by Michael McGrath
Fascists”, “racists” and “women haters”: abuse hurled at Kilkenny Councillor and local hotel.

“Fascists, racists and women haters” are just some of the insults Councillor Melissa O’Neill tells us that staff at a South Kilkenny hotel, the Rhu Glenn, have had to deal with in the last few days.

It’s all because the Ferrybank representative chose to rent a conference room in the Rhu Glenn Hotel for her campaign launch on Friday.
There was a strong ‘Irexit’ theme to the launch itself.
She says she and the business were targeted for abuse from a local campaign group for no apparent reason. That local group is the PBP “People Before Profit”, a Trotskyist party led by Richard Boyd Barrett TD.
Speaking to KCLR News, Councillor O’Neill says some of them even turned up on the night and had to be thrown out.
She says it’s one thing to come after her, but it’s another to target a rural business.
Meanwhile, management at the Rhu Glenn have said today that they were receiving the abusive communications through email, phone calls and their Facebook page up until Saturday afternoon.
PBP is run here by a Carlow woman, who has admitted that they were responsible for all the abuse, threats and intimidation, saying that no platform must be allowed to fascists , nazis, racists and woman haters – basically they are the lunatic fringe of irish politics.
PBP is the former Socialist Workers Party, a Trotskyist international grouping that has been financed in London by Vanessa Redgrave, the ageing film actress. It’s part of a labrynthine network of global alliances of the extreme left.
It has such members as Brid Smith TD and the convicted paedophile Pat Corcoran in Dublin (formerly of Indymedia Ireland) who leads the violent ANTIFA wing of the movement.
They are openly violent and physically attack opponents such as Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland, who they beat about the head with an iron bar when they attacked him in a Luas carriage at the Four Courts stop three years ago. They don’t have the numbers to launch attacks here in Kilkenny yet, but they would plan to be able to do so in the future.
Happily Melissa’s launch went ahead peacefully in the end, after the PBP were removed , and was held successfully with over 60 in the audience including Richard Behal, the veteran South Kilkenny Republican. Concentrating on her work on women’s medical issues she is confident, despite the attack, of re-election by the people of South Kilkenny.
There’s no doubt about it but Melissa has proven herself to be a most resilient woman in the face of all the provocation, smears and jeers that she has had to endure for her campaign launch to be re-elected as a South Kilkenny councillor in May.
The guest speaker was Hermann Kelly, the Derry republican behind the IREXIT movement who is Executive Assistant to Nigel Farage MEP in the European parliament.
Melissa O'Neill````melissa

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