by Michael McGrath.
John had to deal last night with an aggressive Barry Cowen at a Fianna Fail party meeting in Dublin.
Cowen took on John who wants a break from the pact with Fine Gael , but John stuck to his guns in his desire to free Fianna Fail from that agreement and prepare for an election.
I have had my own encounter with a drunken Barry Cowen late at night after the count in the Carlow-Kilkenny By-Election and it is not a very pleasant experience.

Compared to Cowen, who can try to bully, John is a gentleman. From what we hear Cowen was way out of order and over the top.

Cowen threatened me that time that if he ever heard of anybody criticising his brother Brian, the former taoiseach, he would “break his jaw” . Micheal Martin came along , shook hands with me and Cowen suddenly went silent and disappeared.

All I had done is asked Cowen what his brother was up to and he apparently took this up the wrong way.

He simply reeked of drink.McGuinness

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