The KILKENNY JOURNAL states: In view of the history of this scheme we have no faith in how many locals will be given these houses. We have already published a report last year on the allocation of the first houses at Togher Way in which locals were virtually excluded. We have no faith left in the housing system.

Statistics are not available deliberately and official figures are being hidden by the Council in relation to how many of these houses are allocated to Irish people years on the Council housing list and people who have arrived in the country a wet day.

At Togher way originally FIVE out of Eight of the first houses built were allocated to refugees in the country six months or so – while we know of a man on the Kilkenny County Council housing list for 18 years!

John McGuinness TD  told us that there are over 2000 people on the Kilkenny housing list,  3500 throughout the constituency and that he despairs at the government over this.

People therefore need to make their views known with their votes in the upcoming local elections in which none of the people pictured here should figure. What is going on in housing around this city and county is disgraceful.

The Kilkenny Journal thus continues to stand firm with the Irish homeless in their own country and all the 2000 deserving people on the Kilkenny County Council Housing List.

They must get the houses first or there is no sense to creating a list or a queue in the first place. Refugees could then be housed in turn  in the hotels and hostels that our homeless Irish vacate.

Surely that would be the fairest system on Earth?

PHOTO : Minister for Housing Eoin Murphy,  Minister John Paul Phelan, Cllr. Mary Hilda Cavanagh and C.E.O. Collette Byne pictured at the opening of 18 further houses at Togher way, Urlingford, Kilkenny earlier today.Urlingford

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