In a state where political allegiances were usually dictated by which side your family had taken in a civil war 95 years ago, the Greens seemed like a possible alternative. Many Kilkenny folk backed them – only the most fanatical continue to back the Green party in this city today.
It has been painful, then, to observe the conduct of the Greens in the dozen years since they joined a coalition government with Fianna Fáil in 2007. Principles once regarded as sacrosanct have been abandoned, as the Greens have morphed from the party of education and equality into one that accepted cutbacks for schools and bail-outs for feckless bankers.
The ultimate act of betrayal by the Greens was the referendum on the Lisbon treaty in 2009 . Whereas the old Greens offered an intelligent critique of EU policy by urging a rejection of previous treaties, the new Greens simply regurgitated the waffle they were fed by civil servants in Dublin and Brussels. Their campaign in favour of Lisbon asserted that ratifying it would help the EU fight “climate change”, a claim also made by Brian Cowen at the time.
This is patent nonsense but unfortunately it was being reported as if it was an incontrovertible fact by the Irish media. The Lisbon treaty contains a mere six words out of 271 pages committing the union to a series of tasks “and in particular combating climate change”.
These six words were added as an afterthought (for which Bertie Ahern, the former taoiseach, has sought credit) to a treaty that has far meatier provisions on privatising public services and bolstering the arms industry than on environmental protection.

The Irish Greens’ attempts to portray the EU as a paragon of ecological wisdom are at variance with a report by Friends of the Earth. It shows how Europe is the highest net importer of natural resources of all continents. At a total of three tonnes for every head of population per year, the fossil fuels, metals, cereals and forest products that we import are not only draining poor countries of their raw materials, they are perpetuating the economic model.

Rather than devising a blueprint for drastically reducing our reliance on such imports through recycling and renewable energy generation, the European commission came forward with a policy paper with the stated aim of securing “undistorted access to raw materials” from abroad.

Six words in the Lisbon treaty won’t stop the planet from overheating. It is a deliberate deception to claim otherwise.  Recycle and renew is a good message – it has nothing to do with climate change. Nor has Carbon , and up to 30,000 scientists are now spelling this out while most of the scientists sticking to the old carbon theory of climate change are employed by government and government-sponsored institutions the world over. The Hoax of the 20th century continues into the present…

The worst record of all chalked up by the greens is their part in a government that destroyed the country and for what – the only concession the Greens ever won from Fianna Fail in government was the Stag Hunting legislation.

Meanwhile here in Kilkenny Green-led activists cost our local authority over five million Euros in delayed construction to the new bridge the minute a protester was arrested and charged and brought to court, local green leader Malcolm Noonan ran and now there’s not a Green left who wants to talk about that bridge.

The same councillor Noonan called half the population of east Kilkenny “racists and haters”because they don’t want a mosque up their street. This is what’s left of the Greens in Ireland outside of  wealthy South Dublin – some wayward virtue signallers in Kilkenny backing an old timer of a councillor who can be counted on to oppose anything and everything in an attempt to hog the headlines.

As we face into the Local and European election campaigns this Spring of 2019,  Kilkenny now remains one of the last boltholes of the discredited Greens in this country. How pathetic these Green supporters look  in our enlightened society today.


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