As we see the various campaigns start up by candidates for election to Kilkenny County Council in a few months time, The Kilkenny Journal reviews  the various candidates.

There are seven seats for the city area in the new arrangement that we will be detailing shortly.  The evergreen candidate Malcolm Noonan will be running again.

However Cllr. Noonan ran down a democratic public meeting in the O’Loughlin Gaels clubhouse and stigmatised the 200- odd attendance as “racists and haters” in an objectionable tirade against people attending an information evening there addressed by the Imam, the mosque architect, Deputy John McGuinness, his brother Eugene and several others –  all in attendance out of their genuine concern for this city.

Malcolm Noonan, who didn’t even bother to attend himself, lambasted all those present at that meeting based on second-hand and second rate reports from the local amateur radio station , KCLR, run by a journalist who was  herself fired from a good job in Independent newspapers. She wasn’t present at that meeting either but represented by a local amateur who writes up entertainment notices part-time on a local paper.

Cllr. Noonan, who prides himself on being chairman of a local “Kilkenny Integration council” that he basically set up himself , lost the head and attacked all the residents present at the contentious GAA club meeting.

Jobless himself for years , it could be said that he has nothing better to do except stir it up in the city, especially over mass immigration that he pushes at every hand’s turn.  He is the local mouthpiece for the Green party who has failed at everything else. This is the type of fellow who feels himself superior to his fellow citizens and reserves the right to disparage us at every opportunity to try and gain headlines in the newspapers for himself.

But he is not alone. There’s a clique in this city, drinking around bars like The Pumphouse and Ryan’s, who think they are the “real mccoy” themselves , that they are superior to everybody else, a sort of a local jet set who attach themselves to Noonan to engage in one-up-man-ship and virtue signalling.

A powerful demagogue,  he led a mob against the construction of the new St. Francis bridge and cost the city five millions in delays – but then ran away the moment the gardai moved in and made an arrest. he’s a cute hoor like that.
He betrayed the people of Walkin Street, who objected to a high rise building project there –  by doing the Judas on them at a Council meeting and ran away from them too.

A self-appointed traffic expert , this man has cost this city millions in rejected business as he opposes everything that doesn’t fit in with his narrow Green Marxist ideology.  He is now become a definite liability on Kilkenny and a serious obstructive influence to its future expansion and prosperity.

Kilkenny has lost a lot of business and opportunity by allowing itself to be one of the last boltholes in Ireland of the disastrous Green party that destroyed the country only a decade ago in coalition with an equally disastrous Fianna Fail party.

Cllr. Malcolm Noonan and his Greens have caused massive loss to this city while he slanders any opposition courageous enough to stand against his destructive policies and actions ,  that have for instance driven big business like Tesco away from Kilkenny by frightening them away with campaigns of hostility – as he did out at Callan.

This is a man obsessed. he boasted to the editor of the Kilkenny Journal that I “haven’t seen anything yet”, that he and his colleagues are going to fill this city to the brim with illegal aliens, “Just wait and see the next census!”, he taunted.

The man is obviously gone berserk in wanting to flood his own city with more and more migrants from all over the world, but when asked why he couldn’t explain except to say, ” All the diversity will enrich Kilkenny” , whatever he means by that .  He never spelled it out. We think that in all honesty the man hasn’t got a clue about all the damage he is doing.

There has never been a word from Cllr. Noonan about the native Irish homeless.  His only effect on this city has been to make matters worse for the local homeless on the housing list for as he promotes the Incomers over their heads for council houses.

There are over 2000 on the Kilkenny County Council housing list – while Noonan promotes more mass immigration that will only see the figures climb.  In the entire constituency of Carlow-Kilkenny there are 3,500 people on the housing lists.

We need seriously committed candidates who will work genuinely to try to assist in this housing crisis that has left so many Irish people homeless in their own country, here in Kilkenny in their own city and county.   Sadly there are councillors like Malcolm Noonan who quite honestly do not give a damn – after all, they’re only Irish.Noonan

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