Cllr. Malcolm Noonan has run down people coming into Kilkenny campaigning against the mosque, so obviously an allusion to Peter O’Loughlin (pictured), Leader of the officially registered IDENTITY IRELAND party.  This is a result of  Peter coming here several weekends to canvass door to door against the massive oriental structure  being sited over at Hebron, towering over St. Kieran’s cemetery.

Peter is a peaceful gentleman who, with his party colleagues , is entitled to canvass anywhere he wants in this country. He is a respectable gentleman, a well-educated teacher and classical musician, who comes from a much wealthier family than any of his knockers like Noonan.

Local journalists were impressed by Peter’s civilized approach and his obvious intelligence and educated approach when he ran as a candidate in the Carlow-Kilkenny by-election here in 2015, gaining almost a thousand number one votes without really trying.
And people here will have another chance to vote for Peter in the approaching European elections in May when he stands for his party IDENTITY IRELAND , that will be named on the ballot sheets beside his name as an officially registered party sanctioned by the Clerk of Dail Eireann in his role as Registrar of Political Parties.

What more does Noonan want out of Peter, blood? Well they got that already when they attacked him and beat him with an iron bar across the forehead aboard the Luas when it stopped at the Four Courts Luas stop in Dublin.
Noonan’s party leader Eamon Ryan was present urging on attackers against peaceful picketers against the mosque in Clonskeagh, Dublin.  One picketer, an old age pensioner called John O’Connell originally from Kerry and living in the Liberties of Dublin was attacked, and he told the Kilkenny Journal that he was in fear of his life that day when nine of them standing outside at Clonskeagh were attacked by hundreds running at them and screaming for blood and worse.

Malcolm supports the mosque –  Peter disagrees with Malcolm and says it should not be built there in Hebron, and all of a sudden the mild-mannered Peter is a “hater” and a “racist” according to Malcolm in a national newspaper.

Malcolm is by conviction a globalist as a senior member of the Green party. But Peter disagrees and says that Ireland is no longer a sovereign country that can control its own destiny.
He says we are a mere province of the Single Euro state, that we are dominated by the EU and have no more control over our resources, our economy or our borders.  Malcolm replies by calling Peter names, insulting and smearing him.

Peter alleges that the EU has taken billions from our fishing industry and destroyed the sugar industry in his native Carlow.  Malcolm says that Peter shouldn’t be allowed here in Kilkenny preaching any of this dangerous nationalism.

Malcolm is basically telling Peter that he should get back to Cork! Who is being petty minded there?

Peter states:

“If elected to Europe in May by the people of Kilkenny and the South Ireland constituency I will start the long overdue debates on the European union which others are too cowardly to talk about. These issues are dominating national debates all over Europe” – Peter knows because he constantly travels Europe addressing public meetings in Germany and Italy while Malcolm stays at home and calls him names.

We rest our case.

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