was the anger hurled at the English in times gone by.

But in any land calling your opponent names is not a making a debate, it is low-class. True I grew up in the Civil Service in the Custom House where no hint of invective was permissible no matter how wrong your opponent was. You still debated whatever issue in a kind and generous manner no matter how much an oaf you perceived your opponent to be.  It’s not called the Civil Service for nothing and those like Cllr. Noonan who aspire to parliament one day should at least show their quality by keeping a civil tongue in their heads and try  intellectual debate for a change. It actually works!

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