KILKENNY MOSQUE GATHERS POLITICAL SUPPORT. Deputy John McGuinness exercises his right to remain silent as son Cllr. Andrew supports the Mosque. by Michael McGrath.

andrewnoonanSF ArabThe mosque proposed for the Hebron Industrial Estate at the entrance road to Kilkenny city is now supported by a local TD and four Kilkenny councillors.
They are:

1.  Deputy Kathleen Funchion , Sinn Fein.
2.  Councillor Sean Tyrrell, Sinn Fein
3.  Councillor David Kennedy, Sinn Fein.
4. Councillor Andrew McGuinness, Fianna Fail.
5. Councillor Malcolm Noonan, The Green party.

The Mayor of Kilkenny, Peter Chap Cleere, told the Editor of the Kilkenny Journal that he believes that the Hebron area is the wrong place for the mosque due to traffic amongst other planning reasons.

The other city-based councillors, Cllr. David Fitzgerald FG  proposed an archaeological dig at the mosque site prior to any construction there.  Councillor Joe Malone FF claims the right to remain silent.

Deputy John McGuinness FF also insists on the right to remain silent.

All the rest of the local politicians in the County areas  are silent or non-committal about the mosque. We suggest that the voters ask councillors and election candidates where they stand on the mosque issue as they come canvassing to your doors between now and May 24th, election day for the Council and for the EU parliament.

PHOTOS, 1. Cllr Andrew McGuinness poses with the Imam and friends at the temporary Kilkenny mosque on the Freshford Road.

2.  Councillor Malcolm Noonan who called over a thousand people who signed a local petition against the mosque “Haters and Racists”

3. Sinn fein councillors in support of the mosque, Sean Tyrrell and David Kennedy, pose with the Imam at the present Kilkenny Islamic centre on the Freshford Road, Kilkenny.

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