His father , Deputy John McGUINNESS , is very concerned about the “threat” to Andrew’s seat from family member Eugene McGuinness, the anti-mosque  Independent candidate.

But Andrew could conceivably lose his seat because of his own dismal performance on the Council, where the only policy he pushed, that against sulky racing, is seen to be a failure. Lately he was proven wrong in supporting the county manager’s proposal to waste valuable land at the old brewery site with an unnecessary car park, raising suspicions that he is her lap dog.

Andrew definitely risks his seat because of his support for the mosque to be built at the Hebron Industrial estate. He attended the temporary mosque on the Freshford Road to assure the Imam of his support for the new mosque.

This is in direct opposition to the wishes of a thousand of his former friends and neighbours who have all signed a petition against the mosque, with over forty of them paying in to lodge a planning objection against it.

He may not lose the seat on the Council – but any future he might have in replacing his dad in the Dail would be in jeopardy. Andrew needs to change his tune fast and convey this to all of his former friends and neighbours.
But even this may not be enough to quell rural anger against him over his backing of the mosque in the city – and this is where he is in danger of losing out on the Dail.

Especially when his fellow party member, another potential Dail candidate Peter “Chap” Cleere, Mayor of Kilkenny, told the Kilkenny Journal that “the mosque is planned for the wrong place!”

And the highly popular Patrick O’Neill would be a Dail candidate as well!

Andrew’s problem stems from his liberal education in John’s College where there are teachers like former mayor Paul Cuddihy and Conor MacLiam , who preach mass immigration into Ireland, housing for refugees instead of locals, and are veteran abortionists to boot. Cuddihy was also out with the Imam to support the mosque.Be very careful of what teachers are teaching your children these days – and especially what extra-curricular themes they are propounding.

That said, it’s hardly likely that Andrew would lose his council seat in May, though stranger things happen!

But in time he could be a doubt to succeed his dad in the Dail.

MOSQUE MEETING – PHOTO shows Cllr. Andrew McGuinness reverently listening to the Imam with Sinn Fein members Margaret O’Brien holding the mike and Cllr. Sean Tyrrell kneeling.the gathering

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