TROTSKYIST PBP CANDIDATE FOR KILKENNY ELECTIONS. The lunatic fringe arrive for Kilkenny elections.


THE PBP is the group that attacked staff in the Rhu Glenn hotel over their phones last Friday two weeks at a local candidate’s launch , they believe in a confrontational and even violent approach to politics. Anywhere they get in they are serious trouble.

Worried members of the staff of the Rhu Glenn were threatened and abused over the hotel phones by these Kilkenny-based PBP members trying to prevent Councillor Melissa O’Neill’s election launch there, as reported in The Kilkenny People and elsewhere.

They had to be removed from the hotel after they started shouting insults at guests calling them “fascists”, “racists” and “women haters”.

They are allied with the Antifa terrorist organisation. Convicted paedophile Pat Corcoran was a leading member of both. Remember we reported how he walked free on conviction from court in Dublin. He is believed to be back again working quietly behind closed doors for the PBP/ANTIFA in these elections.

They are to introduce their classic tactic of introducing the race card into their local election strategy while they claim victory unto themselves for gay marriage and the introduction of abortion, as if they were the only ones involved  when all they were was a tiny caucus.  Yet their uncaring attitude to transgender folk shows them up for the hypocrites and chancers that they really are.

They support the giving away of all the Council houses to refugees while they falsely and hypocritically claim to be on the side of the homeless people on the housing lists who have to wait even longer on houses as a result,  that’s if they ever get a house at all now.  Thus PBP lies through their teeth to the ordinary people.

They have acted in support of the Kilkenny mosque and picketed the O’Loughlin Gaels mosque meeting with placards declaring everybody going into that meeting to be “racists and haters” . Thus they campaign by smearing innocent people en masse.

Allies of this party also attacked former Kilkenny Dail candidate Peter O’Loughlin and beat him about the head with an iron bar in a Luas carriage at the four courts stop in Dublin three years ago. And now they obviously plan to introduce such political violence to Kilkenny. All we can say is that they’ll get what they are looking for here – plenty of it!
So it’s better that they are not encouraged to set up here at all.

Their economic prescriptions would turn Ireland into another Cuba, we’d end up a basket case like Venezuela is today.

Quite seriously we can do without such extremism and the violence that always accompanies such terrorism. We have managed to escape it so far and it’s up to the people and the voters of this city to keep politics safe, peaceful and responsible. In the finality that’s up to the voters here as anywhere else.
It goes to show that we can never take our idyllic existence here in this city for granted but have to be vigilant to protect our society from the civil strife as we see elsewhere in the country.

You get the politicians you deserve, you get the politics you deserve, so above all we have to be on our guard to keep disruptive forces out and maintain civil peace and order. This city saw enough of strife and division during the bridge protests that cost us a massive waste of time and money running into the millions, so we know the type of politics we don’t want here again with the garda riot squad in action on our city streets.

The PBP is the former SWP international Trotskyist front that is known and even feared for the violence of their methods once they get in anywhere. But we would be dreaming if we thought we could keep such evil influences out of Kilkenny forever, that we could somehow fence our city off from the negative forces at work in other parts of the country, especially Dublin and the North .
For these are the lunatic fringe now arrived here to challenge the peaceful existence that so many of us have grown to cherish – and to take for granted.

We must give them their answer on polling day, Kilkenny is not going to lie down easily under threat from such political mobsters. We don’t need such low lifes in our political life, we have plenty of other good candidates to vote for.

So let’s reject these vermin from the get go, drive them from your doors. These people are latter-day communists who would destroy our city and our lives by their extremism , their violence and above all by their lunatic fringe politics.

3 thoughts on “TROTSKYIST PBP CANDIDATE FOR KILKENNY ELECTIONS. The lunatic fringe arrive for Kilkenny elections.

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